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NutraScience — Nutrascience charged my credit card to the sum of £112-50

Nutrascience charged my credit card to the sum of £112-50pence for a so called fr ee. trial and £9-9o pence for the so called half price shipping i have tried to contact them via the telephone number they gave to cancel just got automated answer no address to return items tried to stop payments but bank could not do this for some reason so i put a block on my card need to try to contact firm to refund moneys dont hold out much hope reading other letters of complaint.

3 comments Unauthorized Charges  · Dec 26, 2012

NutraScience — diet plan

£2.49 taken crom account for trial item not received now £75 taken from my account. Despite several e mails no reply from Nutrascience. Now. Concerned having read this web site it is a scam

NutraScience - Northern Ireland, County Antrim, Belfast City — membership Ididn't ask for

Signing up for nutrascience, I was unware of the immediate membership . I wasn't aware or wanted to join them, all I was interested in was trying their product. It is very off putting realising that you have 14days to try it, and after that if you don't cancel with them they feel they have the right to take more money of you . For a start they have no right and from today 1/5/12 I am cancelling my membership, even though I didn't realise that I had one. Plus I will be sending back the product, as I wish to discontinue my services. The product itself, brought me out on a rash and made me feel very unwell. As from today my membership is cancelled. Miss Irvine

NutraScience — taking money for more products

I sent for a free trial of these tablets, then cancelled any further shipmentds, I thought within the 30 days specified, but aparently the 30 days was calculated from order date and not as I thought from delivery date. Thus I was a day late cancelling and they took two payments, one of £39.50 and one of £75 the day before I cancelled. I did not realise this until I checked my account two days later. I have now written to them again asking for my money back and so far heard nothing.

NutraScience — Do not buy their products

I want to raise awareness of the scam of this company. You get a trial product, however, if you do not cancel the order after a certain period, you will then be debited further amounts. The scam is that they only deliver the order after the "period" allowed for cancellation, and then your account is aautomatically debited and they add an additional £37.50 on that debit for a product that you did not order (but was hidden in the T&C's) My issue is that when I did not receive the order I tried there website and it was disabled due to spam ( clearly because of this) and the helpline was constantly busy... Now I have no recourse DO NOT buy the product through Nutriscience

19 comments Unauthorized Charges  · Dec 17, 2011