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Credit Solutions of America Complaints & Reviews

Credit Solutions of America / Unauthorized charges


Credit Solutions of America did nothing but take my money and do nothing to resolve my debt. Not all of us have overextended ourselves by choice, so many like myself are stuck with debt that an ex-spouse has left them with. I trusted Credit Solutions of America but they are all LIARS!!! I have been trying for weeks to get out of their contract, so I am going to take this up with News 7 and their On-Your Side to help me get a refund. If you have been in my situation, please go the BBB of Texas and file a complaint so we can stop this company!!!

Credit Solutions of America / Huge mistake


Going with Credit Solutions was a huge mistake. They to nothing for you and charge you a ton. I made 2 payment to them before I realized how they worked and then canceled. If you are looking to get out of debt, look somewhere else. They tell you they will settle for a lot less but by the time they do, your balance has gone way up because of fees and penalties. All they do is ask you to save money and once you have some saved they say you can pay this creditor now. What a joke! Their service is great until you sign up then you can't get any service at all. The one time I did get through I heard a manger tell the person I was talking to she was taking to much time and to hurry up. Once again What a joke!

Credit Solutions of America / Awful company


Since we joined Credit Solutions of America in July of 2008 its been one huge nightmare for me and my family. They promised to send a proposal to all the creditors and not one creditor has received anything. On a daily basis, we receive anywhere from 10 to 15 calls from creditors who want to get their money. We have told them many, many times that we are working with Credit Solutions, and the creditors care less. Credit Solutions is NOT all it's cracked up to be. We are better off working out solutions with the creditors on our own. They promise to save you money, but all they are...

Credit Solutions of America / Beware


I worked for and saw so many people get fired. I know how to kiss up, so I stayed around for a while...before I got fired. I have heard some really bad stories about Credit Solutions from some of the people that transferred from there. I heard they were very unethical. I give them credit in knowing how to set up a company and gaining peoples trust. If I was just looking for a mortgage loan, from the propaganda, I would think they were professionals. I think they focus too much on the marketing and too little on training. And I agree with someone else's comment...they make it...

Credit Solutions of America / Don't sign up with them


I am a current employee for Richardson based Credit Solutions. I have something that should be brought out to the public. This company is misleading customers. They are ripping people off! Credit Solutions is a debt settlement company. They settle customer's accounts. But there is a lot of misleading the customers. They charge 15% of the total debt for their services. All the company does is advice customers to stop paying their bills and promises they can settle for a low amount of money. The sales department just wants people to sign up so they can start to drain people's bank...

Credit Solutions of America / Scammers


I thought when I signed up, it would all be great, I could finally breath, we were doing something about out debt...In 4 months, no one ever contacted me, e-mailed me, nothing. When I called them, it was one changed story after another. They don't give a crap about you. They just want to scam your money from you, sit back and do absolutely NOTHING!!! I told them I wanted my money back for putting me in a worse situation than I all ready was, they mine as well laughed right in my face...Bottom line...THEY SUCK.