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ANC Corporate Complaints & Reviews

ANC Corporate - Kansas, Kansas City / false winner


My husband got a letter thru the mail not certified mind you and he asked me what I thought and I read it more or less stated he has won 2, 000, 000, 000.00 dollars and he can get it in payments over 30 yrs of 66, 667.00 or on lump sum of 1, 000, 020, 000.00 and all he had to do was fill in the next page and confirm his address and send in $11.98 by check, money order or cash when I saw cash that was another red flag. I knew from the news that they said if you ever receive a letter stating winnings that you don't ever have to send in money. Especially when it said to make the money order...

ANC Corporate / Unauthorized billing


Thank you Florida for reporting this scam. I agree it is too bad the US Post Office doesn't get these frauds. My letter for the $2, 000, 000 for a charge of $11.89 sounded fishy too. Luckily I found you before turning over any personal information. There is another out there too and I have filed a complaint against them too. They also have a P.O. Box 9101.; N.P.R.C. in Bethpage, NY, 11714. Come on guys beware and do your homework. Even a charge of any monies is an alert. FBI, catch them. It is interstate fraud. God Bless us all.