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R&L Carriers Complaints & Reviews

R&L Carriers / Fraudelent charge

Apr 29, 2012

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! The company called and told us we had 1 day only to receive shipment, otherwise the shipment would be returned. As we were not available that day we asked for an alternative day. They said no. We felt that was rude and told them fine, ok, to just cancel the shipment. Therefore we never received the shippment. The shipping charges on our invoice was to be $79. Now they want to charge us $279 as a "discount" offer and will bill us over $700 if we don't pay up. The total cost for the product was less than $700, so how can they do that? We are seeking legal advise.

R&L Carriers - Ohio, Wilmington / Overcharge


I purchased a fiberglass hood for my car. The company making and supplying this part received a quotation from R&L for shipping this hood "collect". After the hood arrived, I received an invoice from R&L for $35.00 more than the quoted amount. There excuse was that I didn't have an account with them so it was going to cost more. What a crock. They knew it where it was shipping before they even picked it up. They appear to be low quoting in order to make it up on the other end. DO NOT USE R&L Carriers!