Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Tullahoma, Tennessee

McDonald's / overall customer service (drive thru)

Jan 9, 2019

1-8-19 at 5:04 pm KS#13 Order 32 I placed my order through the drive thru. I ordered and pulled up to pay. They said you have two cokes. I said no I ordered... (repeated my order back). The person at the window seemed like they were trying to figure it out. It took awhile then they...

Nike / colin kapernick

Sep 3, 2018

As a veteran I understand the right to protest and how valuable a right that is. That said, there is no form of protest where you can disrespect the flag by kneeling during the anthem, that will ever be seen as anything other than anti-American. Your choice to value anti-American posturing...

Aspen Dental Management / billing fraud and dental malpractice

Jan 9, 2018

I am now on my 7th appointment in 2 months. Was charged 7, 000 to my credit card for work that has not and will not be done. They refuse to refund the money. During root planning they messed up several teeth that were ok, which fell apart the next evening and still haven't fixed after 2...

Sedgwick Claims Management / std earned benefits denied do to dr faxes are with confirmation are not received on sedgwick's end

Nov 10, 2017

I keep having to fight for my disability pay. My case worker keeps telling me they are not receiving my Dr's faxes to update my medical records and report my return to work date. I have hired a attorney and my union rep has to look into it every month. I have no husband and no family to...

Dollar General / store operations

Nov 8, 2017

I am a cash customer. I do not often carry my debit card. There have be several occasions like this morning when I stop at DG in Tullahoma Tennesse to buy some snacks and lunch for my work day only to get to the cash register to have the clerk tell me that they can not make change for a...

Captain D's / food

Jul 23, 2017

I ordered the Blackened Tilapia and Shrimp Skewer meal... And when I got home I started eating the tilapia and had a horrid taste in my mouth and to find out the tilapia was so burnt towards the end.. I couldn't even eat it. They mess up something every time and are terribly slow. How can...

Captain D's / type of employee hired, hygiene, profanity

Jul 14, 2017

I am a mother of 3 and I live in Tullahoma, TN. I am a concerned citizen about 1 of your employees. I always look online for any arrest that are in my area or news that goes on in my neighborhood. You can't afford to have bad neighbors now a days. I recently found out that an employee...

Great Clips / employees on drugs

May 30, 2017

I recently went in to great Clips in tullahoma tennessee and while parking I seen a woman in her car snorting something off of a cd case, we'll whole waiting for my cut the woman in the car works there I immediately got up and asked for her name it's Sylvia McCullough I told her I wa...

id safelock / unauthorized charge

Nov 6, 2014

unauthorized charge on my bank account. Called number that was on bank statement and they said the charge would be removed and they gave me a cancellation number even though I didn't make the charge in the first case. There was no refund but a different amount then posted to my...

Charter Communications / tennessee

Dec 27, 2013

I have tried contacting customer service to ask for assistance with lowering my bill and they were extremely rude. The person on the phone would not help when I tried explaining that my bill was way to high. I have always had a set price and for some reason my bill keeps being raised. For...

Morrow companies / Managers selling personal information

Apr 26, 2012

I was living there for awhile when i started getting reports from a neighbor that the manager at the time (Michelle Pierson) was known to be giving SS numbers and all types of personal information and apartment key's to local thugs in the area so they could enter the apts and steal...

World Finance Corporation / Harassment

Jan 5, 2012

I have had a loan with this company for approximately 2 years. I paid off the first loan and since my credit score had gone up a good amount of points in that year, I decided to take out another small loan. Within about 6 months, I lost my job because the company closed their doors - I wa...

AT&T / u-verse billing complaint


I haven't had problems with AT&T until recently. I got the U-Verse service about 6 months ago and everything has gone great. Well, the economy took a rough toll on me recently and my bill got behind. I had a check bounce and was told that I had to pay a restoral amount of $356.30. We...

Minnesota Life Insurance Co. / Poor Service No Service


I was sold disability insurance on a non secured loan I had at the CU. I later forgot about the insurance. I became temporarily disabiled and the clerk reminds me of the insurance. I file the proper forms, then I have to get three doctors to file forms, well they owe me over a years worth...

Thompson Ford / Fraud and scam


My husband and I are young, but mature beyond our years! We went to Thompson Ford just looking at vehicles and they quickly began handing us keys to anything we wanted to drive! They related to us on personal levels about everything (e.g. budgets, income, family, etc.). We became very...

Ruby Tuesday / unacceptable service


We've have dined at this restaurant several times and will not returned because of a bad experience we had last night. We were seated at our table of 4 to enjoy a casual dinner for the evening and it took the waitress over 15 minutes to even take our drink order, didn't introduce...

Horizon Card Services / billing my checking account card for $2.95


I have 2 charges on my bankstatement for $1.00 and $1.95 for the date of 07-13-08 and i dont know why and would like it cancelled contact me at my email address if any questions or call me. thank you