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Momentum Direct Complaints & Reviews

Momentum Direct / unauthorized withdraws from bank account

Danielle B on Apr 1, 2011

Momentum Direct charged me for the shipping charges when I ordered about three weeks ago, they took out about 58 dollars from my checking account a little over a week ago, now they have also taken out 49.95 on 2/04/08 and then again took out 58.93 on 2/06/08, only two days later!!! Now my checking balance is NEGATIVE -225.50!!! This is absolutely ridiculous! I nearly ran out of gas (with my 17 month old baby in the back) because the gas clerk said my card was declined! When I knew I had over a hundred dollars in the checking account! Now I'm in the biggest jam, bills are going to start...

Momentum Direct / this scam is attacking the naive youth in this country


My daughter had ordered the weight loss pills from this company. They did not work and she returned them. This company has charged her bank account three times now. Never returning the initial refund and continuing to charge every week without sending anything. She is in Europe on vacation so she can not freeze here account to avoid other charges to go through. I did manage to get the bank to not allow any checks to come through until she returns to close her account. This is completely fraudulent and this scam is attacking the naive youth in this country.

Momentum Direct / unauthorized payments!

I too ordered the free trial. I did receive the pills but could not take then because of medication I am taking. I called to cancel right away. The man said ok he would cancel my order. Only thing is two checks had already been written on my account. One for $49.95 and one for $58.95. I wish I had seen the complaint board before ordering. I spoke with my bank and I can contest the charges so that is what I am going to do. I will make a copy of all the complaints to help my case.

Momentum Direct / scam and cheating!

I wish that I had read the complaints section about momentum direct before I fell for their scam. I too was told that all I needed to do to try their product was to pay shipping and handling for a free trial. Weeks went by before they took the 2.74 out of my checking acct. and then 2 days later the diet pills came. That package was actually postmarked in TX on Oct 2, 2007 . After a couple of days of being dissatisfied with the product I was getting it prepared to return. I figured they also had a website that would allow me to contact them. That is when I came across the complaint...

Momentum Direct / beware of this scam!

Ordered a FREE trial product from momentum direct where it says you only have to pay for shipping. The only method of payment they accept is an electronic check. After I had not received anything for a few weeks I tried to contact the company at (281)356-1400. The phone would ring twice then disconnect. I tried to call several times but still the same thing. Then today I had 2 more electronic checks posted to my bank account with the same check number as the one that I had used to pay for the shipping. It was from momentum direct for$49.95 on 8/22/07 and $58.93 on 8/24/07. I did not authorize...