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GT EXPRESS 101 Complaints & Reviews

GT EXPRESS 101 / Signing me up for another membership


I ordered the GT Express after watching the add on TV. My family and I have actually enjoy the product and have seen no problems with the machine. I checked my credit card statement when I got it recently and noticed there were 2 charges on it I did not approve. I called the company that charged my credit card to find out they got my information from when I ordered the GT Express over the phone. The GT Express operator offered me some programs to enroll in. I declined all of them and told him to only send me the GT Express machines that I want and nothing more. After a very long phone call...

GT EXPRESS 101 / Improper business!


I ordered the product by phone for the offer of $39.99 with the second one free. The whole process of order was complicated, not clear and detailed on the transaction, and the process was done with a machine, not a real person. The next day, I called the customer service to cancel the order. They said it had been processed and can't be canceled (although I received emails of processing and delivery confirmation 2 days after the complaint). The total amount they charged me on this transaction was $83.70. I was not sure where this amount came from, there was no detail, everything did not...