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LifeStyle Lifts Complaints & Reviews

LifeStyle Lifts - Washington / Malpractice

Mar 31, 2013

Had lift done 9/12; jowls good, neck already failing and marionette lines never resolved. Paid additional money to have nasal labial folds done and now look like someone has stuck two golf balls next to my nose!! Already have one person, looking for anyone else in WA who would be willing to join in an action. Please email [email protected]

LifeStyle Lifts - Texas, Houston / Every thing about the surgery


I had surgery at the Galleria office and was told I could be back at my over seas job within the 16 days I was taking. What a whopper! They made the surgery sound like there was nothing to it and while I did some research, I obviously did not do enough. They give you a drug cocktail, their words, but all it did was make me paralyzed, but I felt everything. It was the most excruating pain I've ever felt. I had both my neck and my eyes done. I could hear the doctor saying why in the hell is she bleeding so much? But that didn't stop him from continuing with the surgery. I had so many...

LifeStyle Lifts / Scam artists


When I saw the Commercial on TV, , I was very impressed, so I called them to set up an appointment. I went to them on February 3, 2007 and they scheduled me to have my operation June 25 2007 and during the interview they collected a 10% deposit which was $560.00 and I signed a form and they gave me a copy and I left. Well, weeks pass and I decided not to have the $5600 face lift and I call them and they stated my deposit would be "Credit" to my account. It never happened and when I contacted them again in April and they told me that I only had one week to receive a "Credit" back and that would...

LifeStyle Lifts - Florida, ft lauderdale / results not as told


i had neck lift, eye life, undereye lift and face lift. i have huge scar on my neck, my eyes are drooping and all lines are back. i was shunned when the office would not call g.m. money back for a $100.00 payment that was not credited. i refuse to pay anymore monies. i can finish this info. i have just moved and have to look for this. also, i can send pictures when i get to a scanner. i complained about my eyes, but to no avail. also, i was lied to about the no loan percentage, not to be charged it starts next month, with $3, 000. back interest. i want to know an attorney that is handling these claims.

LifeStyle Lifts - Florida, Fort Myers / missrepresention/Deceit


I also went to LifeStyle Lifts, They showed me a vidio told me they could uplift my neck put me in front of a mirror pulled my skin up this is what you will have...liked what I saw signed up...The day of the proceedure I saw the Dr and he also assured me what i would look like...was given a pill(or 2) to relax then was taken to a room asked to initia here, here, and sign, was not explained the information nor was I asked to read it...after all I saw a vidio and the Dr assured me all was fine. I trusted the DR. and signed with out reading. Now I have read it because when I filed a complaint...