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Luminess Complaints & Reviews

Luminess - Texas, Stafford / Luminess Air

Feb 06, 2016

I found by reading all of the complaints about this product after I faced the same deceptive advertising and billing, that I am not the only one getting duped. I am in the process of getting charges reversed etc., but do have e a question. How is it, with all of these reported fraudulent situations, can this company still be operating? Does Complaints Board do anything to get this to the next step and put this company out of business or at least pay restitution?

Luminess - Utah, Salt Lake City / charged but did not receive product

May 14, 2014

I ordered Luminess product was charged but never received the shipment so I canceled because I had ordered it for my sisters wedding. I received a box of ? and was charged again for supplies for the machine I have not received. I sent the box back returned to sender . I have been charged 3 possibly 4 times and I want those charges refunded back to me. My name is Keely Witteman My customer ID #is 1694201 My telephone # is [protected] please recredit or mail me my refund asap thank you Keely Witteman


Jan 29, 2014

After ordering the "Risk Free' offer of $29.95, I did get some supplies, but was actually charged $89.97. Next month-another package containing a SINGLE tube of something-Another charge. TODAY?..Total $463.00-+COUNTLESS UNPRODUCTIVE PHONE CALLS (for 2 boxes of (approx) $20 value) SOLUTION? I CANCELLED MY CREDIT CARD- For anyone else who feels this is too drastic-too bad. Having worked for a major bank I understand that repeated, small charges go unnoticed by the vast majority. DILIGENCE is doing something to KNOW. TRUST NO ONE...Especially this company