Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Byram, Mississippi, United States

Waffle House / waitresses

Dec 08, 2012

Me, my father and his girlfriend went to the Byram Waffle House Saturday night 12/8 at around 9:30. Two of the waitresses. One I did not get name but the second Jamie J. were playing around and got our ordered totally screwed up, I ordered coffee, milk and the Big meal. She brought egg...

Popeyes Chicken / vulgar language from employees

May 06, 2011

Y family and I went into this location and when we entered the store we could clearly hear this dark skin black women just yelling out every cuss word she could find in her very limited vocabulary. She detailed how she will run people off the road, she would put sugar in the tank of...

Dianne Herman attorney at Law / Dianne Herman helped my ex take my kids


I tried to get custudy of my kids but Dianne Herman helped my ex keep the kids and made me pay more child support. I also had to pay her attorney fees. I would have been better to raise them kids.

Home 2-10/Buyers Resale Warranty Corporation / PLumbing repairs


The drain under my tub is ruptured. I have a home warranty through 2-10/ Home Buyers Resale Warranty Corporation that notes that plumbing is covered. They say that they do not cover any damage due to a leak nor do they cover any damage done to the structure in order to repair a covered...