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Mirena Complaints & Reviews

Mirena / complaint

Sep 8, 2018

I've just come across these mirena complaints because just lately I've been noticing the bad odour, all of the sudden mind you, I've had it for nearly 2 years now, so I googled the same question as others obviously, and now I'm peaking right out!! I urgently needed to get this mirena, because at the time I suffered from endometriosis pretty badly. It's very painful, uncomfortable, and back then I had cysts on my ovaries a few times over the years. It was when I was getting a cyst removed that I was suggested to by the doc to try the mirena. I thought couldn't be...

Mirena - Texas / horrible iud choice: mirena

Nov 15, 2012

I got my IUD in almost exactly 10 months ago and it was lifechanging. Not in a good way either! I searched for years for a birth control that was easy to use and didn't make me feel like I was pregnant, but ten times worse, as most hormone BCs do to me. I wanted to try the mirena and when it dropped in cost with my insurance provider I immediately got my Mirena. I have had more health issues since then than I've had in years. I have had a lot of sharp abdominal pain, heartburn, severe migraines (I even saw neurologists and had a brain tumor scare), severe change in vision, issue...

Mirena / mirena problems

Sep 18, 2012

I had my mirena inserted 4 weeks after having my youngest daughter and it wasn't such a big deal, I didn't have a period from after I had it inserted and I didn't think much of it. I started have side effects about a year after it was inserted my back started hurting I had lost all of my sex drive couldn't loose weight and was loosing my hair to the extent that I could not put it up or I would pull out a hand full of hair it was even falling out by the handful when I went to was it. Well about 3 months ago the strings to my Merina fell out and my Merina became dislodged and...

Mirena - Hawaii, Honolulu / iud honolulu hawaii

Jan 10, 2012

I am 35 years old, I have had horrific LONG-painful periods my whole life. I have had 7 miscarriages, and birth control pills do not work. My doctor suggested Mirena; it would put my eggs on hold hopefully getting my uterus healthy enough to have babies to term. My last chance and last hope of conceiving, and getting me healthy enough. This was a sad sad ending. The first time I tried Mirena it hurt so bad for 4 days thy had to take it out. The second time it was inserted I was sedated and it was supposedly a success. On the third day I got really sick. For 8 days I kept calling the doctor...

Mirena - Ohio, Logan / iud

Oct 23, 2011

I am someone who has very regular, light periods naturally. I have three children (two of which I became pregnant for while taking the pill), so I decided that I wanted to have my tubes tied because I was done having children. My doctor told me that I was too young and that I may regret my decision, so why not chose a long term birth control that wasn't a pill. She recommended mirena to me. I was told that almost all of the office staff had one and that I would really love it. I decided to get mirena. The mirena was inserted while I was still on about the last day of my period. My period had...

Mirena - Michigan, detroit area / omg

Apr 27, 2011

had mirena inserted in october 2010 it is now april 2011. i have gained weight not been able to lose. mood swings. constantly aching body. i am only 24 i feel like an old lady. i wake up everyday just not wanting to get out of bed. i blame it on my 3 year old rolling around on me but thats not it. i am basically bi-polar right now. i can snap about anything. i am always worried like anxiety has consumed me. calling the doc to have this removed. thought the 5 years would give me enough time to decide about another baby before doing anything permanent.

Mirena - New Brunswick, Fredericton / was never told about the side effects I have had for a year now lost almost all my hair!

Apr 2, 2011

i have had the mirena for a year now and i have lost allmost all my hair, deppressed to the point of attempting suicide, been trying diffrent test to find out why and weekly b12 shots, the cramping is really bad but the hairloss is completly emmbaressing and i am soo sad, getting the mirena out asap!have heard so many of the same stories.

Mirena / terrible side effects

Mar 27, 2011

I had Mirena placed in 5/2010. 4 Months later I began having hives, had trouble losing weight, started losing hair, had an increase in migraines, ovarian cysts, abdominal cramping and increased anxiety. When I went to have it removed, my OB first wanted a thyroid test because "most of my side effects were not related to Mirena". Thyroid test was normal so I went to have it removed. My OB stood in front of me and said that the hives, hair loss, weight issues and migraines were not related. How can this be accurate if you go straight to the official Mirena website and look at all the side...

Mirena - Utah / iud symptoms


I had Mirena inserted on may 13, 09. I was so excited that I wouldnt have a period for 5 years. Boy do I regret that now. I have had major mood swings to the point where my boyfriend of 3 years and I broke up. I have had no sex drive at all, I didnt even want to kiss my boyfriend. During my pregnancy I gained 75 pounds because of hypertension. I lost 50 and am gaining it back even after excercise and healthy eating habits. I have been getting a sharp pain in my right side which I believe is in my ovary. After showering I still am getting a bad odor down there, which is not normal for me. I...

Mirena / Mirena


I had the mirena put in january of 2009. At first I was experiencing the reg. Cramps, light spotting, ect. Which was fine. But several months went by and the cramping didnt stop. The the weight gain and stand still (with daily excersize and diet) since I didnt have aproblem with weight loss after my 1st son I was a little concerned but not due to I am part hispanic. Then came mood swings and crazy amounts of cramping and nausia. Now after my husband and I have sex my stomach hurts so bad I cant even sit down. Also migranes, leg cramps and pains, cold sweats, heart beating way too fast, mood...

Mirena - Victoria, Bendigo / mirena side effects


MY STORY My Mirena was removed on 29th May 2008. I had the Mirena put in four years ago, I had terrible pain the day after, it was that bad I was going to go to the hospital Emergency to get the thing out but I put up(the worst thing I done in my life, Im paying for it now) with it and it and the pain got a bit better, had a lot of bleeding (spotting) for the first six months and then it finally went away. For the first year I thought Mirena was Great but then the problems started.I started to gain a lot of weight, facial hair, Very sore breasts, I also had a lump removed from my left...

Mirena - England, Kent / mirena hell!


I have had nothing but troubles with this thing, the longer its in the worst its effects, it really ruins your life and leaves you feeling like a hypochondriac, and isolated, as no one inc your doctor believes your symptoms inc: dizziness, hot sweats, extreme tiredness, feeling like your 73 not 33, feeling like your hung over every morning when you wake up, dry eyes, the list is endless. I did not think that these symptoms where because of the mirena, because i had been to a web site, I thought it was the mirena, then was surprised when all these women had the same or similar symptoms to me, This thing is evil it should be banned!!!