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Paul Davis Restoration Complaints & Reviews

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Paul Davis Restoration - Florida, Atlantic Beach / roof

Poor Roofing on Aug 18, 2017
This contractor was recommended to re roof our home. They put no flashing around the chimney. this company again.When removing the roof, roofing nails were everywhere on the ground. We had seven roof leaks after they were done. We had to get another company to fix them at an additional cost. In addition, the employees did not wear harnesses while on the roof. It is a one story home. I would not hire these guys to do anything. The All State recommended them. I will never listen to All State again and I will never hire

Paul Davis Restoration / Very poor roof job/ incomplete restoration / very poor customer service

Reviewer96570 on Sep 14, 2015
Paul Davis Restoration of Mason, MI was one of 3 restoration companies mentioned to me by my insurance adjuster, after a wildfire burned part of my house. Not knowing any of the companies, I chose Paul Davis. The work was very poor from the beginning, and I had to personally call a building inspector to stop the non-licensed PDR worker from proceeding. They nailed short pieces of wood, that were charred from burning, to make the joists over my garage. When I complained, the worker said they had to repair it so there was "no sign of fire." PDR plan was to paint over the charred wood so it...

Paul Davis Restoration - Kansas, Merriam / Insurance Claim

House rebuild on Jul 29, 2015
Paul Davis Restoration rebuilt our home after a house fire. They repeatedly lied to us about items they couldn't put in our home, about plumbing and flooring. We did a punch list four times, and none of the items were done on it. The paint job was atrocious. They supposedly came back to fix it, but it looked even worse each time. They would put dents in the wall, had places where they didn't paint back over the repair. The railing was ripped off by another contractor, and it was just shoved back in place and painted over, with paint on the railing, and horrible looking. The railing...

Paul Davis Restoration / Not honoring warranty

StaceyKJ on Jun 17, 2014
Paul Davis Restoration refused to honor a warranty after repeated efforts to work with the company. In April 2013, PDR completed a roof repair and warrantied the roof until July 2014. In Feb 2014, I noticed water markings on the ceiling indicating a roof leak in the new roof and called PDR in April to investigate the leak. The technicians were able to find and repair one leak and did some sloppy painting of the ceiling which they promised to come back and fix at a later time but never did. After repeated attempts the technicians were unable to find the source of the second larger roof leak...

Paul Davis Restoration - Wisconsin, Racine / Workmanship

tmthomas on Apr 16, 2013
State Farm recommended Paul Davis Restoration to restore my home back to where it was per the policy. I should have known something was going to be amiss when Paul Davis did not secure a copy of what my home looked like before it was hit by a car and when they did not save some pieces of my home that could have been reused especially since they were of unique designs. My enclosed porch was badly damaged. I was assured they will search for these items. Paul Davis contractor had to dig to rebuild the foundation-first their contractor got mad at me for not knowing there was a hidden pipe-it...

Paul Davis Restoration / I would not hire this company anymore

Keleey Brown on Nov 11, 2011
In 2009 Litton Loan service my mortage holder use dthis compay to replace the roof on my home due to a hurricane. This compay charge Litton Loan Services 65, 000.00 dollare for 25, 000.00 dollars worth of work. This comapny hired lelgael works to do the work on the roof and the clean up afterwards. THE PM that was on the project point blank told me how I could defraud the mortage company and when I report this to Litton Loan services. Nothing happen was done. Paul Davis work was so bad that I had to hire a contractor to fix their MESS! I would not hire this company to fix a doll house or for that matter a dog house.

Paul Davis Restoration / Poor workmanship

UncleB on Jan 12, 2011
Paul Davis Restoration was recommended to us by our homeowners insurance company State Farm Insurance. Sometime in early October 2010 is when this all started and it went on until December 31st. Our insurance claim was for a flooded basement in which we had approximately four inches of water. We were asked by Paul Davis Restoration to sign a work authorization to allow them (Paul Davis Restoration) to begin the work. The first part of the job was to remove the asbestos floor covering. The first day of the asbestos removal we got a visit from the State of Connecticut Health Department for a random...

Paul Davis Restoration / Insurance fraud

In February, 2009, we had a house fire in Monroe, Iowa. IMT insurance company recommended Paul Davis Restoration (PDR) to clean up and rebuild our home. After a few months of dissatifaction with the quality of their work, an agreement was reached that terminated the services of PDR. We then began the process of trying to obtain the remaining insurance money that PDR was paid up front to complete the entire project. 20% of the insurance settlement was considered the overhead costs and profit for PDR. Although PDR only completed a little over half of the total project line items, they kept all of the original overhead costs and profit payments. We think this is unfair and an example of insurance fraud.

Paul Davis Restoration - Texas, Houston / Timeliness of job completion

My experience with the Houston franchise has been horrible. I signed an agreement for about $20K worth of remodeling in my house and was told it would take two-three weeks to complete. That was technically in November of 09. It is now April 2, 2010 and they still are not finished. Actually, I agreed to let them start Jan 1, because their contractor told me "the workers tend to disappear around the holidays". They had a very nice salesperson that worked with me meticulously in the beginning to get everything signed, but their actual contractor that was assigned to my job has failed to come...

Paul Davis Restoration - Georgia, Macon stockbridge / poor workmanship, took money

Paul Davis claimed they would handle everything associated with our house fire. They installed windows crooked, and did not install windows to manufactures spec's. windows leaked. The windows was also a lot smaller than the original. All the doors are unlevel, and are crooked. The framing was also crooked and created wavy, lean look to the inside of the home. Also they would subcontract the work a lot less than what was allowed by the insurance company and kept the difference, They tore my yard up, and did no clean up. We had to prepare the house for the thermal cap, they left large...

Paul Davis Restoration - Florida, Tampa / Dangerous Recostruction

We had a house burn down in the last half of 2009. Paul Davis told our insurance people that they could build the hosue in four months. We live in Alaska. Construction season is over in late October in my area. We got the insurance check at the end of November. PD gave us house plans for a a house worth almost twice the amound of what we could afford and charged us for the blueprints. (Where we live, you don't buy a half a million dollar house. Our neighbors are trashy.) We were still in shock, gave them the cash but we didn't go with them when I realized that they don't build...
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