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Countrywide Periodicals - Alabama, Hamilton / Cell phone sales to Mentally Challenged

Theft Report on Jul 8, 2015
My mentally challenged daughter is a victim of COUNTRYWIDE PERIODICALS LLC. According to our Letters of Guardianship, a judge has ruled and protected her from entering into a contract with anyone. She has a cell phone and was contacted by COUNTRYWIDE PERIODICALS' telemarketing. The representative sold her a "Savings Club" membership for $9.95 a month and subscriptions to six magazines that she does not read for $49.81 a month. Any conversation with her would cause a person to realize that she is not a capable of entering into an intelligent business agreement. She was taken advantage of...

Countrywide Periodicals / Refusal to cancel membership

Rose Monsanto on Aug 5, 2014
This company scammed me. When I tried to cancel membership, they too refused to honor my request. They mislead me to believe what I was being asked to join. I did not agree to pay for their service for 30 months @ $33.20. In the conversation with rep., they did not state this fact. This would have been a red flag to me how much money they wanted wanted from me for magazines. I talked to the supervisor and was treated very rudely. Saying I approved for the subscriptions and for the monthly payment. That was my attempt to cancel. I have changed my debit account so they cannot bill through that...

Countrywide Periodicals / have not recieved all the magazines I was told I would recieve

Brad Cooper on Jan 20, 2012
I signed up to recieve magazines from this company. I was supposed to recieve 5 magazines a month and after a year I have recieved 2 a month. After talking to them many times they promised to send an extra 2 a month to make up for the ones I never recieved. After 1 year I am only getting 3 a month now and not the ones I signed up to recieve. I would like to let others know that if you have recently signed up and you are not receiving them stop making payments until you actually recieve them. I stopped payment then after talking it over with there billing and a guy named Kyle I was assured I would get them so I went ahead and paid them off. I am still not receiving them.Don't make the same mistake.

Countrywide Periodicals / paid $50 and then they tried to get more

Coltsfootball on Dec 15, 2011
They were suppose to deliver top magazines for $50 never got one magazine, then they started calling us and demanding more money, we called and cancelled by the time that was allowed us to do so, left a recorded message and they said they never received it, of course they would say that, only got 1 item from them in the mail, a paper with their name on it and like $400 more they wanted. They are a total rip off, please no one ever call them to order anything. we tell them when they call please take us to court but they never attempt anything cause they know they are nothing but committing...

Countrywide Periodicals - California / SCAM

Karlig45 on Oct 12, 2011
I have just noticed that Countrywide Periodicals has been pulling money out of my old bank account that I do not use anymore. They have put my account into the negatives and I have not signed up for their services. I am extremely upset and whenever I try to call, I cannot get through to anyone. I have put a complaint in through BBB and am waiting for a response. I want my money back! I will not pay for services that I never asked for.

Countrywide Periodicals - Ohio, Cincinnati / Stolen Money

washbuer on Oct 6, 2011
I was contacted by "Jason" a few months ago...offered what sounded like a good deal for several magazine subscriptions. Very freidnly representative coerced me into considering after I expressed no interests. Kept calling me with more offers...I have recieved NO services nor do I want any after researching the companies scamming history. Truly feel used and would appreciate any help if possible.

Countrywide Periodicals - Montana, Lolo Hamilton / HUGE SCAM

honeststudent09 on Sep 27, 2011
This pathetic excuse for a magazine company has scammed me twice. As a college undergraduate student I just wanted to try subscribing to a few magazines. Then they went even further to take advantage of the fact that I am a student and conned me into believing that by subscribing with their company that I would have a chance at receiving money that I could use to pay for school. Once I realized that there was no chance whatsoever and realized what they were charging each month, I called the company back and politely requested that they cancel the subscription. Like any other fair and honest...

Countrywide Periodicals - Montana / Subscription

This magazine company has been harrassing me. I do not want magazines and have not received magazines. They have called me a liar and threatened to call the authorities for harrassment. I have seen many complaints against them and have referred to the Better Business Bureau (they have a rating of F with the BBB). Apparently this company is scamming people and taking their money. When asking if they are scamming people they get extremely defensive. I no longer have the card they had originally billed for these non-existent magazines; therefore they can no longer bill it. However, they continue...

Countrywide Periodicals / cancel membership

i tried to cancel my membership but i was told i cannot and i am being charged every month for it i would like it stopped or i will contact my lawyer i do not want it to go this far so please cancel it ty and have a nice day

Countrywide Periodicals / Did not say yes or give my card # and they still charged it

We recieved a phone call trying to confirm an order for magazines and we hung up on them. one hour later I was trying to pay a bill and $50.00 was taken from my card. I never authorized this or gave them my card number. I have four kids and have a hard enough time staying above ground as it is.

Countrywide Periodicals - Virginia, Pulaski / Magazines

I was about to graduate from high school during my senior year and I was phoned by this company, Countrywide Periodicals. They said that I was going to be entered into a sweepstakes competition with the agreement that I 'tried' out their magazines for $50 a month. I agreed at first, but attempted to cancel a day or two later. I read that you can cancel subscriptions to any other magazine company if you are not satisfied, however, when i tried to they said that I could not do it since I agreed to subscribe. I was stupid enough to say, "Ok." and then tried to move on with my life. I...

Countrywide Periodicals - Montana, Hamilton Lolo / Magazine Subscription Scams

I have been the victim of a magazine scam perpetrated by a company calling itself US Magazine Service at P.O. Box 750 in LoLo, Montana 59847 at 888-506-8304. It and several other corporations running magazine subscription scams are run by Jason W. Ellsworth of Hamilton, Mt. I received several magazines, including Esquire from this business, despite the fact that I made it very clear that I did not wish their services and have no interest in sports, cars or soft porn. Without my knowledge, they were billing my bank card. I am a senior citizen on strong medication at the time and these people...
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