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Cash Call Complaints & Reviews

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Cash Call / Interest Charged Unlawful in Oregon

Mark Ronning on Aug 5, 2015
The Oregon Department of Justice entered into a 2015 settlement with Cash Call and Western Sky which requires repayment of interest paid to Cash Call or Western Sky by Oregonians. Although Cash Call did not admit wrongdoing, Cash Call and Western Sky agreed to repay interest and fees paid by Oregonians on their contracts. Attorney fees and costs are also available to individuals who were taken advantage of by Cash Call, so there may be no cost to you. I am a veteran of the United States Army and our firm was informed of this recent settlement as we were assisting veterans with legal matter...

Cash Call - California, Anaheim / Un aurthoried to take money from bank account

Ray Tam on Jul 17, 2014
cash call does not make courtesy calls...if payment is due, and you don't pay, they deduct from your bank account automatically. they said they don't call you owe, you pay. that is illegal. Cash calls do not engage in fair lending practices. avoid dealing with them. i will follow up with a complaint to the federal Trade commision the next time. Cash call is in major violation of federal law. no business should be allow to just "Magically take money from your account- as a matter of fact once i look into this, will turn this in to class action law suit

Cash Call - California, Anaheim / personal loan scam

jbecca on Dec 12, 2013
This company is not to be trusted. They tell you the loan is approved; you send them "needed" documents (personal info), then you're suppose to receive a call for further instructions. There is no return call. I finally got in contact with a rep & he claimed they "could not approve my loan at this time". So...basically, they got all sorts of personal info...no telling what may come about (from reading other complaints). This makes me EXTREMELY nervous!

Cash Call - California / Home Mortgage

HNRosen on Aug 22, 2013
In March 2013 we applied to CashCall to refinance our home. They made so many errors in the loan documents we could not, in good faith, sign them. My wife’s social security was wrong, and they showed our monthly income at more than $107, 000. We wish! Two weeks later we had another set of documents, reasonably accurate, and we signed them and had our signatures notarized, including a Note and Deed of Trust. They even had our homeowners insurance changed to show their name. For reasons not clear to us, they did not close the loan within the time period permitted by their documents. After...

Cash Call - Florida, south carolina / harassment

v.a.h on Nov 18, 2012
calling like 20 times a day called my job had to tell them to please dont call at work.then leaving message with people a loan. this is terriblie lettimg people no your finance. please let them understand they cant be calling all day long after you spoke to them and at your workplace.they use all kind of state numbers and i just owe for november and i get so many calls a day this ridiculious.

Cash Call - California / Took extra $ from my account and would refund it

Linda Day on Aug 8, 2012
I recently paid my loan in full with Cash Call and they continued to process their monthly payment which I was reassured it would be cancelled when I paid the loan in full. I have been fighting with them for 4 days trying to get the funds returned to me with no success. I have left messages with their supervisor Jose Ramirez (877) 525-2274 and he will not returned my calls.

Cash Call - Florida / Charge too much for loan

0326chrissy on Feb 25, 2012
I took out a small loan from Western Sky and the next thing I know it is with Cash Call. Now they are charging me a ridiculous amount in finance charge to pay it back. How can I get out of this loan?

Cash Call - California / Scam

Watchout Scam on Jan 12, 2012
On 01-11-2012 I recieved a call from a man saying I ode them some money. If I didnt pay they would tell my job and I could go to jail. I could hear the name cash call in the bachground. I tryed to tell him I didnt get a loan was just trying to get information on a personnal loan. But to get the information on a loan I had to give my email, name, ss#. Which this man had. He had that information. I didnt ask for a loan thank got, cant their be something done about these people.

Cash Call - Alabama, Birmingham / Dirty

snmg on Jan 6, 2012
I took a loan out with Cash Call after a divorce and I was broke at the time I had a job and could pay it.I was recently laid-off living on unemployment. I was aware of the high interest rate but I could pay more and pay it off sooner now I can't I contacted them about working out a payment plan to which they said the same crap borrow it or sell something.That fixes one month but how about the other 900 years I owe them. I closed my account changed my numbers and letting go were ever it goes.I will pay my important bills and buy food before anything else.

Cash Call / Harassment Phone Calls

Pissedoff57 on Jun 27, 2011
Cash Call keeps calling me at work/cell phone. From different numbers in different locations. I told that I do not have the money, right now. They just don't get it. Every time that they call, I simply hang up. Especially from a Mr. Salazar. Who would not even give me his first name but then I received an e-mail from him and got his First name. I know that I have an obligation to pay them back, but Please I told you what is going on in my life and they just don't get it.

Cash Call / BE Smart about what YOU SIGN!

Muzik on Jun 15, 2011
Ok, I understand the aggravation here, but be real!! You have to sign something in order to get the money you seem to have to have now and then you're gonna bag on the comp that gave you the money...My mother is dealing with this company and unfortunately she is going to have to either deal with it and pay it off (early---GO GET A LOAN!!) and get it done so it doesn't continue to linger, or file BK. She'll get a loan and get it fixed, but seriously...READ WHAT YOU SIGN!! (i think i've said this to my mother 85 times...but she just HAD to have a new roof!! nothing wrong with the old one...)

Cash Call - California / Illegal Activities to get more Late Fees

ssarkar12 on May 1, 2011
At the inception of the loan, Cash Call did not take the 1st months payment automatially from my checking account instead they waited a month, then tried to charge me penalty fees and interest. When I instructed my bank not to accept any further attempts from Cash Call until I settled the matter with them, they tried to take the money again. I contacted Cash Call and told them that they must stop violating the law. They then said, they would waive all fees and late charges and try again on a specific date I tell them to remove the funds. I agreed and told them to take the funds on the 5th of...

Cash Call / Ripoff

Kevin Rogers on Mar 21, 2011
Borrowed $2600 from CashCall 3 years ago made my scheduled payment to them for 2 1/2 years and then lost my job. I have made several payments to them since. I have paid them over $6000 on a $2600 loan. They are advising that I still owe $2000. How will I ever pay this loan off. A $4000 profit is pretty good. I offered to settle the loan with my last $400, but didn't even get a return call to tell me they would not accept my offer. I have had many hours of lost sleep, this company sucks!

Cash Call / Rip off

Temas12 on Feb 11, 2011
I took out a Loan in OCT 2010 for $2600. My first payment was $254 amd than was to be 298. I paid this loan of in 4MTHS (I told them Feb i will pay the balance), and my pay off amount was $3012!!! THAT IS INSANE, THE INTEREST IS SO HIGH YOU DONT EVEN PAY TOWARD THE PRINCIPLE.. HOW IS THIS NOT AGAINST THE LAW! Do not get a payday load through them, everyone knows you should pay off payday loads as soon as possible to avoid this type of interest charge but it see that amount in only 4mths. RIP OFF.

Cash Call - California / harassment via phone

stand up for consumers on Feb 9, 2011
I fell into some hard times around the Christmas Holiday, and like a fool due to poor credit, I turned to Sky Financial for assistance. They provided me with a $1, 000 loan in which they consider "personal". I've have dealt with payday lenders, and checked my state for authorization, in which payday lending is illegal, however Sky Financial states "we are not payday lenders". Upon approval of the loan, I noticed after signing the contract, that there was a fee of over $500.00 added in addition to the $1, 000 deposited into my checking account. I still don't know to this day why a...

Cash Call / Put me in a loan slavery

Bent on Jan 21, 2011
I received a loan through Cash Call in 2007 for 2600.00 and have been paying on this loan since. I read about all the people this company has screwed and I can't understand why this company is not under investigation by the FTC, Consumer Affairs. The governor of Cal.(Arnold) must have been getting donation's kick back's from them. The CEO of this company is another "Bernie" and until State of federal government steps in and review's all the complaint's noting will ever get done. Thing's are always better in numbers and the only way is to strike and stop paying...

Cash Call / Ripped me off

I took out a loan from cash call in 2005 I made payments of $330.00 on a $10, 000.00 loan, I paid them for 3 years when I called to find out what my pay off was they told me $10, 000.00 I was in shock so I paid on this *** loan for another nine months, thin I lost my job and my unemployment only covered the basic they didn't want to hear this so they started to harass me, then they offered me a buy out that was $3, 400.00, but I was told I had paid back $15, 000.00. how dare they ask me for more money to my knowledge I paid back the loan with interest.

Cash Call / Greedy company

I was approved for a loan in the amount of $2600. I advised the rep. that I only wanted $1500. He stated that I could send $1000 back and make payments on the $1500. Well... I thought what the heck, and did not send the $1000 back. I am still paying on the loan. Three years later and I still owe $2000. What? I know this a ripoff! I have paid back over $6000 already. I am unemployed and scratching for money, and this company will not assist with this situation. I offered a settlement of $400.00 and they didn't even return with a response. isn't $4000 enough. I spoke to a rep who...

Cash Call / Glorified loans sharks

Cash Call was operating in the State of Nevada for a short period of time. My daughter got a loan of $2, 600.00 paid over $1, 000 then fell on hard times. She was sued, never served properly then a Judgement was rendered for over $5, 000.00. They are taking $800.00 a month from her on an illegal judgement for which a Judge issued a Stay order for in April and the attorneys in Las Vegas refuse to give her any money back. This company and anyone involved are all crooks. Please do not do business with them in any State.

Cash Call / Bites and threatens people

I had an account with them a long time ago...paid on it every month and allowed them to take the payments from my account. Until they took two payments out in one month, then my home caught fire and I closed my account and moved. Now they are threatening to suopena my husband to court and they are just a collection agency. I dont appreciate their cruelty and smug attitude. The stink! I have since opened other loan accounts and paid them off but as far as they go...they arent getting a dime out of me ever again!
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