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DentalPlans.com Complaints & Reviews

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DentalPlans.com / Cancelation

waney5 on Feb 26, 2014
Went on line to cancel my dental plan and was told I would have to call. Proceeded to call and waited on hold for 25 minutes only to be told that I was unable to cancel. When I asked the lady why their live chat personnel told me to call to cancel if it was not possible she said that is policy. How ridiculous is your policy that a person employed by your company on a live chat with a client can't just say you are unable to cancel. Then she says that they will have to call me to renew so I can cancel then, so I asked her why they did not call me last time I was to renew? She said I just...

DentalPlans.com / unauthorized change

Judy Vratil on May 30, 2013
My Mother subscribed for their plan in 2010 and paid with her debit card. Because the plan was so bad, she called and declined to renew for 2011. She just noticed a charge from them for 2013 and in researching with the bank confirmed that they charged her in 2012 as well (no services were received for the 2012 plan). She called to ask why they were charging her again, they told her they would refund the 2013 cost less $15 processing. Nice scam! Renew someone without their knowledge pocket the full amount if they don't notice and $15 if they do. My next contact is the BBB (an A+ rating)

DentalPlans.com - Illinois, Park Ridge / Serious Problem

I chose to join Careington dental plan on DentalPlan.com's site. DentalPlans.com charged me $114.95. I checked and Careington charges $32.95 on their site for their plan. Also, DentalPlans charged my card card TWICE, even though after inputting my info on DentalPlan's site, the screen said an "Error Occurred" and we cannot process your credit card. (No, I did NOT go back in and input it again; I closed out immediately) AND, it signed me up for not Careington's plan, but DentalPlans.com's service, whatever the heck that is. I got an e-mail from DentalPlans.com that said...

DentalPlans.com / VERY Clever Internet SCAM

1. I wanted to sign up for the Careington dental plan. DentalPlans.com came up first on Google. Their site showed Careington and asked if I wanted to join "this' plan (key word: "this"). I clicked on it, gave all my info including my credit card number. 2. When I finished entering my CC number and hit the process button, an error message came up: A technical error has occured and we cannot process your credit card (something along those lines). 3. My card WAS processed, I found out. It was for DentalPlans.com, NOT Careington Denal Plan. 4. You will not be able to reach them using their...

DentalPlans.com - Florida, Plantation / Scam Fraud

I have researched DentalPlans.com thoroughly. I have contacted a participating dentisy who had no idea what DentalPlans.com is even though they are signed up as a participant. Have called DentalPlans.com and verified the way the plans work in relationship to the member and dental provider.From what I have researched and come to understand is either DentalPlans.com is a total scam to collect from "members" giving a false impression to "providers" that they will receive any kind of reimbursement.What is the point of having insurance carriers listed next to a "provider's" business when they...

DentalPlans.com / Scam

I have a contract with Aetna Dental Access/DentalPlans.com for discounted dental procedures. Today I had a root canal and the plans on-line site lists a discount of $501.00. The actual discount was only $111.00. When I talked with Veronica at Dental Plans, she stated that the on-line discount was just a "sample" and offered to challenge the dentist's charge. His charge was exactly what I expected, so I have no problem with that. I believe this is false advertising on the part of Dental Plans and I would like to have my #390.00 refunded. If this isn't a scam, I don't know what is.

DentalPlans.com - California / Bogus Service

I joined Dentalplans.com for the Cigna Dental Network Access. I made an appointment with one of their listed providers, had a small cavity filled, but the discount was not what is noted on the Dentalplans.coms website. I have checked other providers listed by this company and they have no idea what I am talking about. In addition, some of the providers aren't even practicing any longer. This company should be looked into for these deceiving practices.

DentalPlans.com - Florida, 33324 / Untruthful Information

Since I can't afford dental insurance I looked for a savings/discount plan, that's how I got dentalplans.com, I decided to look for dentists that accept this plan, i found a dentist through THEIR WEBSITE near my home, I called and they had no idea what i was talking about, that was a sign . So I called dentalplans.com to tell them that the information listed on their website was incorrect . The agent I talked to told me that probably that particular dentist recently had canceled their agreement, and that the info in their website is updated once a month . She sounded convincing, and...

DentalPlans.com / Scam on automatic renewal!

DentalPlans.com ripped me off when I first bought a plan from them that was no good and was not accepted by any dentist, then one year later, they charged my credit card for an automatic renewal even though I reported to them from the beginning that I did not want their plan, that their plan was bunk, and I was very disappointed with their service. After the first year, they charged my account without my permission another $129.95. I called them immediately to try to clear up the problem and get my money refunded and was told they would not charge my account. Five business days later, I checked my account and the charge of $129.95 from DentalPlans.com is still there. This company is a total rip off/con artist.
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