Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Marlboro, New Jersey, United States

Air India / refusal of in-flight service and rude behaviour by flight attendant

Jul 26, 2018

I was traveling from Mumbai to Newark on July 10, 2018 Flight AI-191 . Even after 8 hours after take off from Mumbai, no beverage and no food service was done. No Response to the flight attendant Request. Finally when I went to the back of the Aircraft and requested beverage, a lady...

Patricia Saltzer Beam / real estate broker :

May 01, 2018

My ailing mom was coerced into signing a contract w Ms. Beam and then she never showed the house. It has been 5 months since she passed and there have been no offers or contact from her. She also had her husband appointed the executor to my mom's will when there was a legal executor already in...

TD Bank / savings & checking accounts

Apr 23, 2018

Annoyed that TD bank, you might as well say has me deceased on their records. As an account holder for 2 accounts since I have not shown any activity on any accounts, that is no deposits or withdrawals TD bank has placed both my accounts in an inactive status and has decreased my interest...

Capital One Financial / lien release for motorcycle - 2 weeks already, no release

Dec 06, 2017

I have been trying to get my lien released for a motor cycle. Paid off in 2009, bike is sold, can't get title without lien released. 2007 Big Dog Motorcycle (paid in 2009) VIN 5J11YBJB67W000469 faxed paper work and request for release to Yolonda on 11/27 (Chicago call center, fax direct to...

Wawa / mac n' cheese

Oct 31, 2017

I ordered a medium. There's the amount of a small in here. If I wanted a small, I would've ordered one. Thanks for ripping me off. Working the night shift you do get hungry, and yes I do control my portions. But I know that "medium" is a small in the disguise of a medium cup. This happened...

NJ Transit / bus 7270 running 67 line to newark, driver 34082

Oct 23, 2017

Monday, October 23, 6:47am, bus number 7270, #67 line, driver number 34082. This bus 67 was behind another bus (139) that was loading passengers in front of the bus stop at Costco Texas road stop along Route 9 (Marlboro, NJ)and about 8ft behind the 139 bus that was sitting on the curb...

Unclaimed Freight / Dining table

Nov 24, 2015

I bought from Unclaimed Freight Furniture store a Dining Table with two Glass tops, one layered over another, in year 2013. Last weekend it fell by itself on the floor and splashed into pieces spewing glass pieces all over our kitchen. Only me and my husband live in the home, no one...

Scotts Lawn Service / all around service

Apr 24, 2013

NEVER EVER USE THESE GUYS!!! The owner Will and I argued over service. First he starting insulting me, then he said he f--ked my wife.He repeated it over and over.Later that afternoon he called back and started cursing me out.I have heard a lot of others who have had similar experiences.I...

castle couture / dress not delivered as promised

Mar 20, 2012

Buyer beware! Ordered a dress for my mom on 3/3/12 for a 3/24/12 party. Kept asking about the dress, then I was finally told told on 3/20 that it would not arrive on time. I kept asking them if they were sure that they would be able to deliver it on time with the alterations and everything... / Very disappointing party.

Oct 04, 2011

Elena, I wanted to share our experiences about the party with you since it was a pretty dull and boring affair..It was embarrassing for us to hear from all our friends that the entertainer could not engage the kids during the 2 hours she was at the party. After paying close to $400...

Fairytale Home Parties / Rudest People I have ever dealt with

Oct 03, 2011

I had a horrible experience with this company, just looking for a quote! Wrote an email explaining a situation in which we were no longer comfortable with a company we had been using and asked if they had a similar package. Was e-mailed back that even their cheapest package was much more...

Fairy Tale Home / Horrible not as promised service for premium price

Apr 20, 2011

Elena- I don't usually bother complaining about something that's over and done but this was our six year olds first and only birthday party and it was $325+tip for your company's services. I went with your party because your website represents experience with little girls and...

Alan Perl's Ultimate Caterers / Ultimate Caterer -- I thought they were great


After reading a complaint on this website, about this business, I had to share my experience with the same company, Ultimate Caterer. I had the pleasure of attending the Asbury Park Mayor's Ball in October 2010 as a guest, and after enjoying the endless parade of culinary delight...

Alan Perl's Ultimate Caterers / Wedding Catering Service


So where do you begin when reviewing a Wedding Caterer service that cannot be described on how horrible they were... Find as many blogs and complaints possible from other people who might have used them and then some. I was deployed to Iraq when my Wife was planning our wedding. She went to...

LA Boxing / disrespect


Three of my friends and I attended a "free trial class". Of which after Bob, began his selling pitch. After telling Bob, I had no interest due to commitment, he began to badger all of us and was very degrading. He wouldnt stop just kept going and going. I emailed my complaint to be be...

Edge Traders / Can not be trusted

I've been a member for slightly over a year (still waiting for Sam to teach me how to trade profitably, it's really frustrating), and he charges my credit card $26.00 a month each and every month for the Omnovia conference room that we meet in every day. He swore to me and every...