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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Rockwall, Texas

Chicken Express / horrible service!

Vettinit on May 15, 2018

I went to a chicken express in Rockwall tx and they first totally missed my four piece tenders and then they only gave me half of my chicken order. I drove all the way back to my home, a good 10+ miles away and called them. He promised to make it right. So I drove all the way back and he...

Suddenlink Communications / tv signal

laremore on May 10, 2018

I have reported and tried to report a weak signal problem that makes it impossible to veiw an intire show in just the block of channels from 48-87 in my line up. This has gone on for several months. Finally got a tech out that proved it back in your equipment but he had to refer it inside...

All Of Your Beers / budweiser and bud light

Rich77 on Apr 17, 2018

I have no idea what's been changed or cheapens down but these beers have a strange taste. I know the difference between the old and the new. Your products just don't taste good anymore! I don't know if you tray and save money anyway possible but it definitely shows. That being said time ha...

Suddenlink Communications / billing issues

M jarrett on Apr 13, 2018

Three times now Suddenlink has charged me twice for one UFC event. I did not catch the event until about two weeks later when I receive my bill so I had to go out of my way to call them to have them correct it off of my bill. Now it has done it again only this time in Spanish and English...

Chesmar Homes / warranty issues

LindsayThorpe on Apr 12, 2018

We bought our home in November 2017. We have had no problem with repairs being made by electricians, roofers, garage door people or plumbers. Warranty issues being handled by Chesmar has been another story. When we first moved in, there were a couple places that were not textured. That wa...

Hyundai / peeling and yellowing paint

dfitz1970 on Apr 4, 2018

Hello my name is Halee Fitzgerald and I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Genesis in 2014 Brand New for over 30, 000 dollars. three years later my bumper is peeling and turning yellow. The front of the car above the windshield is rusting. I have researched on line and there are a ridiculous amount...

Whataburger / whataburger customer service

Angel Brown on Mar 18, 2018

My family went through the drive thru at whataburger on 3/18/18 at 7:00pm and the attitude by the 2 ladies working were horrible. First, when we were ordering they kept saying is that all you want after each item and when I said that is all she simply said "twenty." I assumed that was the...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / foreign object in burger

Joseph Ryan Jones on Mar 18, 2018

I visited Steak and Shake with my son for burgers and chicken tenders via the drive thru. We then went home to eat and upon eating my son bit into his burger to find a screw. I then went back to the Steak and Shake to show the manager Alok Shivpuri. The phone number is 972 722 5818. He...

Signal Ridge HOA / returning a shipment

Julie Solis on Feb 20, 2018

I received and order from AAA Cooper shipping, I didnt need the product so I set it out to be returned and the UPS driver picked up the shipment by mistake and now UPS refuses to even look for the shipment! It is a 1500 mistake and with out even trying telling me their record are kept for...

Toyota of Rockwall / service and repairs not done

stonzee on Nov 28, 2017

My car is still under warranty. The distance to empty guage doesn't reset when you fill up the car. I took the car for service and was told that since the guage was counting down it appeared to be working. Five hours later, I was waiting on the car, no repairs had been done. The issue i...