Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States

Nissan Motor Company / cvt

Dec 13, 2018

I bought this car with the intention of keeping it for years. Just recently the CVT went in my 2011 maxima @111k miles. I submitted a claim to Nissan and so did the dealer. Today I found out that Nissan cannot do anything for me in regards to this. I once owned a Chevy cobalt and that...

Quest Diagnostics / billing blood work improperly

Nov 13, 2018

Blood drawn in January 2018- confirmed Quest labs in Bethlehem, Pa was in my network for Highmark BCBS. Confirmed again in the office when I provided my insurance card to the tech. Since then, I have been receiving bills stating that my insurance denied and I am responsible. I have called...

Choice Home Warranty / dishwasher

Sep 04, 2018

I have called them several times regarding my dishwasher. First of all their customer service needs a lot of help. They are rude and don't listen. They only listen when they collect your money. I have been with them several years. You ask me why? when you are a single woman and don't know...

Dollar Tree / complaining about a rude employee

Aug 14, 2018

An employee at one of your establishments was entirely rude to use. She was really bossy and mean. My friend and I wanted to pay separately. She started putting all of our stuff together when we specifically told her not too. And she was being real for a lack of a better word [censored]y. Thi...

Wawa store broad st Bethlehem PA / sandwiches deli orders

Jun 23, 2018

I thought maybe this is the way you make your employees make the deli orders but noooo I orders the same order over and over at wawa Allentown 15th st or fountain hill perfect or 8th ave nooo not Stef I and broad st ripping off customers from new steak sand to meatball I could goon and on...

Marriott Courtyard / abuse after you get hurt doing the job

Jun 08, 2018

You work hard the minute you get hurt they make fun of you harass you accuse you of making belief. They cut your hour and give it to people from an agency don't pay you holiday don't give you a race and instead of offering a job of manager to there workers that are familiar with the hotel...

Taco Bell / the work environment

May 24, 2018

I'm a cashier at Taco Bell I've been a cashier since October . Recently my brother got into a fight with another employee and my mom is pressing charges so the boss doesn't like that, my mom told my brother to quit so now i work there and the boss is doing things to bother me, she...

Panera Bread / receiving ingredients I never ordered

May 22, 2018

I am happy with Panera food and order lunch quite often. What worries me is that every time I order my lunch I receive ingredients I didn't ask for. My grilled cheese had chives (or cilantro? Something green) melted into it, my bbq sauce always has something in it. I had a Mac and cheese...

A T And T / incorrect billing

May 09, 2018

ATT has been billing my business for years for service that we have not used in 10 years. My company has many bills and this slipped under the radar and was always paid The phone # is [protected] The account # is [protected] I called and spoke with your person named PSKGX59 He was not...

Stubhub / concert tickets - 5 seconds of summer 9/1/2018 allentown, pa

Apr 13, 2018

I went to purchase tickets this morning (4/132018) for the above-referenced concert. My order number is [protected]. The seating chart presented to me on the stubhub website showed that I was purchasing tickets in front of the venue stage - section 112 (see attached picture). However, the...

Guess / exchange

Apr 07, 2018

I purchased an outfit (jacket, shirt and jeans) as a gift. About 2 weeks after the recipient received the gift, i was advised they were too big. I went to the Bethlehem Sands store after the 30 days to exchange the same exact pair of jeans just for a smaller size. However when i got to the...

Gamestop / customer service

Nov 07, 2017

On November 7, 2017 at approx. 5:15 p.m. I attempted to call customer service to ask why my password reset link wasn't being sent to my recovery email that I had set up. On the website under the "help center" section, it claimed that the email would be there in 15 minutes. When it did not...

McDonald's / customer service

Oct 25, 2017

On my way home from work I decided to stop in at McDonald's on Wyandotte in South Bethlehem, PA. There was almost no line (just 2 or 3 cars) in the drive thru, so I queued. The line did not move for about 9-10 minutes until I was able to place my order. When I did, there was no total...

Orlando International Airport (MCO) / orlando airport tsa

Oct 14, 2017

Most unorganized TSA process. People are rude, unprofessional and downright disrespectful. They man handle you pulling people from one line to another missed my flight bc they separated me from my children and I had no idea where they were. Come 3 hours earlier not 2 due to the unorganized...

Service Electric Cable TV & Communications / digital tuner spoiling tv, throttling, sniffing & blocking router

Sep 15, 2017

Service Electric Cable TV & Communications requires customers to rent digital tuners in order to watch cable TV for $2.95 per TV set. However these digital tuners are spoiling TVs. When you turn on the TV it goes blank first, then makes weird noise, then goes out and on several times with...

Delores / possible scam

Jun 29, 2017

I was notified by Anthony Jenkins back in late April about money I was scam back in early 2016. He told me he was the Director assigned to make sure that I received the money back, which I never received. Last week I was contacted by James E Staley who claimed he was the Director...

Wawa / state id

Jun 12, 2017

So my brother went into Wawa on Easton Ave in Bethlehem Pa didnt realise his I.D. Expired so they didnt serve him cause of it.. I went in a few minutes after to purchase what he couldnt and the Old Lady with the nasty red hair gave me a hard time Saying its against the Law to serve me...

Wilson & Fisher / crackle glass solar lights

May 18, 2017

I have many brands of solar lights around my yard with many of them working with no problem for even 5 years without replacing batteries. I have 10 Wilson & Fisher solar bought during the spring/summer of 2016 at Big Lots. They are the crackle glass globes. Initially I bought 5. But after...

Direct Lending Partner / Scam advance fee, loan never closed, meaningless commitment letter

Feb 14, 2017

On november 22nd 2016, I received a commitment letter from direct Lending partner for a line of credit 1, 000, 000 to purchase real Estate. The line was supposed to be technically in place after I sent an Advanced fee of 1% 11, 500 which I did and was received by them on December 8th. Right...

Twinkledeals / fishtail blanket

Jan 13, 2017

I order my granddaughter a fishtail blanket for Christmas. It had a pretty big hole in it .I sent them a complaint they sent me a email asking if I want my money back or they can send a duplicate I said send me another's what she was horrible she cried for hrs.cause her...

HMS Home Warranty / Warranty service

Dec 29, 2016

I filed a claim a little over a month after moving into my first home. They were kind & courteous @ first, however I noticed my address was incorrect & asked it be corrected & a claim was filed & I was assured the zip code & city & state had been updated prior to my claim being entered...

American Automobile Association / / roadside towing

Dec 26, 2016

My issue happened on December 19, 2016 between 8:30pm-9:00 pm. We requested to be towed from our residence to a garage because the truck seemed like it was having loss of power or low on fluid. When the driver arrived he was irate and irritable. He was told from my husband owner of the...

Tru-Comfort Inc. / HVAC contractor sales & service

Dec 12, 2016

We called tru-comfort for a service call on our hvac systems. The technician arrived and told us that our furnace was leaking co2 and it was very dangerous. He called the owner, bill liily who came to the house and had his technician check all of our 4 furnaces and than told us 3 of the 4...

Coach Outlet / coach handbags poor quality and bad customer service

Aug 05, 2016

I am very disappointed with the lack of customer service I received at the Coach Outlet store located at the Sands Outlets in Bethlehem, 77 Sands Boulevard, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Friday June 10th at approximately 9:30 PM. I know this was awhile ago. I was just going to let it go, but...

Dunkin' Donuts / drink and restaurant maintenance

Jul 10, 2016

The Dunkin Donuts, 3055 Schoenersville Rd, 18017 yesterday didn't have toilet paper in the bathrooms. Had to use napkins, no soap to wash our hands. Then went to order a macchiato and the espresso machine was down. They didn't have cookies and some other products that were on the menu...

Service Electric / internet

Apr 22, 2016

I have been getting bad internet since December 2016 its now the end of April and after getting kicked of the internet time after time I decided to call service electric cable and ask them what's going on I have the most cable box's and the highest speed and paying the most money...

Satori Ink / Amazing studio with artists who care

Dec 11, 2012

I am the owner of Satori Ink and I take personal offense to people who try to deface our studio and our artists. WE HAVE DONE EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE to launch an investigation on a defaming comment about us that was made on the Complaints Board and have had NO response from thi...


Nov 25, 2012


Bethlehem Windows / customer service /poor product

Aug 30, 2012

We purchased a Great Lakes Bay window from Ron @Bethlehem Windows & had it installed by his son on 8/13/12. 2 days later when it rained the window leaked! I called Ron & he showed up next day @4:30, him & his son& other worker were hammering on window, banging on it, and then cut it to get...

Great Lakes Window / HORRIBLE PRODUCT

Aug 27, 2012

We purchased a Great Lakes Bay window from Ron @Bethlehem Windows & had it installed by his son on 8/13/12. 2 days later when it rained the window leaked! I called Ron & he showed up next day @4:30, him & his son& other worker were hammering on window, banging on it, and then cut it to get...

First Data Global Leasing / charges for a returned machine

Apr 24, 2012

I returned my old credit card machine in May of 2011. I took notice on Aprl 16, 2012 I was being charged by First Data Global Leasing twice a month five days apart for the lease. I called them and they told me I had two leases with them because I did not return the credit card machine. I...

Stainmaster Carpet / Installation Issue

Aug 26, 2011

We bought carpet from Lowes and it was installed on Tuesday (8/23) for a home we just moved into. We knew they subcontracted out and that was fine. What was not fine is the poor job the installer did. We now have multiple seams in our master bedroom and the one seam is fraying already...

Subaru / misleading fees


Subaru of america, inc. And chase bank are charging a $327 (includes tax) disposition fee on the termination of my lease. I did everything stated in the lease, even returning it 3 weeks early. Because I did not lease another subaru (which I tried but was sent away from the dealer 2x!!), I...

Singh Auto World / lairs


Went Saturday looked at a few cars. Told them I had a trade and I had my own financing. They told me to come back to look at the last car because it was on another lot. Told me they would give me $26, 000 for my trade and that they would sell me the car for its price of $24, 595 - even...

Bethlehem Windows / Sales Practices


These criminals came to my house claiming that other companies had complaints and that they were the best in the valley. I quickly cancelled an agreement with another local company to do with business with these lying cheats. They claimed they were in business for 54 yrs and they alway...

Citifinacial / $5,000 Loan jacked up to $10,000 due to interest


My father took the loan for me originally in order to buy a car for me. It was a $5, 000 cash loan. I don't know the interest and I don't know the details, I just remember telling him I didn't want it and he got it anyway. The car cost us $3, 500 and Ive paid about $3, 500...

Service Electric Cable TV / crappy customer service


I have tried to call their customer service number for months, since Dec 2009 and can never get through. Once in months of trying after hours I got through to an actual person who siad the billing department was closed. I explained to tham that I had been trying for months and if he could...

dc magic box / bad customer service


i have been going back and forth with dcmagicbox to fet 3 replacements for the entire series dvd set of big vally that i purchased. At first they seemed helpful but the replacements they sent didnt work either. Then they said they changed vendors and claimed they sent me the replacement...

Gold's Gym Membership / billing issue


I canceled over a year and a half ago. They just finally canceled my membership in december of 2008. I couldn't cancel my bank account since my ex-wife and I were on the same joint account. Now that she has her own with her new job, I can now cancel and go to a different bank to start...

Burger King / very rude manager


10/10/08 we faxed the burger king on linden street in bethlehem, pa to order several meals for our employees. we tried calling their number several times to confirm the fax, no one ever answered. the employees took the fax sheet with them to burger king and the manager RICHARD gave them a...