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American Leisure Complaints & Reviews

American Leisure - Texas, Weatherford / unautorized charge on credit card

Mary L. O'Shea on Feb 28, 2011

As I was paying my credit card bill this month, I noticed an unauthrized charge of $89.95 to American Leisure. I have never ordered anything from this company and have no idea how they obtained my credit card number. When I looked up the company on the internet, I found numerous websites with complaints of credit card fraud by this company, and their other companies --- Home Source and Easy Saver. Evidently, once they obtain your credit card number you are billed every month for the same amount. I have contacted my credit card company. Hopefully this amount will be removed from my bill, and I...

American Leisure - Georgia / credit card fraud

I called Mastercard to see about the balance of my debit card and found $17.33 to be missing. Apparently, according to their transaction records, it was stolen by American Leisure, AEIS. I called American Leisure, they (recording) asked for my phone #, I provided it, and they denied the truth of this matter by saying that they did not recognize the number. I live on a small fixed income, and need every cent I receive. Please help me get this money back. ~Clyde W. Burnham II

American Leisure / Strikes again


They have been taking money out of my account for over a year before I discovered it.. It was below %17.00 every month so it was not as noticeable, that is probably how they get away with it, especially older people. Not even sure how to get them to stop but am working on that. They maybe rich now but they will end up scamming themselves sooner or later. I am going to get legal counsel to see if I can recover any of my money. People check your accounts and make sure no small amounts are coming out like this, where is the law to stop people like this? The company CEO's and executives even have the nerve to put their names and pictures on their website.

American Leisure - Ohio, Parma Heights / Unauthorised withdrawal


This is another fraudulent company just like EASY SAVER . This two companies have come up with the idea to acquire people's account number and make withdrawals from them without authorisation. They have to be stopped. They have to feel the full weight of the LAW so that they don't get the opportunity to do this to other innocent people. I do not know this so called company and have never done business with them. I will inform my bank about this fraudulent companies and put a stop to their scams. I intend to follow this matter fully and if possible seek legal compensation in every form...

American Leisure / Membership Cancelation Member Cancel Center It took me forever to finally get to a website to cancel my membership for American Leisure. I was never able to cancel the membership with the instructions provided when I called the number from my credit card statement. When I finally spoke with a live call center agent, he refused to let me cancel my membership, he wanted to charge me 14.95 for a 12 month membership; I had to hang up on him. I did however gain the information I needed to cancel my membership from this call center agent (The name on my membership was incorrect so I was never able...

American Leisure - Maryland, Lanham / want to cancel

I was told after 30 days I could cancel the membership if I found I did not use it. I did not use it and now I can't seem to cancel the account. I do not want them to continue to charge my credit card but have yet to talk to a human to tell them I want out. My husband is disable and we live on a fixed income, this is not something I want or can afford. I hope you are able to help me. Thank you Sharon Hodnette My name: Sharon Hodnette 3580 Redman Drive, Melbourne, Fl. 32904. email: [email protected]

American Leisure / Unauthorized charges


I saw their number on the television and called them. They said they offer memberships on real estate, cruises, gas cards, shopping, restaurants, even car repairs. They tell you that you can cancel your membership anytime, but when you call back to cancel, they'll tell you you have to be a member for at least 30 days before your account can be canceled. They tell you all you have to do is pay 19.95 from your bank account or credit card and all your information will be sent to you, even your cards. At first when they are setting up your account, they give you this website to check out...

American Leisure - New York / Unauthorized billing


I had sign up for i month free trial membership on the phone with Bargainnetwork, a foreclosed listing company. Bargain acknowledged me i can cancel the membership whenever i want. So i did cancel the membership within the trial period.But until recently i just found out, the 3 companies, easy saver, American leisure, and home source had already charged me $19.80 each for every month. i called them, they told me i signed up for the membership through Bargainnetwork, which i have absolutely no idea about it!

American Leisure / Rip off


Between the months of May-August this company EasySaver/American Leisure (unknown to me) somehow obtained my checking account/ATM debit card number and was billing me $16.95 monthly. I did not notice until August and IMMEDIATELY contacted my bank to report this fraud. I have never heard of this company, never purchased anything from this company, never joined anything, etc. And was not sure how long they had been stealing from my bank account, to find out it had been four months (May-August) I called the toll-free 800 number included in the line item of my bank statement. The pre-recorded greeting...

American Leisure / Scam billing


My 18 year old daughter was online in August and ordered boots for college. The next thing we know is that there are two $16.95 charges on her bank statement but unfortunately didn't catch the other two the prior month. I contacted the 800 number provided to me by our bank to Easy Saver. I informed them that my daughter never authorized these charges and I want the account canceled and her money refunded. She proceeded to inform me that she did authorize the charges and the page where she included her email address explained all of it. She said that there was a $50.00 gas card and $50.00...

American Leisure / Fraud and scam


I have no idea from where these companies got my bank account! American Leisure, Home Source and Easy Saver charge my account without my approval. I've not heard of these 'thieves' until I checked my bank statement. It seems that all of the above mention companies operate under the same management, because on my bank statement they have the same PPD ID. Also, I've noticed that charges to my account by these companies took place after I contacted 'Bargain Network' for information about foreclosure homes. Unfortunately, they charged my account for only $1.95, but I...

American Leisure - Texas / Unauthorized billing to credit card

American leisure unauthorized billing to credit card and when attempts, many, many to contact them you only get a recording. You have no idea whether your calls are being sent to Pluto or to someone that is going to do something about your call. Also, I want verification that these charges were verified by me. While ordering another product, sales pitches were made for other items. No is my standard answer to these questions. Is there a way they have to verify that these charges were actually made.

American Leisure - Maryland, Lanham / Fraud & Deceit

When you call the number to cancel, the recording puts you on hold then give you a phony url to cancel online. Also, sales pitch was you would get $25 Gas gift card just for trying but the form to return says "You must be an active and paid member at the time we fulfill your request" and "allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. By that time you will have paid about 2 times the monthly fee of $14.95 and probably will forget to cancel future charges. What a racket. We all should contact the Maryland Dept of Consumer Affairs and its Attorney General.

American Leisure - California, Fremont / Scam


I do not have any knowledge of signing anything with this company name on it, but received 2 different charges on my bank account with their names on it. First month they charged me with $1.00 which I did not noticed and next I received $16.95. And same thing happed with EASY SAVER too. Seems like big fraud is going with these 2 companies together. Please help me to get rid of this American Leisure and Easy Saver.

American Leisure / I want to cancel


I want that cancel the membership as soon as possible. I reject continue with this. I have one cancellation confirmation number 52584950193739. I'm going to talk to the bank that no pay any other charge. My phone number is 407-346-0601. I'm not interested because the company sent to me products that I don't order. I don't want anything else with this company. When I speak to them I agree to buy when I need the product, not charges before. I want that this stop. The company is American Leisure.

American Leisure - New York, Nanuet / Scam charges!


I do not have a lot of information about this company. I do not have any knowledge of signing anything with their name on it, but received 2 different charges on my bank account with their names on it. My bank accountant had to tell me who they were and that she was unfamiliar with them as well. My first 2 charges were of the same amount of $1.00 two months ago. Then recently 2 more charges of $16.95 were added to my account which then made my account go negative. I am very angry with this company and would like them to give my money back. Me having no knowledge of this is unfair not only to me, but to the others that this has happened to also.