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Lifestyle Lift Complaints & Reviews

Lifestyle Lift / No happy with the results of procedure

Steph808 on Sep 10, 2015

It has been just ober 1 year since i had work done at the lifestyle Lift Clinic in San Ramon Ca. I want to say i will give credit where it is due i did have lipo done on my neck and it is great. Couldn't be happier. They the rest of the lift which were supposed to b the lower face and the eyes. Which i really dont thomk were done as i ended up leaving with 225 stitches and beleive me i never thought i would of had that many i wouldof got a actual facelift. Well i k ew right away something was wrong and was told to let it heal properly (one year) and it should be ok. Well i still cannot...

Lifestyle Lift / Bad job, scaring, numbness, didn't finished the job, results were terrible.

Know Better on Aug 20, 2015

I had the procedure done in September, 2014 and the results were terrible, nothing as promised, and the procedure was not completed, due to their closing. I have some scaring, some numbness, and no results. This was completed in Mclean Va. Any class action, I would like to be added.

Lifestyle Lift - Florida, Orlando / Lifestyle Lift

mad and injured on Jul 29, 2015

I had a lifestyle Lift on December 4, 2014. 6 months later my neck has still not healed, and on July 23 I had a severe onset of Bells Palsy, which may be attributed to nerve damage during the surgery. I'm looking for attorneys to join lawsuit.

Lifestyle Lift - Texas, Houston / Scared with painful complications

Patjor on Jul 14, 2014

I saw the Debbie Boone commercial over and over for a year and though that would be a way to help me to age a little slower. So then I called lifestyle lift. I went in and was told by a consultant that I would truly benefit from a lifestyle lift. I thought about for a year and called again…This time the consultant started pushing me for a decision. So I set an appointment to see a doctor there. I talked to Dr. Robert Palmer because the other doctors couldn't’t see me on the days I could work around my work schedule because they are so far away I would have to spend an entire...

Lifestyle Lift - Ohio, Cleveland Heights / bad experience

Maria Elisa on Jun 21, 2013

During my initial consultation I was told I would receive a few minor incisions without surgery, and I would be fine in 7-10 days. But I received surgery without anesthesia! It resulted in several infections an painful abscesses, with several trips back to Cleveland. It took three weeks before I could go back to work. I cannot say anything positive about the doctor, Ritu Malhotra. The surgery was painful, and afterwards she showed no compassion, and seemed inattentive when I complained about the pain. It has been 10 months, and I still have pain from the incisions and visible scars. I feel very...

Lifestyle Lift - Ohio, Cincinnati / Negative results from procedure

L . G. Strickland on Apr 4, 2013

My sister and I both had lifestyle lifts in march of 2012. I can truthfully say that I look no better, and suffer from numbness of the face, neck, and especially of the ears. I was scheduled for a laser treatment, but cancelled due to the lack of satisfaction with the first procedure. My sister's experience was even worse. We both spent a lot of money and went through a lot of pain and discomfort, and neither of us came anywhere close to receiving the results we were promised. I have contacted the company with my complaint, and had no response. I am very disappointed in the procedure, and wish I had saved my hard earned money.

Lifestyle Lift - Texas, Houston / Surgery results , not as promised.

Judy Hawkins on Feb 4, 2013

Surgery August 3, 2113 for :neck firming and chin lift. Results: Infection behind both ears (severe) Keloids. Staff unaware of aseptic technique. Business of office conducted by staff during procedure . Local anesthesia not sufficient .Complaints of discomfort, at times ignored. Quicker response when it became unbearable. Appointments made night before with nurse and doctor. Arrival at office for appointment only to be told doctor took day off. Questioning of results and infections were handled by non medical staff .Staff would leave room to "ask the doctor". Returned with generic answer. When asked to speak to doctor, staff stated he was unavailable. Strong probability he wasn't in office .

Lifestyle Lift / Lifestyle Lift Lawsuit

LSL Lawsuit on Dec 30, 2012

Over sedation and lax supervision during Lifestyle Lift caused severe patient injuries 31 Oct, 2012 Today, a lawsuit was filed in the Denver District Court on behalf of Anita Dones. The suit names, among others, Lifestyle Lift West, P.C. and alleges that Ms. Dones was permanently injured when Lifestyle Lift excessively sedated Ms. Dones, left her unattended and allowed her to fall from a surgical chair to the floor, breaking her neck and injuring her spinal cord. The lawsuit also notes that there were unlicensed and unqualified medical staff members working with Ms. Dones, that Lifestyle Lift...

Lifestyle Lift - Georgia, Marietta / Bad job on face

Suellen Knight on Oct 19, 2012

Had lower face, eyelid droop, puffy under eyes & neck done about 4 yrs ago. Due to all the issues from the bad surgery (not to mention the excruciating pain) & 4 follow-ups to try & correct the problem to no avail. I did a ck on the Dr that performed my botched surgery & found out he is an ENT! What a joke! My eyelids are severely scarred, fat under my eyes only half removed (looks worse now than it did before), one earlobe sewn to the side of my face but have the other lobe (can no longer wear earrings anymore). He told me I had an allergic reaction to the eye stitches but didn't offer...

Lifestyle Lift - California, San Diego / face lift

patient beware on Oct 11, 2012

this has been the worst experience of my life. i have had other cosmetic procedures and have had no problems. after 3 months i am still in pain and swollen. i have not seen or talked to a dr since the day of the surgery even though i have been back to the office twice with complaints. i had lots of stitches (now scars) which continue to swell and itch. this was the worse decision of my life and would never recommend it. please do your homework and check out reviews and complaints before proceeding with lifestyle lift. it was not all at what they explained to me as minimally invasive with minimal down time.

Lifestyle Lift - California, Ontario / Procedure was done improperly

Enrique Victorero on Jun 21, 2012

Surgery done on September 2010 and I looked worse than before surgery. I have ugly scars on my chin, and behind my ears and I look as though I had a horrible accident. I have been in contact with the Ontario office of LifeStyle Lift since November 2011, and after 4 long months I was contacted to have the procedure re-done, I declined. The reason for my declined was the fear, concern and worries that it may be worse the second time around. After a few back and forth e-mails and phone numbers I was told to contact the headquarters in New York, no luck, they won't even return my calls or answer their phone. I have clearly said to the Ontario office that I want full refund of this horrible experience.

Lifestyle Lift - Georgia, Atlanta / Resulting problems

Deebers on Jun 14, 2012

I had the procedure done August of 2011 and then because I was unhappy with the results they did a "revision" February of 2012. I can't believe these people continue to do procedures when so many former patients complain of residual effects and actually look worse than better. I am on a quest to get some satisfaction on the costs of this result so that I can get the problems fixed by a plastic surgeon who is actually interested in my problem with their work. I gave LifeStyle Lift 2 chances to do it right. They continue to claim that I was satisfied with the work they did . If that was true why did they have to do a "revision" at my expense?

Lifestyle Lift - Michigan, Troy / botched results and canceling my appointments and overdosing me

J Carpenter on Jun 7, 2012

they overdosed me when I was suppose to be awake, I still have the jowel problem, they made my eyes look worse, I have little knots in my neck from stitches, my ears where not stitched and had to be opened to heal somewhat normal, one scar is still to visible. They fired to doctor, not sure why. they agreed to redo my eye lids, as now I was afraid to redo the rest, so I didn't ask. now after scheduling my vacation and my daughter is coming to town, they say the doctor is on medical and don't have anyone else to fix the problem. they want to send me 2 and4 hrs away to cleveland or...

Lifestyle Lift - New York / Scaring

M.R. New York Gal on Apr 5, 2012

I am also a victim of the Lifestyle Lift procedure and the inexperience of the doctor doing it. I was promised quick, easy, pain free results. Instead I suffered excruciating pain, developed thick, keloid scars all around my ears and neck and just had to undergo extensive surgery to try to fix the horrible mistakes that were made. I spoke to the Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC (718) 875-6706 in NY and they are helping me sue the company and the doctor for all the pain they have caused me. I hope it will make the company and the doctor change this procedure or how it is performed so no more women have to suffer!! April 4, 2012 M.R. New York Gal

Lifestyle Lift / Be afraid of those surgeons

Open Seas on Dec 16, 2011

I am going to sue! Several weeks ago I went to Lifestyle Lift for a neck lift. I paid the exuberant price of $6, 500, suffered through over 500 stitches and experienced weeks of agonizing pain all for nothing. Right after the surgery I was veyr swollen, but I thought this was normal then, then the swelling finally subsided, my face was back to normal, just as it was before I even went into surgery! I went through all of that only to get zero results! I went back for a follow-up appointment and the surgeon said he didn’t pull my skin tight enough. Now I was truly on the warpath, because I...

Lifestyle Lift / Scam

slen on Oct 6, 2011

I went in to have a mini-facelift that was supposed to remove my jowls and tighten up my lower face. After the swelling went down I could see no difference in my face and went back to the doctor to show him and was basically ignored. My sister had the same procedure done the same day with the same results. She went back with me 60 days later and we were left sitting in a room for a long period of time, and finally just left the office. We then did what we should have done before and that was go online to check this company out. Boy we were shocked to see so many complaints aganst thi...

Lifestyle Lift - Florida, Maitland / look like I did before surgery

Shut Them Down! on Oct 5, 2011

This company needs to be shut down! I had my lower LSL 8 weeks ago, and already I am dissastified and am looking for a lawyer. I am in pain, I have numbness from my neck lift. At first I was so swollen I thought it was going to be ok. Then after all the swelling west away, my face returned to the normal state before the surgery. I paid $6500.00, had over 50o stitches, excruciating pain for weeks, 4 weeks of down time. Same story as everyone elses's. I thought I had a good board certified surgeon, but I was wrong and he told me he didn't pull my skin tight enough. I learned that in a...

Lifestyle Lift / DECEPTIVE ADS

Verbena on Aug 31, 2011

One just has to look at the ads for Lifestyle lift, both on TV and on the Internet. The TV ads have been shot with either gauze or vaseline smeared on the camera lens to impart a softer, younger look. And the Internet before and after ads have been shot differently - the lighting and the poses - to exagerate both the before problems and the after improvement. With this kind of deception from the onset, I wouldn't let them touch my face.

Lifestyle Lift / Deaths and Infections- Marketing Company posing as Medical

Miriam44556 on Jun 13, 2011

The vast majority of Lifestyle Lift doctors are DOs (not even MDs) and are NOT Plastic Surgeons. David Kent is the founder and he is a DO. Gordon Quick is their CEO, and was alleged to commit sexual battery and harassment when CEO for a non-medical company in MO (ref. Google search) Their doctors themselves have very weak credentials and there is not a single credible doctor in their organization. In addition to several Lifestyle Life deaths, they have had several life-threatening infections including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) because they don't sterilize their...

Lifestyle Lift / Avoid this place at all costs

Nikla on Jun 6, 2011

I had a LSL in 2006. I was told by the consultant(non medical personnel, that I was an excellent candidate. She showed me the incisions would be in the ear, possibly extending a bit into the fild, a small incision in front of the ear. I was given a high sales pitch& offered a nice discount if I signed then.I was told you could go back to work the next day& it was a minimal procedure that takes 7-10 yrs off your face& lasts approx. 10 years. What I was given was incisions all the way around my ears. My left earlobe was pulled down, misplaced& sewn to my face. I have been to Dr after Dr to get...