Consumer Complaints & Reviews in McMinnville, Oregon, United States

Sonic Drive-IN / employment

Dec 09, 2018

I was recently fired from Sonic Drive-In located in McMinnville, TN. To start this process. I had asked for the the Crew Leader position. I was already working the hours and completing the task of a Crew Leader; the only thing I lacked was the pay for which I deserved. I am a full time...

Serta / mattress plus mcminnville tn/serta

Aug 15, 2018

I was totally mislead about what mattress I was purchasing from Mattress Plus in McMinnville TN My Receipt says Blue Max 100 - They delivered a Blue Fusion 100 which is like trying to sleep on a bed of concrete. I tested the Blue Max at the store and that is what I wanted. He played the...

Kastaway Kitties / cat chow complete & friskies

Jun 16, 2018

January 4th, 2018: After opening new bags of Cat Chow Complete & Friskies canned for our Sanctuary kitties, over 50 cats starting throwing up blood & had bloody poop. Fast forward to July, to date 16 of our kitties have died from this food poisoning. Purina you are logging thousands of...

IHOP Restaurants / a picture going viral on social media

Jan 19, 2018

Hi my name is Kaylene. I came accross this picture on social media of your employee's. This picture is extremely inappropriate, especially with a manager and two females acting this way at work. OBVIOUSLY using the middle finger like that shows a lack of commitment, self worth and truly...

Les Schwab Tire Center / brakes

Dec 22, 2017

So what does it take to have my truck brakes done proper. I will only respond with you thru email only. McMinnville store refuse to service my brakes per store Mgr Jolb. Is this acceptable? Had my truck brakes are making uneven sounds when braking. Also pulling to the right. I am...

Maxnovelty / paint by numbers

Dec 22, 2017

I ordered 2 paint by numbers prints from this company on December 10th. They have no way of tracking your purchases on their site. When I emailed the customer service I got an email back directing me to a bogus tracking number that states the order can't be found. I believe this website i...

Pizza Hut / call center

Dec 03, 2017

The call center idea is very stupid I've got to say. Spoke with possibly the most incompetent guy just a few minutes. Upon answering the phone it just sat blank for over two minutes while I could hear many other voices in the back ground taking orders, I then hear something about he...

Dairy Queen / blizzards

Oct 22, 2017

On 10/22at about 8 -815 pm I was at the mcminnville DQ location. I ordered two blizzards. As I am waiting for my blizzards I am watching the girl make them. She over filled one of them and as she was cleaning up the cup, she got some on her fingers. I watch her lick it off her fingers and...

Circle K Stores / hostess donuts in a bag, very expired

Aug 13, 2017

I stopped in the McMinnville Oregon store on 3rd street Sunday morning Aug. 13th to get a very unhealthy breakfast. :) I noticed the 3 bags of Hostess Donuts in a bag had a sticker date of 9-13 on it, however when I turned the bag around it had the stamped date of June 30th 2017 on it. If...

JCPenney / gold toe cushion low cut socks 6 pack

May 19, 2017

For many years I have purchased these socks and with each year the quality has deteriorated. This year is the worst and I cannot wear them as they are so skimpy that they slip inside my shoe. I have used two of the 6-pack and I would simply like to return the rest and get some sort of...

Taco Bell / 20+ minutes waiting in the drive-thru line

May 16, 2017

This is a complaint towards the McMinnville, Oregon Taco Bell. In the past year, there has only been one time that I did not have to wait in line both inside and in the drive-thru for less than 20 minutes. Also, they do not apologize or acknowledge in any way that you have been waiting for...

Green Dot Prepaid Visa / unauthorized credit card charges

May 04, 2017

I put 150.00 on my card on the 2nd paved cable of 100.00 an now it is saying I have 3.00 dollars on my card where did the 50.00 go I did not make any other purchases an money was taken off I want my money returned I work hard for my money an would like it returned.This is the 2 and time...

Jth Jerry Trimble Helicopters Mcminnville Oregon / fake offer of helicopter rides false advertising

Sep 03, 2013

I was visiting McMinnville with my kid on his birthday when I saw a sign for helicopter rides for $20 so I spent about an hour trying to find the way in. When I got there, one of the pilots was really nice and told me he was starting the helicopter and we could ride when he was done...

Kate English / unprofessionalism

Nov 22, 2011

The communication below is typical of Kate; hystrionic and blaming. In this last she goes further by breaking professional confidentiality. Truth is that the court made its decision based on emaills sent to us by Kate. She continues to deny culpability and responsibility. Therefore...

Sams Choice Ginger Ale / Can't order ginger ale


I have tried to order Sam's Choice Ginger Ale through the McMinnville, Ore store for several years.I can't do so through the Dept manager no cooperation at all. So I drive to Wal Mart in Woodburn, Ore., to buy the ginger ale. I would like clearifacation on this problem with the McMinnville Store.This Ginger Ale is the only pop I drink.

Yamhill Valley Dermatology and Laser Center / Billing/Unnecessary Appointment Scheduling


Dr. Richard I. Ecker insists on unnecessary appointments for follow-up treatment of skin care. He refuses to treat you or keep you as a patient if you do not comply with superfluous appointments. His extra appointments feel like extortion! His manner is cold, uncaring, brisk and totally...

Gym Membership / Worst customer service experience ever!


I was a member of Anytime Fitness for over two years. I paid for my membership by automatic withdrawal. I moved from the McMinnville area and tried to close my membership. I was told I had to give TWO months notice in writing before they would stop taking payments from my checking account...

Pam's Precious Pets Paradise / shipps & charges card after canceling


Ordered a dog bed in Jan 2010, emailed & called to cancel this order. After several weeks found out the item had been shipped, not been cancelled and my card had been charged. This company is awful, no customer service, no follow up, pointing the finger to the consumer after flagging all...

Select Comfort Bed / poor quality


Cheap piece of crap for $2, 750 and they will not discuss a return. They immediately offered a piece of foam to fix one complaint so obviously this is an ongoing problem for them. Wrote letters to the CEO and he did not respond.

Meineke Car Care Center / transmission oil change


Meineke car care center was to change the transmission oil on a 2000 Chev Cavalier. Checking the oil on this car is a little complicated. In February of 2009 they changed the oil. Shortly after that the transmission began to act up. By November the transmission was not working. Car wa...

Comcast / requiring a new agreement be sign or they wont honor discounted packages


About two months ago, I received a written contract in the mail from comcast stating that I must sign and return within 30 days and that no alterations could be made to said agreement. This contract or agreement was to re-iterate the amount per month that you agreed upon when you signed up...

Winco / customer service


I have shopped at WinCo over the last year because of the low cost of the products WinCo offers. Several times I have gone in and the cashier has been horribly rude for whatever reason. Twice I have had to put items back because I didn't have enough money to pay for them. I do not...

Touch of Elegance / Worse customer service ever!


I purchased my second dress and I was told that I had only 2 days to return dress. I then went in a day after and realized that I didn’t have my receipt to return so I had to come back the 2nd day. I was planning to buy my wedding gown this week along with my bridesmaid’...