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24ProtectPlus Complaints & Reviews

24ProtectPlus - New York / Deducting fees for something I never signed up for!!!


Needless to say, I once went on to intellus and puchased, not signed up for a phone to name search, one time fee of 9.95 and if unable to find I would be refunded the 9.95. I then noticed a fee of 19.99 coming out of my account, spoke with intellus and they accounted for their mistake and refunded me the 19.99. They were unable to perform the phone check and sent me an email refunding me the 9.95. I have only order this service twice once in October and once in April and used two different cards on these two seperate occasions. TODAY 06/21/2010 I am reviewing my bank statement and I notice a...

24ProtectPlus - Washington, Belevue / Unauthorized Credit Card Charges


On May 20, 2009 I had to use a people finder website in order to get the address of a friend to send him a package of his belongings. Upon finding the person a fee was required of just under $1. I paid the without thinking much of it only to find that there were also hidden fees involved that I was later charged $19.95 for on May 28, 2009. The company charging me,, said that I had signed up for the subscription of which was the company that was now going to charge me $19.95 monthly. Somehow 24protectplus had stolen my credit card information from Intelius and...

24ProtectPlus / Fraudulent charges


Associated with using Intellius. Found the charges on my bank statement and then researched back and saw three months of 19.99 charges! I called the 800 number I found on this complaint board 0-thank you !! And waited on hold forever, finally some representative got on and I told her I never authorized the charges.. she credited me the most recent month immediately - then I had to speak to a supervisor (gloria #4789) who quickly refunded the rest - promising it to be refunded in two business days. They must get these all the time because it was handled like they expect it to happen. I am protesting with Intellius as well and notifying the attorney general for Ohio. (where I reside) these people are HORRIBLE!

24ProtectPlus / unauthorized charge


I was just charged $14.00 for "ordering" 24ProtectPlus through my Intelius account (this is a people-search engine). I did NOT order this service, and was very surprised to see this charge to my bank account. I contacted 24ProtectPlus, and they refunded my money and canceled my account (after trying to sell me something else!), but I wanted to let others know to CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS on a monthly (or more often) basis, as this kind of thing can happen. I will contact the Better Business Bureau, as well.