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Closet World Complaints & Reviews

Closet World - California, Sacramento / Continuously cancel your installation date

Mar 2, 2011

We contracted with them through Home Depot to install garage cabinets. We were scheduled a month out. When our date came, they call and cancelled us for the following week after we had spent the entire weekend pulling everything out of the garage so they could work efficiently. One cabinet was measured incorrectly and needed to be replaced. I just had my third cancellation from them to get this fixed. Each time they push me back weeks. Seriously, I read the reviews on the internet before I jumped in with this and said "it won't happen to me." Well it did. I would never ever do busine...

Closet World - California / garage cabinets


We had a really bad experience with this company. Had them do some garage work. First, the designer (Maureen) came over and did the estimate... she spent over 3 hours here and wouldnt leave until she basically wore us down. They installed the wrong size cabinet in our garage so the things that were supposed to fit in wouldnt fit. It took over a month of multiple calls to the company which mostly went unanswered to finally get ahold of someone. So I asked them to fix it. They refused. They said we would have to buy a whole new cabinet at full price. It was their mistake but they wont fix it. So...

Closet World / Don't ever use them!


recently had a closet installed by Closet World and initially was very pleased with the exception that one of the jewellery drawers I ordered was the wrong one. I had to reschedule another appt for this and in the meantime the top drawer kept opening on its own. So I called back and they told me they would take care of this when they bring the correct jewellery drawer. The day of my rescheduled appt they never showed up, I made 2 phone calls to the so called "supervisor" that day who never even returned my 2 calls. Several days later I got a message saying they have to reschedule our original...

Closet World / Customer service stinks


I called to get a closet repaired, it was my 4th attempt - they transfer the call to numerous places, and ultimately you get someone's voicemail or they hang up on you all together. I spoke to a guy named Robert and he said my warranty was 7 years and I never received a copy of the warranty which he said he would fax to me. I still haven't received it. I then called back to get the baseboard moulding fixed - it fell right off the closet and the guy on the phone said it would cost $100 to get it fixed - I told him there were no nails in the base moulding to attach it to the closet but...

Closet World / Installers never show up


December 16, 2005 I ordered a closet from Closet World the date of install was to be January 30, 2006. Closet World called & changed the date to February 4, 2006 start between 9:00 and 10:00. Installers arrive at 4:30. Installers had to leave because they forgot some of the materials. I looked in the closet and there was no backing on the closet. 6:00 PM the installers come back I told them they had to take the closet back because there was no backing on the closet. Rescheduled install for March 10, 2006 between 11:00 and 1:00 installers never show up. March 13, 2006 I called and asked to...

Closet World / Installation department is extremely rude and unprofessional


I have left several voicemails for supervisors at Closet World explaining my problem. Like all the other messages I have left for people at Closet world I never received a response. I hired Closet World to design and install a Wall Unit in my home. Sandy the designer came out and based on my requests she designed a wall unit. I accepted the design and Sandy drew up a contract outlining what we agreed upon. We both signed the contract on 7-13-05 and I paid $973. Installation was scheduled for 7-28-05 between 11 and 2. The installers came out and partially installed the wall unit. I was informed...

Closet World / Closet installation


On April 3, 2006 I signed an agreement with Closet World to install (3) closets in my house for the amount of $8,012.00. I gave a deposit of $4006.00 and authorized the charge against my Visa card. Closet World scheduled the installation of the (3) closets for May 16, 2006. On April 10, 2006 Closet World charged a total of 4,178.50 to my Visa Card. On May 16, 2006 the installer from Las Vegas didn't arrive until 2:30 in the afternoon and then brought the wrong material. First he went to Home Depot. He returned a few hours later. He then had to return to the warehouse for the right material. He...