Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Watchung, New Jersey

Panera Bread Watchung / the overall service

Aug 30, 2018

The service today @ panera bread watchung was unbelievable. Our food was thrown up on the countertop by a manager!!! No one should ever have to feel like the food that they are about to eat is also going to be thrown at them. She was rude & disrespectful how disgusting is that for a...

Panera Bread / business

Feb 19, 2018

I am a regular customer at the Panera Bread Watchung New Jersey 1680 Rt 22. The customer service today was unbelievable. I was their today around 3pm on Monday February 19th.The cashier was Disrespectful as she was cursing & using foul language. Another worker asked her to stop it ...

Ethan Allen / inferior quality of furniture

Jan 25, 2018

I selected Ethan Allen to view and eventually purchase furniture for our new home because of their reputation for quality. While the selection process was a fairly positive one, my experience since the furniture has been delivered has been anything but. I did respond to a questionnaire...

Unlimited Vacation Club / scam lies

Oct 10, 2017

Unlimited Vacation Club- BRI-000759 I tried to cancel within 5 days (as I was told I could)and they just ignored me and let the 5 days lapse. Once they got my money. Justin Mora Guzman ignored my messages and when I tried to have him call me back he didn’t not. I have not yet spoke to...

Sears / customer service

Nov 30, 2016

On this Black Friday November 25, 2016, I visited the Sears Outlet in Watchung New Jersey because I was there 2 weeks prior looking to purchase a gas dryer / side by side refrigerator and a queen mattress. I was told that there would be better sales on Black Friday which made sense. Last...

Watchung Shell / Bait and switch

Sep 18, 2016

I drove into the station after seeing a sign posted saying the price of regular gas was $1.879/gal if I used a credit card. I drove to the pump and clearly said I wanted my tank filled with Regular gas. The attendant acknowledged what I asked for and starting pumping. He walked away and...

Hairbrush / FAiled to Honor Ticketed Price

Feb 11, 2015

I stopped at Marshall to buy a hairbrush and was happy to find one with a ticket price for $1.99. However, when I got to the cashier to pay for the hairbrush I was told that the ticket price was incorrect and the correct price was $20.00. I insisted that I should pay the lowest ticketed...

Robert Edward Auctions / Fraud and unethical conduct

Oct 23, 2014

Anthony Raymond 973 Circle Drive Baltimore, MD 21227 [protected] [protected] I invite anyone to contact me for additional information. BEWARE OF ROBERT EDWARD AUCTIONS I consigned vintage high-grade baseball, football and non-sports cards to Robert Edward Auctions/Robert Lifson...

Electrolux / oven and f15 code

Aug 31, 2014

Has anyone had their Electrolux oven fixed after it showed a F15 code. My oven has been rebuilt 2 times, and I still get the F15 code making the oven inoperable. I feel like this is a problem that cannot be solved. And as any of you out their with Electrolux products know, the company is no help. They just give you the run around.

Colorado Cafe / Bad customer service/rude abussive language


On Sunday November 14, 2010, my family and I went to Colorado Café to celebrate our birthday. I had called prior to going to make a reservation and ask a few questions about the mechanical bull and dancing classes. When we arrived there the host was very rude and let us standing...

BJ's / rude tire salesman


BJ's was one of the worst retail experience I ever had. It was at the Watchung NJ store a few years ago. a tire salesmen went ballastic when I did not know the size tires on my car he became so rude and angry he swung open the door so hard that it hit the wall with a loud bang. he...

Sears / return policy


I purchased a soft car top carrier, made by Thule, from Sears Automotive at 1640 Route 22 in Watchung, NJ on 8/13/09. The return policy clearly states that if I am dissatisfied with my purchase, I have 90 days to return for a full refund. When I attempted to return the product on 9/5/09, I...

Electrolux Gas Oven / warming oven glass shatters - 80 year old has seventeen stitches in arm - and stove isn't even hooked up yet!


80 year old, 112 lb. Woman buys electrolux stove. Stove not yet connected to gas line - just sitting in the kitchen against the wall, still in the plastic packaging. Woman trips and falls against the stove. Hits the warming oven glass with elbow. Glass not only shatters, but also leaves a...

PowerHouse Gym / Cancellation


I joined this gym during their pre-opening sale. I was told the gym would open in Early December and I would get a call. I also joined an additional nutrition class as well which was an additional fee. December came and went as well as January. I still had not received a phone call. At...

Raceway / Overcharged


When I went to this gas station I asked them to put $20 dollars worth of regular into my car but the attendant put $40 into my car but there was no gas in my car because I still had the same number of bars on my gas gauge from when I pulled in. Whenever I put gas in my car it register...

Daisy Fuentes Jewelry / Necklace turned brown and bruised my neck


I purchased the jewelry on Saturday June 7 to wear to my 50th birthday party that night. When I went to take the necklace off it was tarnished! My reaction was yuk!!! I had just bought this necklace not even 24 hours ago. The next morning my neck felt as if someone was taking pins and...

Raymour & Flanagan / damaged my home


Just another complaint about Raymour & Flanagan. They are awful!! They damaged my floor and then they agreed to settle after nine months. I've been waiting for the check for weeks and nothing. When I call the people that answer keep disconnecting me by mistake. The service center i...

Raymour & Flaningan / bad quality on furniture!


I am so disappointed in Raymour & Flaningan. The customer service people are idiots. They have no clue as to what end is up. They have been back to my house on 3 occasions and did not solve my problem. They call me 50 million times on when they will come out to fix my furniture. They...

TGI Fridays / deceptive marketing!


I won't be going back to Fridays again - the place is nice, but their business practices are very deceptive. They emailed a $5 off of 15 coupon with a link 'send this email to a friend and get 2,0087 goldpoints' (their frequent diner program). Turns out you have to send it...