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Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation Complaints & Reviews

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Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation / WOW!

123456789Randy on Jan 22, 2013
After calling the number to ask about the program that was being offered to me. I set up an appointment just like the person did below. I hung up the phone not feeling very comfortable. I then went on line to read reviews of this company. I was shocked because everything that the person described in the below paragraph was exactly how I felt. I then decided to call and cancel the appointment. What a nightmare that was! The guy on the phone would not let me get a word in. He would talk over me. Arguing and insisting that I an not rely on the internet reviews. He argued and argued insisting that...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation - Washington / harrasment+ salution

josh-ee on Nov 10, 2012
These people are insane! they have been calling me everyday. sometimes twice a day. I asked them multiple times to stop calling but they did not. if you are reading this then there is a good chance that they are doing this to you as well. they are not considered telemarketers because they do not ask for money or try to sell anything over the phone. so registering with the DNC will not save you from these monsters. A simple solution to this problem is to say "OK ill Schedule an appointment ". then when they show up say "joshee says hi" and slam the door in there face! you should have seen the look on her face lol. I have not had a call since!

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation / Refinance Harrassment

jkl1977 on May 6, 2012
I received mail from this company indicating that I could save hundreds of dollars off my current VA mortgage by refinancing with them. After calling and setting an appointment, I did some online research and found the offer (and company) was too good to be true. I immediately called back the same night to cancel the appointment and had to threaten to call the police if their loan officer showed up on our property. Since then, we received at least a dozen phone calls each week asking about when we could reschedule the meeting. My wife and I have spent hours requesting they take us out of their...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation - Texas / Refinance

Don't mess with veterans on Apr 15, 2012
I recently received a phone call asking if I wanted to save at least 150.00 dollars a month on my current mortgage. I spent around 15 minutes explaining how I really didn't believe that their company couldn't offer me a current interest rate of 2.5 percent for a 30 year fixed loan. I agreed to let one of their representatives to come to my home to explain their product.( I really wasn't looking to refinance since my current rate is below 5 percent) The representative was timely and polite and started his presentation. It lasted for approximately one hour since I was asking a lot...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation - California / false advertising

VetUBet on Dec 4, 2011
I read this complaint board prior to the mortgage representative arriving to my home for the meeting. Sure enough, the same things happened to me that had also happened to other nice folks by this "wolf in sheep's clothing" company. When I made the appointment over the phone, I was told that I was going to be briefed on a 3.0 thirty year fixed loan rate. If they had told me I was going to be presented a "Hybrid" loan, I would not have made the appointment. I did not find out until approximately 20 minutes into the supposedly 15 minute appointment, that ALL the company could offer me was a...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation - Virginia / Lies and Harassment

Navywife83 on Sep 17, 2011
Amerigroup has been sending two or three refinance offers in the mail every week and calling my home, despite me opting out of credit offers and having my phone number on the national Do Not Call registry. They managed to get me on the phone one two weeks ago and talk me into scheduling an appointment to see a loan officer, even after I insisted that my husband wasn't interested in refinancing. In the meantime, I decided to do some research on their refinance offer. I read about the refi program on the VA website and ran some numbers on my current loan. I discussed the findings with my...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation / Stay away from these guys

Kooniel on Sep 13, 2011
The monthly savings was overstated on the original phone call. How can they get that incorrect? I'm sure they have a superior amortization program than I have access to. The fees and expenses are huge, so I was already doubtful about the whole deal, but then the guy questioned for a check for $1, 300+. No longer any doubt, I was done (I thought) at that point. INCORRECT! Then the guy calls a manager (I guess) and she just won't take no for an answer. After 10-15 minutes of that (seemed lots longer) I handed him back his phone and told him to tell her, if she ever paused to breathe...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation - Virginia / Deceptive Mortgage Practice

Ditto: Ditto: Ditto! I just had my encounter with the “salesman” or how they prefer to call it, “the loan representative” that can provide you all the answers that they won’t over the phone, and even then only after having to sit throught the entire presentation. Their script was verbatim to what others have posted, and the lines went according to plan. Of course all along, Richard (with his English accent) was trying to size me up and looking for an opening on which he could create a connection with me, “What kind of work you do”?, “Where are...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation / unwanted calls

I have been getting calls on a daily basis (sometimes more than once a day) from these people wanting to speak to me about the VA loan that we used to buy our home. I keep asking them to stop calling and I keep getting calls and just now I got asked why I refuse to talk to them because they can guarantee me a lower interest rate. Who do I need to talk to to get them to stop calling

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation - Illinois / Fraud

Received the same letter as others in the mail. Could not get a straight answer from the phone reps said the loan officer would explain all when he arrived at my house. After viewing the chart presentation I told him I was not interested. About 10 minutes later he asked to use my phone to call headquarters for his report status. Same bs again from the man on phone. Told him not interested and about 5 minutes later I handed back the phone to his rep at my table and asked the person to leave NOW. Mission accomplished. Wasted one hour and 15 minutes of my time on a Sunday morning. Don't waste your time. This is a 38 month Hyrid Loan not 30 year fixed as the rep on phone stated.

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation - Florida / Won't Give Details - Simple Answers Over Phone

Got a "VA PAYMENT REDUCTION PROGRAM NOTIFICATION" in the mail. Oh boy. "Call today for your approximate monthly savings toll free: (866) 747-5951." So I called them. I was offered 3% interest rate on my mortgage which, after the "Veteran Loan Specialist" calculated from my current payment said, "ma'am we would save you $190.00 per month. That sounds good doesn't it? What day would be good for you; for a loan officer to meet with you at your house?" That fast. Very aggressive - they assume they will close you and THEY WILL NOT ANSWER OVER THE PHONE EXACTLY WHAT THE TERMS ARE. For...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation - Texas, San Antonio / Lies

Peter, The same thing happened to me today. The monthly savings was overstated on the original phone call. How can they get that wrong? I'm sure they have a better amortization program than I have access to. The fees and expenses are huge, so I was already doubtful about the whole deal, but then the guy asked for a check for $1, 300+. No longer any doubt, I was done (I thought) at that point. WRONG! Then the guy calls a manager (I guess) and she just won't take no for an answer. After 10-15 minutes of that (seemed lots longer) I handed him back his phone and told him to tell her, if...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation - Texas / Bad business

So thankful I didn’t sign any paperwork. I am active duty and have severe TBI due to an EFP while in Baghdad Iraq. I have gradually been learning to read and write again. During my appointment I explained to the rep that I was very slow with numbers and didn’t understand his calculations. I explained my injury and said I would need to go over the numbers with my family before signing paperwork. He contacted his manager and gave me the phone. I was surprised to hear that the manager wanted me to sign the paperwork despite me telling him that I was on several narcotics for pain, had...

Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation / Fraudulent company

I got a solitation notice in the mail for a 'VA Mortgage Payment Reduction Program' with phone number 1-866-747-6987. I called to find out details about what the current rates were and to get a good faith estimate. They asked for my current loan balance and interest rate. They told me that I could save $390.00 per month but could not give me any details as to fees, points, etc. over the phone. They said they only take applications in person and that they would send a loan officer to my home. I specifically asked if this was a fixed rate loan, with no adjustments in interest rate...
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