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Catherine Foster Complaints & Reviews

Catherine Foster - Massachusetts, Middleboro / history channel

Feb 2, 2018

I live in Mass. and have Verizon FIOS. I am extremely disappointed in A & E for making customers pay to watch episodes of your shows on the History channel. I'm already paying for cable and do not want to be charged a second time to watch episodes On Demand. Please do not rob customers who just want to watch episodes of series on the History channel. Please don't lose the respect of your viewers so you can make more money. Thank you.

Catherine Foster - Georgia / Refund for ID theft charge


I went online like the others looking for a payday loan, if I am in need of money i.e. a payday loan, why would I authorize a charge for you to take MONEY from my account. That just doesn't make since. I entered all my information because I was lead to believe that I was close to being approved. After having to reenter my personal information several times I decided this was happening so I click the x to close. I was looking for a loan not identity protection, obviously if I need protection it is from online scams like this that gives false hope by luring desperate people in. Not only did...