Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Oregon City, Oregon, United States

Etihad Airways / baggage/flight attendants

Oct 18, 2018

I want to let you know about my experience flying with Etihad Airways on October 15th, 2018, flight #101 from Abu Dhabi to JFK. The flight attendant continuously bumped my arm and didn't apologize and would look back and smile at me. A baby cried the entire flight and nobody checked on the...

Ross Dress for Less / customer service

Oct 03, 2018

I've shopped at the Ross store in Oregon City, Oregon for 40 years. I have never had any issues with any of the staff there, in fact, they are always so eager and helpful. However, I was shopping yesterday morning and had some trouble finding a duvet cover to fit my bed. I spoke to a...

Frontier Communications Corporation / returning equipment - lost by frontier warehouse: total scam

Sep 27, 2018

I closed my account with frontier as the service was not provided at our new home. I returned my equipment immediately with the packaging and pre-printed postage provided by frontier. Now, frontier says that they never received the equipment and want to charge us $220! I called to speak...

LG Electronics / lfxs30726s

Aug 01, 2018

I have tried to resolve this issue via Customer Service, your 'repair guys' and now through BBB. Figured since a complaint has been filed you guys might want to look into this as well... than again maybe not since LG has NOT offered any help in resolving the fact I have giant paperweight...

Safeway / prices

May 06, 2018

I am outraged that Safeway prices are so high! Everything, it seems, has been raised in price over the past few years, and Safeway's prices were always high to begin with. I have made a vow to never shop at Safeway again because of this, choosing instead to shop at Fred Meyer or...

Max Novelty / business location/shipping/business name

Nov 14, 2017

1. I ordered 3 items second week of Oct. 2017. It's now almost 3rd week of Nov. And still have not got my items. 2. The company website is listed at Max Novelty located in Oregon, however it's actually in China and they use a U.S. P.O.Box. It shows up on your bank statement as 3. They...

Burger King / product and service

Nov 13, 2017

It took 4 orders for them to finally get my order right and then my food was cold. How hard is it to put together a crescent with ham and cheese, no egg. 1st order had sausage, 2nd/3rd had egg. Finally the 4th was my order but was cold. The blond in the back did nothing but complain and...

TriMet / bus 35 at the oregon transit center at 6:30 in the morning or supposed to be

Oct 12, 2017

The bus was way farther back than it should have been and it was not at the correct bus stop at 6:30 which it’s supposed to be. I had to walk a block down the road to even get on it. When I did I asked why the bus wasn’t in the right spot and why it was late. I was very rudely pointed at...

Dollar Tree / abusive boss/employer

Oct 03, 2017

My employer susan hired me for freight at the Oregon city shopping center, but the woman who works in the morning named Lynne treats all products poorly. throws them around on the ground and even at the employees. (Mostly me) She talks to me like i have down syndrome calling me an idiot and...

TriMet / bus never came

Sep 19, 2017

Stood at bus stop7381 since 8:30 pm. The schedule bus at 8:39 pm never showed up. I was let off work at the Kennedy School on ne 33rd and Jarrett so I could get home early. Well that didn't happen I am still waiting for the bus and it is almost time for the 9:05 pm bus. I have a 2 hour and...

Albertsons / cashier didn't give change

Sep 16, 2017

Spencer Park at the Oregon City Albertsons (19007 Beaver Creek Rd) did not give me or anyone in my track team the correct change. Three of us he gave no change and to one person he gave half the required change. He simply bagged our items, said "have a nice day" and turned to the next...

TriMet / trimet bus driver

Aug 07, 2017

I don't know his name but he was black and wore black sunglasses and drove the 32 bus driving to clackamas community college from Clackamas town center at 6:20pm on Monday August 7th 2017. Anyways he skipped me purposely when I was standing at the bus stop (#8900) and than when I ran after...

Subway / employee lack of knowledge of sandwich standards

Jan 10, 2017

My teens love, love, love Subway and they always get the same sandwiches. A footlong turkey and pepperoni has 8 slices of turkey and 6 of pepperoni. Last night, your employee made my son's sandwich with 7 slices of turkey and 5 of pepperoni. I corrected her, and she did throw on another...

Web Cam Modeling / Model complaint

Aug 25, 2014

I worked for this company for ten months and they are an agent for Streamate. I found Kris Wood to be very controlling as an agent. He set up team viewer in my computer intially to help me with any technical issues I had.However I found evidence of my emails being hacked into and my PC...

Hyundai Usa / widow denied warranty insurance payment

Jul 10, 2011

I took my 2001 XG300 to the Town and Country Hyundai dealership in Milwaukie, Oregon 97267 on 7/6/11 at 3:00pm. I called twice to see what was taking so long and was finally told on 7/7 at 4pm the parts were ready to install but the extended warranty insurance was not in my name and the... / Fake - Security Tool - Pop-Up


Watch out - FAKE - SECURITY TOOL - A very intelligent and dangerous rogue spyware and scareware . . . Extremely difficult to remove. It popped up while I was online and took over my computer. SECURITY TOOL claims to be legitimate, when in fact it is actually the spyware itself - designed to...

World - / Security Tool / Pop-Up Scam takes Over Computer


Watch out - FAKE - SECURITY TOOL - A very intelligent and dangerous rogue spyware and scareware . . . Extremely difficult to remove. It popped up while I was online and took over my computer. SECURITY TOOL claims to be legitimate, when in fact it is actually the spyware itself - designed to...

Coca Cola / drivers


I was driving in bad weather just this evening on the bypass when a vehicle started tailgating me. I was driving a bit slower because there was a lot of standing water on the roads and didnt want to get into an accident. The vehicle then flicked his brights at me, and continued to follow...

Survey America Inc. / NON payment for comtracted work


Centerline Concepts (CCI) was contacted by Survey America inc. 815 John Street, Suite 130 Evansville, Indiana 47713 ( Patrick Hocking, owner) to perform ALTA surveys on several gas stations in Oregon and Washington in 2008. CCI performed the surveys as requested AHEAD of schedule and...

Lumber Liquidators / warranty is bogus


I ordered $3400 worth of brazilian cherry (husbc3l) for a house I was remodeling for a customer of mine. A week after ordering they could not give me a tracking number. When the product arrived, one item was back ordered, delaying my installer. A few days after installation we saw split...