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Gold Rush 1849 Complaints & Reviews

Gold Rush 1849 / Pyramid Scheme

Sep 18, 2014

This company used to be VIII Marketing before they changed their name to Gold Rush 1849 or goldrushny.They are a pyramid scheme.They target uninformed job seekers and do not fully disclose that they are a pyramid scheme until you start working for them. They have an unrealistic, unsustainable business model that could cause poverty in those who come subject to it. They will cold call you claiming to have found your resume online and offer you an interview. Their current office location is Gold Rush, 300 Hamilton Ave.Floor 4, White Plains, NY 10601. They will trick you into a job, they have a...

Gold Rush 1849 / False Job Description, Possible Pyramid scheme

Jun 22, 2013

Be very careful of this company. I applied for a position and they immediately got back to me. I was very excited for the interview, as they told me the position had base compensation + commission. When I got to the office, I immediately noticed that it was almost completely unfurnished and looked very much like a fly by night operation. I got through the first round of interview and came back two days later for job shadowing. The job just entailed going from business to business trying to pitch Verizon Fios to businesses. It turned out that most of the so called "leads" had been combed by...

Gold Rush 1849 - New York, White Plains / Misleading Job Description-Possible Scam (Be careful!)

Jun 12, 2013

Several months ago, I applied to Gold Rush 1849. At the time, I was thrilled that they contacted me back right away for an interview. Of course, that should have been a red flag that they contacted so soon. I went in the following week for the initial interview. I got there half an hour early, and I was appreciative of the fact they took me early. The interview was fairly short, only 15 minutes. I was told I would be contacted by 6 PM if I would be selected to the second round of interviews. The hiring manager did mention the second round of interview would be full-day shadowing, though did...