Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Defiance, Ohio, United States

Menards / cashier

Dec 23, 2018

Dana at Defiance, Ohio store did not scan everything from my order that had been placed on the counter. These items were too large for a plastic bag, so once she gave me a total, I placed the large items back in my cart and paid my total due. After I had made my payment, she asked me if I...

General Motors Corporation / 2016 chevrolet malibu new body style

Jun 28, 2018

I have had my car in many times thru out the past few years. I have had issues more than once. I the one problem with a ticking coming from the arm rest was replaces twice and now it is fixed. I have had clunk coming from the rear end and was inspected and replaced a part. well it went...

Tim Hortons / sexual harassment in store

Jun 20, 2018

My cousin who is employed with Tim Hortons Defiance, Ohio location. Store manager name is Jennifer and Owner is Elias. While at work my cousin was bombarded by sexually explicit conversation from supervisor Casey Wolf and co workers. My cousin informed me that Casey was talking about my...

Applebees Restaurant / daryl-manager

May 15, 2018

I will never go back to this restaurant as long as this manager is still employed. I have never experienced such a miserable, hateful, more angry man in a customer service role!! I witnessed him belittling his staff in front of everyone. The whole time we were there he looked like he would...

FedEx Corporate Services / delivery times tracking number [protected]

Dec 29, 2017

I paid for second day delivery, didn't happen. Your tracking website said it would be delivered yesterday and that it was out for delivery. I waited all day for the delivery. I canceled an appointment today to wait for delivery. Still haven't received it. The part has to be programmed and...

Fox TV / direct tv no broadcast

Sep 24, 2017

I live in Defiance, Oh. When I went to watch the Lions football game today, I saw that your company has pulled your programming out of DirectTv. That is horrible customer service! Whatever your dispute is with them, we are the ones suffering because of your greed. Please resume the...

Hoobly / format of classified site

Oct 09, 2016

It is very time consuming and confusing to answer/reply to hoobly ads. When you reply, the buyers response/questions can no longer be seen. Many are forgotten and numerous replies have to be exchanged in the process. IMO this process could be made more efficient and user friendly.

Bob Evans Farms / wait time.

Jan 02, 2016

My wife and I was at store #570 on Jan. 2nd. We were seated right away and our waitress was there to get our order within 3 or 4 min. She put the order in at 9:38. It was time stamped. At 10: 47 we got our food. The waitress said she didn't know what was going on. The place wasn't that...

Goodwill / unfair rules

Mar 23, 2012

I am working at the goodwill in defiance. I can honestly say not safely that I don't enjoy my job. I do however like what I do its so easy you couldn't ask for easier. But letting your supervisor tell a complete lie and not get in trouble just so that you can...isn't right...

Kayla [email protected] / Kayla [protected]


SCAM/HARASSMENT Kayla is still at it. 04/01/10 in Craigslist/Fort Wayne, In. Same old routine, same exact wording as other complaints listed here. Fortunately when her second e-mail to me had another site listed to go to, I became suspicious and did a Yahoo search in her name. Lo and...

Kmart / Sears / misrepresented product


I bought two TV's in 2007 from Kmart in Defiance, Ohio. Both boxes were labeled with the words "digital tuner". When I bought them, I specifically looked for TV's with digital tuners. It turns out that neither TV has a digital tuner. One is an RCA, model # 24V511T. One is a...

Integrity moter sales inc / false contract


I bought a 2004 dodge intrepid from integrity and went through uacc for the loan. on the contract it shows that i put $1000.00 down and i never did. they told me that if the bank ever called me and asked, to tell them that i did. and the reason im bringing this up is i was put on a spot...

Predicto Mobile / how to cancel


For those wanting to cancel . go tto the predicto website the click on the support tab send them and e-mail stating you wish to cancel thier service and you can complain in the e-mail abnout the unauthorized charges if enough of us do thi...