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K I have noticed 2 withdrawals from my bank account for £5.97 gbp and £23.69gbp. Each time I am charged £1.50gbp handling by my bank. I have no idea why they are withdrawing these funds and want to stop them and be refunded but cannot connect to the phone number provided. Can someone help please? K Hooper (UK) - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / Cannot locate company to complain


I never heard of this company( they took $39.95 out of my checking acct. I had 3 different companies do the same last month. I sent all 3 emails, telling them I have no idea who they were. I now get a new company doing the same thing. I have no idea who these people are. Can't email them as it comes back, undeliverable. I am going to let my bank handle this matter, but if you could help in any way, it would be much appreciated. Thank you. / unable to locate to stop charges


In reviewing my bank statement, I have been charged $38.88 by and I am trying to locate this company so future charges are not made. When searching for this company to request discontinuing services and charges nothing shows up. It is like they don't exsist. I am thinking this is from a country outside of the US, but I can find no information. Can someone please help me locate this company? Or knows something about how to handle this situation?