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Dri* Complaints & Reviews

Dri* - Wisconsin, Madison / Unauthorized billing


DRI*CA.COMSOFTWARE 8776948509 MN appeared on my checking account as an authorization for today (12/23/09) in the amount of $69.99. I haven't used card in several days (only use for gas and groceries). Called 877-694-8509 since that's what appeared on my online banking screen. Got a recording that said the number was no longer in service (that's fishy already, that number just showed up today) and also said to call 866-851-5273. Called that number and talked to some lady from I believe India (I honestly wasn't surprised). She asked for my e-mail address to confirm order...

Dri* - Alberta, Edmonton 1270 / Billed 2 years in a row for no service


Charged Oct.16, 2007 for $50.20 for canceled service. This year, Oct. 16, 2008 for $61.32 for no service at all. I have a new e-mail address which someone got without my knowledge. My old computer crashed this year, taking all the stored info with it. I have had my new one for only a few months, so what was I charged for? I have informed the authorities to what has been done with my credit card. I want all my monies refunded asap.

Dri* / Scam charges


I just found that DRI* charged to my debit card $29.99. I didn't buy anything from them, I don't even know who they are... I will go to my bank tomorrow and talk about this. What is this? Is there way to avoid this kind of things happen?

Dri* - Minnesota / Unauthorized charges!


I recently received my credit card statement and a charge for 49.99 showed up on 1 March 2008 for Dri* 877 694-8509 Mn. I do not ever recall making any such purchase and called my credit card company to report an unauthorized charge. of course it was after hours and the person answering was in India and ave me another number to call during normal business hours. I also found out from that this is a computer associates anti virus scam occurring from using the order site and previously ordering a Laptop with Computer Associates anti virus software and an...