Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, United States

Mavis Discount Tire / tire stem on a tire

Aug 08, 2018

I have store at at 545 Martinsville Road in Basking Ridge New Jersey estate. Repair service to go to that store and they were waiting for me I get there to find out that they're tire machine does not fit the tire that I have it's a standard wagon wheel trailer tire for any standard trailer...

Bank Of America Corporation / not stopping unauthorized and fraudulent transaction - allowing it to complete first.

Jul 21, 2018

Hi Team, I contacted Bank Of America Customer Service on July 20 around 11:09 AM, EST Hours. I was on call for about 26 minutes. I requested many times to to stop a transaction as I did not authorize it. The transaction made by T-Mobile customer service. They used my card details on...

Verizon Communications / incorrect billing

Jul 04, 2018

Its unfair to be subjected to the amount of stress on a monthly basis when looking at a Verizon Fios bill and having to get into a battle for hrs on the phone with representatives that are clueless, unaware of agreed service and amount per contract. They should be held accountable of their...

Mavis Discount Tire / terrible customer service by basking ridge nj mavis, specifically from rick

May 01, 2018

I had some fuel pump work done at the Basking Ridge Mavis on 545 Martinsville Road in February of this year. A few days later my gas gauge only would go up to 3/4 tank, then a few weeks later my gas tank capacity changed. At half tank my car would take $25-30 dollars to fill, now at 1/2...

Verizon Wireless / negative credit report

Mar 13, 2018

For many years my wife, my daughter, my son, and I all owned Verizon phones. One by one, we transferred to other carriers, until the only phone on the Verizon account was my daughter's. Then, early in 2017, ownership of the Verizon account was officially transferred through Verizon from...

NewChic / newchic is a scam!!!

Jan 01, 2018

DO NOT ORDER FROM NEWCHIC!!! Note that all the glowing reviews are brief and often poorly written - because they are fake!!! NEWCHIC will send you products that are not as advertised (my brown shoes were bright orange and were NOT leather) and will outright refuse to allow a return...

Verizon Communications / dumb customer service

Sep 19, 2017

They gave me a hard runaround last night. What a mess, people! At first, it took them 30 minutes to simply pick up the phone and 40 minutes more to do something about my problem. Verizon, why do you hire stupid people? I had to explain my issue several times before they finally understood what...

Peter M. Lucas, MD, Inc. / verizon wireless, usa

Mar 10, 2017

$200 of charges for unwanted roaming data while out of country, despite having phone set to "Deny Roaming Data" (see photo). Verizon customer service refused to reverse charges. Cell phone number: [protected] Dates: March 2 to March 8, 2017 while in French Polynesia. I called customer service...

Verizon Wireless / billing problems, unethical behaviour

Aug 02, 2016

I have been a customer for over 10 years for wifi aircard. I used the card occasionally while travelling or at business meeting. Over a year ago, I noticed that I was having trouble connecting to the network. Multiple phone calls later to customer service and tech help, the issue was not...

Verizon Wireless / bad service

Feb 19, 2016

I was a customer of Verizon Wireless for ages and everything was fine, until they changed my billing. The cost almost doubled! I immediately contacted their service in order to receive some explanations. Their rep said he'd investigate and call me within an hour, but he never did. I called...

Dysport / Awful experience

Jan 22, 2014

I decided to try the production of the company Dysport. They offered medicine, which was injected in the muscles. Before I started to use it, I visited the specialist, who prescribed me this medicine. At the beginning everything was ok, but later I started to feel badly and I had the...

B.F. Goodrich / 8 inch side crack

Aug 25, 2011

After using around 10, 000, one of four B.F. Goodrich tire cracks on the side wall. I filed a complained at Sears where I purchaed. One of the representative claimed a normal wear and tear. I filed a cliam to B.F. Goodrich website. He claimed a normal wear and tear without looking at it. I...

Dr. Andrea Gaito / outrageous misdiagnosis

Feb 14, 2011

Dr. Andrea Gaito is a HORRIBLE doctor and because of HER my daughter is suffering over 2 years untreated lyme and bartonella, debilitating. She had the bulls eye rash and ALL the symptoms and Gaito made her feel like she was crazy and told her to get an MRI on her knee, SO pathetic! She i...

Affinity FCU / this is not my account


My name is angela and iam a victim of identity theft and I never gave anyone my infomation to open this account o any other account with you company can someone help me with this matter that you

Paxon Capital Services / Loan Scam


They claim I was approved for 5000.00 loan but I need to provide 6 Months of payments ahead of time (806.00) After receiving the they called back and told me I need to provide and 6 months of payments and the money would be deposited in my account that day. The second 806.00 was provide...

Smile Brite and Dazzle White / Credit Card Charges


I signed up for a $1.95 trial offer of Smile Brite and a $0.99 offer of Dazzle White, based on a compelling story by a Worthington Ohio mom. I received a second Smile Brite kit yesterday, which surprised me. And, I also received my credit card bill; it had two charges for $87.62 PLUS $2.63...