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Humane Rescue Alliance Complaints & Reviews

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Humane Rescue Alliance / humane rescue alliance in washington dc strolls my block like they are isis, no joke!

Janice Blunt on Feb 5, 2018
I was bringing in my groceries and this guy walks up behind me while I'm walking into my house and says "Madam, we have a problem, sit right there" no joke I literaly dropped my groceries. This man, Stephon Daniels comes into my house, without notice, without asking…that's break in no? He claims to be a law enforcement officer so I said ok, show me your badge. He said "you don't make demands of me, that's not how this works". And he begins to berate me in front of my 9 year old daughter who was scared so bad she wet herself and was crying so...

Humane Rescue Alliance / stephon daniels (humane law enforcement officer)

PeterMasters on Feb 2, 2018
Only in Washington DC would you find a non profit like Humane Rescue Alliance flourishing perfectly amidst rumors which have turned out to be true on the topic of employing known pedophiles and child abusers. Case in point Stephon Daniels, often tells people he's a "law enforcement" officer. People then get scared and let him go in their house, interrogate them, push them and yes, even assault them. He is well known for this yet nothing has been done. Angry yet? Well it gets far worse. Stephon Daniels is not a "law enforcement" officer and Humane Rescue Alliance is NOT a law enforcement agency. He...

Humane Rescue Alliance / stephon daniels from humane rescue alliance

PizzaGate Justice on Feb 1, 2018
Guys, I'm seeing all the complaints about Stephon Daniels (Humane Law Enforcement Officer lol) who works at the well known child sex trafficking organizational front called Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, DC. Here is what you need to do: take these comments, post them on all the review sites you can find, next take all of Stephon Daniels' information and dox him, meaning, put it all out there and then get the executives information from this pedophile ring and dox them. Put all the information out there that you can about each of them and be intimate with the details. Then take...

Humane Rescue Alliance / stephon daniels

Jennifer Crawford on Jan 31, 2018
Stephon Daniels is a Child Molester Why aren't Humane Rescue Alliance and Stephon Daniels being investigated for Pedophilia? Here is a riddle those of us who know about the child trafficking and sexual abuse happening at Humane Rescue Alliance by people like Stephon Daniels, "Why are the executives at this child trafficking ring as well as Stephon Daniels not in federal prison?" This man is a KNOWN CHILD MOLESTER!!! How, in this world, does Humane Rescue Alliance employ so many pedophiles, when they are such a small organization here in Washington DC? I've read about #qanon #pizzagate #pedogate...

Humane Rescue Alliance / humane rescue alliance humane rescue alliance in washington dc employs known pedophile

Blare Wilson on Jan 30, 2018
I have one question for the disgusting [censor] at washington dc's humane rescue alliance, "why in the h3ll are you employing stephon daniels a well know child rapist and pedophile!!!". Look, I believe everyone deserves a second chance but this is disgusting. This maggot is a known pedophile, I mean #pizzagate style pedophile and they still employ this person. Why? How can you claim to look out for dogs and cats when you are willing to allow your staff to rape and sodomize children? This individual needs to be in prison. I'm going to make it impossible for this pedophile hotbed...

Humane Rescue Alliance / stephon daniels stephon daniels from humane rescue alliance molested a 6 years old

Baxter Hunter on Jan 27, 2018
Stephon Daniels from Humane Rescue Alliance in DC has a problem, he likes CHILDREN! Look, we all know DC is probably the most corrupt city in the United States, but the biggest problem we have here is that of the pedophile persuasion. I caught this guy touching my neighbor's son who is 6 years old. He scared the boy so much and molested him so often that he's absolutely paranoid to death to see this man in a courtroom. Stephon Daniels (or is it Stephan, Stephen or Stephon Darnell Daniels, so many fake names) told this innocent child that he would have his "balls cut off and make them eat them"...

Humane Rescue Alliance / stephon daniels of humane rescue alliance is sexually harassing my wife!

Nediya Griffith on Jan 27, 2018
My wife has been telling me that this creepy guy from Humane Rescue Alliance www.humanerescuealliance.org is harassing her and my 13 year old daughter. I've been stationed in Iraq and I'm with the United States MARINES. I've been away for a full year, I get back and find out that this punk Stephon Darnell Daniels (also known as Stephen and Stephan) has been coming by to check on my dog. Which is strange because when I left, I had my brother take the dog. My wife and daughter have both told this disgusting parasite of a human being multiple times that we no longer have a dog, yet he comes by...

Humane Rescue Alliance - Maryland, Hyattsville / stephon daniels from humane rescue alliance smacked a child with puppy

Heidi Griffith on Jan 25, 2018
Let me tell you something, I have ZERO patience for bullies and this is one story I'm going to tell. First, the criminal I'm talking about Stephon Daniels (Stephen, Stephan Darnell Daniels) who works at WWW.humanerescuealliance.org "Humane Rescue Alliance" in Washington, DC who also uses the address 5707 43rd Ave, Apt 2, Hyattsville, MD 20781 was caught, RED HANDED, smacking an 11 year old with a puppy Golden Retriever, in the face and head, REPEATEDLY until the boys nose and eye began to bleed. Stephon Daniels literally beat this child trying to keep the dog catcher from taking...

Humane Rescue Alliance / animal care services

Ave Marshall on Jan 24, 2018
Stephon Daniels from Humane Rescue Alliance in DC, caught beating dogs! I'm sickened by what I just saw, only reason I'm coming forth with this is because the elderly lady was too afraid. Apparently this "humane law enforcement officer" isn't so humane and his name is Stephon Daniels (AKA Stephon Darnell Daniels, Stephan, Stephen) who lives at 5707 43rd Ave, Apt 2, Hyattsville, MD 20781 and works for Humane Rescue Alliance www.humanerescuealliance.org. An elderly neighbor called me frantically saying that a man was rifling through here things and turning her house upsidedown over her dog...
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