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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Abilene, Texas

AT&T / directv bundle

DK7 on Jun 8, 2017
On 04/30/16 I was sold direct tv for $63 per month for 12 months unless I bundled my wireless and TV- then I would get the $63 per month for 24 months. I still have the sales agreement showing the $63 for 24 months with bundle. As soon as I could, I bundled my services. Last month (13th...

Netflix / streaming, dvd and billing

Millie Everheart on Jun 5, 2017
netflix has stolen from me and the customer service is rotten. no one gives the same answers. i have closed my account because my gift card payments were fraudulently charged and no representative gives the same information. the little "gift of a free month" is absolutely infuriating when...

KIA of Abilene / management/employee affairs

Anonymous /safety concern on May 31, 2017
*Supervisor was separated, but working on marriage •Call logs show supervisor and employee calls way after business hours 10/1am •Supervisor did try to contact another employee before ..no longer employed with KIA •Supervisor hangs out with employee and other coworkers at bar (regular...

Old Navy / returns

Paytonramsay on May 12, 2017
I purchased some athletic ware at youre Abilene Tx location on 4/21/17 and grabbed a shirt that was a size too small. I already tore the tags off of a shirt and washed all my items before i realized it was to small. I went in on 5/12/17 at about 4:30pm and before i walked in i asked Edward...

Walmart Stores / rdvr5304 hair dryer.

Robert Roan on Mar 31, 2017
Hello. I have had 3 of these dryers and this last one is the worst. I've had it for approx 4 months and started smelling something burning. I really didn't think much of it until I saw where it was coming from...the top of the dryer was melting and smoking. Drops of plastic going into the...

Wish / latest bluetooth smart watch wristwatch for samsung, xiaomi huaiwei, iphone. android, ios smartphones iphone

Dacee Breeding on Mar 22, 2017
I recently got this watch and my grandmother got it for me for a birthday present and her name is kathleen pagano and she payed it with card and i got it yesterday and it says insert sim card/memory and im trying to figure out where i can get a sim card for the android smart watch and i...

Whataburger / monterey melt whatameal

Joseph Arrowsmith on Mar 22, 2017
Well the only good part of the whole order was that I got it fast. But i got home and grabbed the fries and they weren't hot or even room temperature. And so I grabbed my burger and it's dripping all over my hand just from taking it out of the wrap. And it's severely smashed almost not...

Burger King / customer service

gky9502 on Jan 27, 2017
We love Burger King! Sadly, today's experience was not acceptable. We were traveling and about 5:40 p.m., we pulled through the drive-thru at Burger King on Antilley Road in Abilene, Texas. I noticed a sign in the front window that read, "Whopper Jr. Deal $3.99". That is what I ordered...

PERCOMOnline / Medical training - EMT and Paramedic

Reviewer11266 on Nov 16, 2015
PERCOM – AWFUL PEOPLE (certainly the owners anyway). I wholeheartedly agree with all of the terrible feedback PERCOM is getting on various forums and feel sorry for others in the same boat – DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND FIND ANOTHER COURSE. I work outside the US and agreed to take the course...

Cici's Pizza / free food

Samantha Hernandez on Oct 15, 2015
It's already been multiple times I go in and free buffets are being giving away. The times I've been in there it has been a Hispanic female early 20's, petite wasn't wearing a name tag. I think it's unfair to other customers, everyone should have to pay for their buffet. I suggest this get a worked out because you will be losing a lot of customers.
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