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Res v Max Complaints & Reviews

Res v Max - Florida, Hollywood / Internet Scam


14 Day Free Trial Offer is a scam - incurs monthly shipments over $80.00/Mo. - No mention of this in the free Trial Offer. Misleading/Deceptive Business Practices. You Order this under the Dermapril/Rausher-Bekke web site. If The Internet is no longer safe to purchase Products, then the whole e-commerce businesses are in danger of losing a lot of business. I will no longer buy anything over the Internet.

Res v Max - Florida, Hollywood / Unauthorized credit card charges


Like other people on this board, I have been scammed by the company trading as Res V Max of Hollywood, Florida. I signed up for a FREE trial supply of the product RES V MAX (Resveratrol) on the internet, as their site gave the impression that this product was endorsed by Dr. Oz. After receiving this product by mail, I was charged an additional $79.95 on my credit card. There is no telephone number or website address on the product label, and now I have discovered that the company has been exposed previously by Complaints I suggest that other people do not make the same mistake as I did, and check out the company in future before purchasing anything from this type of scam.

Res v Max - New Jersey, Saddle Brook / did not order product


I have 2 charges on my credit card for $.99 each. I have been calling for days to tell them that I did not order this product & to cancel before they begin charging my credit card for complete orders. There are 3 phone numbers, 2 on my credit card bill & one on he pamphlet inside the box. When I call any of these numbers, I get a recording that states the boxes are full, therefore not allowing me to speak to a consultant. I, like so many others are disgusted with this company...What a scam!

Res v Max - Florida, Hollywood / scam - unauthorized credit card charges


Do not order your FREE TRIAL, you will never get to cancel and they charged $87.13 on my credit card, making it appear it was about 10 days before the date I ordered my Free Trial. They have a picture of Dr. Oz and it makes you think he is affiliated with the product. I called immediately to cancel and did speak to a person who said I could not cancel yet as my order wasn't in their system. When I called later, I was never able to cancel, speak to anyone or complain that they are not supposed to charge my credit card. The "online customer support" has a "live chat" and you are never going to get anyone to chat with you, either.

Res v Max - Florida, Hollywood / General scam/phone & billing


I got the trial order. When I was on the web site they had nothing that i could find that said after 14 days you would be billed the amount. Today I received another bottle in the mail, which I did not order seeing as I was sick for four days after taking the junk which definitely did not work. I called three different times and was on hold for 15 minutes minimum. I finally yelled into the phone and amazingly someone answered. No help there, they have all these little answers for everything. My cost to ship the junk back and then they will remove it from my credit card. Now there are new...

Res v Max / No shipments, $260 Charges on Credit Card


I tried to get a free trial of this product and it ended up costing me almost $260.00 on 5 different dates. I did receive the free trial bottle, but was billed for and never received the additional 4 bottles. I tried calling several numbers I came across in my records and on the bottle and my credit card bills, but could never get through. One of the numbers I called was answered by someone in India (I assume because of the accent) and though he was nice he claimed there was no record of my order. I have already paid the $260 on my credit card, and so far no further billing has been submitted...

Res v Max - Georgia, McDonough / ordered free trial got charged for full month


ordered the free trial . they charged my account the full amount . iam pissed! and of course you cant get them on the phone or email to try a stab at getting your money back. guess i will have to chaulk the up to being stupid .wont happen again. i will never order another free trial of any kind. thanks so much for the venting kay salisbury

Res v Max - Florida, Hollywood / SCAM SCAM SCAM


I clicked on their pop up ad which advertised a free trial size for $2.00 of Resveratrol which I received. The $2.00 was billed to my credit card. Two weeks later, they begin billing my credit card $87.13 three times on the same day. I did not receive any more "free" samples. I was billed $257 before I knew it. Only when I checked my credit card online statement did I realize they were repeatedly billing me. When I called and demanded my credit card be credited, they were very uncooperative. DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM, THEY ARE CROOKS!!! When I checked into their website, they have...

Res v Max - Florida, Hollywood / charged my credit card


Received a trial bottle of Res V Max for $3.95 which was billed to my credit card, bottle was free, only had to pay for shipping and handling. Not impressed sent e-mail (got the e-mail address from the internet ad) cancelling the subscription w/ in the 14 day period allowed. Well this company has charged me $87.13 3 days after I sent the cancellation e-mail. When I called this company, I was informed that my account was still "active", not only did they claim they did not receive my e-mail but they claim the e-mail address I sent this email to was not theirs. How convenient. Do not order...

Res v Max - Indiana, Fort Wayne / scam


If you are thinking of doing business with this company DON'T. It's a total scam. Customer service (very foreign accent) argued with me and basically laughed in my face when I tried to return my first bottle of res v max on the 18th day of my 15 day trial (allergic reaction). I not only wanted to send this bottle back but the one they sent and charged to my credit card account after the trial period. They agreed to take back the 2nd bottle but told me I was basically S.O.L because the terms and agreement said 15 days not 18. I am charged for this bottle and told there was nothing...