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County Motorsports Complaints & Reviews

County Motorsports - California / complaint


I bought a Moped from this company. It has a defective automatic choke. I can not start this vehicle. I have attempted numerous times to contact the company. I have sent email and I have left messages. I can not get a live person. No one has ever called me back. In the meanwhile, I have a two thousand dollar paperweight in my driveway. Before buying anything from this company, I suggest that you try the following test, attempt to contact them. Try calling any of their numbers to see if you can get a live person. Leave a message pretending to be a customer with a complaint and see if anyone calls you back. Try sending a fax, see if their fax machine picks up.

County Motorsports / Undelivered Merchandise


We ordered an ATV from website: in May of 2009. On May 25th we received a phone call from from John Nelson, the head Salesperson at County Motorsports saying that they were out of the ATV we had wanted and offered us a better ATV for the same price we orignally had paid for, plus an additional $200 for shipping since we live out in Hawaii. Although their website claims free shipping for merchandise over $150. We agreed to pay the extra pricing. On June 2, 2009 we received an email with the Invoice and the payment collect $1074.99. Our credit card was charged that amount...

County Motorsports - California, Cloves / out of business


The Clovis Police Department drove by this address for me and said that the place is empty and that there is a sign on the door stating they are out of business due to poor economy. They took our money on June 30, 2009 and we have never received anything from them, including the 3 quads we ordered or an email or phone call from them! They new they were going out of business yet they still took our money! There website is still up and running but not sure if you can actually order from them. Please please do not put anything for this company on your CC. <br /> Jesse Gonzales is a crook, he...

County Motorsports - California / Really Bad service!


The web site looks terrific - but - read VERY carefully. The only ones that answer the phone (or emails) is the sales department. There is no such thing as "customer service' in my experience with them. The prices are truly very good but that's where it ends. The 50cc scooter I bought required 2 sessions, so far, in a local service center (not county motorsports since they off NO service. Phone calls are an exercise in futility as are emails. Don't bother with sending a "trouble ticket report" as they ignore them too. I've tried everything I know including asking for a...

County Motorsports - California, Clovis / No response to shipping damage


I bought a Roketa 250cc scooter from County Motorsports in early September 2008. When it was delivered (late) there was some damage which I was told would be covered by the extra shipping insurance I purchased. This turns out to be a complete lie. County Motorsports will not cover cosmetic damage to the scooter caused by shipping, and more extensive damage must be covered by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will not replace parts that were damaged in shipping either, and I was referred to the shipping company. I was only told about this 6 weeks after the delivery of the scooter and filing a...

County Motorsports / Didn't return calls after I purchased


At the end of May 2008, I ordered online a Roketa 250cc Touring Scooter from County Motorsports LLC, 727 Clovis Avenue, Clovis, CA 93612. I placed the order at Due to limited supply, I had to provide two colour choices. When I saw the scooter was ready to ship, I emailed them to see if they could tell me which colour I got so that I could order a matching helmet. They never responded. No big deal. When I checked back and saw the scooter had shipped, I wanted to know what preparations I should make since I was having this delivered to my office location and would ride it...