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JM & A Group Complaints & Reviews

JM & A Group - Florida, Deerfield Beach / gap insurance

Jan 29, 2018

I paid, up front, for this "gap protection" when I purchased my car 3 years ago. My car was just totaled a month ago because someone tee-boned me and my car was unrepairable. My insurance company paid towards my loan what they valued the car at. This company, who's sole purpose is to cover the difference between a person's loan and what the insurance company pays when someone's car gets totaled (no fault of mine) is refusing to do their job. They are stating that the difference between what my insurance is valuing my car and what they are valuing my car is too great and since I haven't paid...

JM & A Group - Florida, Deerfield Beach / GAP Insurance

Apr 26, 2012

My less than 1 yr old truck was in a total loss accident. We thought it was okay since I had bought GAP insurance. We got a letter about 3 weeks later from them saying that they only pay 90% of NADA and do NOT cover the entire loss...WHAT is GAP supposed to be for then???? I looked them up on their own website and they explain that the reason you buy GAP is to cover your losses if you are upside down and have negative equity! What a RIP OFF! I'm out $600 for the GAP insurance and getting $0 from JM&A Group (Fidelity)! Leaving me with about $4200 out of pocket...Having GAP has not been...