Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Howell, Michigan, United States

Ford Motor Company / 2018 ford expedition platinum

Oct 08, 2018

Our Expedition broke down last week. Powertrain failure. We had it towed to Varsity Ford. The vehicle had no alarms when it got there. They have tried to get it to act up and have no resolution. My wife's handicapped and need a RELIABLE VEHICLE. We are not comfortable taking delivery and...

McDonald's / service

Oct 01, 2018

Appuling. Im here now. Although i asked about making sure thing were cooked all the way even over cooked as i was recently diagnosis with lung cancer n must be careful. I was givin no reciept. Theysaid they had no paper. I asked for bottled water with my fish meal n in the end they told me...

Checkers / supervisor sarah

Sep 08, 2018

I walked into your Checkers Restaurant in Howell New Jersey you have a lady working there which is a beautiful kind lady she's a little handicapped and I had to stand there as a customer and watch this so-called supervisor Sarah verbally humiliate and talk to this lady like she was a...

DTE Energy / electric bill

Aug 17, 2018

We recently moved into a 2 bed 2 bath 1, 300 sq ft condo. When we received our first bill which was only 2.5 weeks of billing, it was $280! That seemed high to me so I made sure to keep a close eye on the electricity use in our house. I just received our second bill and it was for the full...

Speedway in howell michigan / complaint against a worker

Aug 15, 2018

I went into the speedway on howell by my house this evening 8/15/18 like I do every evening and there was one cashier and she didnt look very happy at all. I see her every evening but the look on her face was awful. She looked like she was ready to beat someone up. Evidently she just came...

Walgreens / you're unable to keep ladies and little girls save.

Feb 09, 2018

I heard on the radio that Walgreens is now allowing "MEN" in the ladies bathrooms. I applaud the sales person and the manager that refused to allow a transvestite who was not in costume, to go into the ladies room. My understanding is this MALE identifies as a woman. So Walgreen, if a 15...

Applebee's Restaurants / half rack of ribs?

Nov 25, 2017

I don't know what you guys consider a half rack of ribs but never in my life was it for bones worth of meat. If that is the amount in a half rack fine but I don't like paying for burnt meat. It would be hard for me to trust your carryout Center anymore without having to open every box to...

Panera Bread / chicken noodle soup

Nov 16, 2017

Let me start by saying I love Panera Bread in general. I was wondering how do you measure the soup and noodles when Chicken Noodle Soup is ordered. It seems to be hit or miss, sometimes I get a good amount of soup in a bowl and noodles in it and other times like today, it was terrible. My...

State Bank Of India [SBI] / wrong a/c no. [protected]

May 29, 2017

Dear Sir I tried to pay 3 times by my debit card on 23rd May (22nd May in United states) but the payment was declined so I was forced to pay by another credit card . My account still shows a debit of 31995.19 x 3 ( Equivalent to us dollars 495.55). Please make corrections and credit back...

Huntington Bank Mortgage Division/Merger from First Merit / billing issues

May 22, 2017

Since February 2017 (their merger), my payments were due at the exact time as their merger, which could have been the start of this mess, but I'm not certain. Their automated system will not acknowledge that I've been paying my loans on time. The first month (March), I received a statement...

stay at home mom and working dad / Huggies overnites size 4 & 5

Jul 15, 2016

To whom it may concern, My name is Tara Stang. I have a son named Micah that turned 2 yrs old March 28th. So since then I have been a strickly huggies customer. We have always used little movers that have served us pretty well. When my son started sleeping through the night we switched...

Art Van / customer service

Jun 14, 2016

we have purchased Art Van for years and have paid good amount of money on living room, bedroom, and office furniture. The only time we had trouble before this was with the clearance center which had a faulty reclining couch and dining room chairs that split when sat in. This time we...

Walmart / caring more about policy then an established patient.

Mar 05, 2016

I have been going to Walmart vision Center in Howell MI for well over 10 years. I get my yearly exam and order my contact lenses there as well as my eye glasses. My valid prescription expired in Aug, 2015 and I had ordered some contacts to get me by for a few months. I was down to my last...

Aeropostale / sweatshirt that I received as a christmas gift

Feb 01, 2016

I received one of your sweatshirts as a gift for Christmas. I wore it one time and it already has a hole in it. The material has torn by the Aeropostale logo. Its super thin material around that area. I understand the quality of clothing isn't the way it used to be, but only getting one...

GE profile refrigerator / Refrigerator out food lost and poor customer service

Aug 05, 2015

We purchased a GE Profile Refrigerator around 2007... The refrigerator never kept a consistent temperature ... Fruits and vegetables froze in the drawers other foods spoiled... Constantly threw out food... Repairman would come and fix this and fix that never completely resolving problem!...

Chrysler Financial / lease end fee


I to have had my issues with Chrysler. Last year, (09), several months before our lease end we had contacted our dealer to see what our options were(like we didn't already know) Our dealer told us that Chrysler was no longer leasing so what do we want to do? So with our lease end...

HHNETWORKS.Org / blatant ripoff


went to consumption junction to look up one thing, a follow-up to an email i received from a friend. made one click on their "free site" page and was instantly sent to a page welcoming me as a full access member. i emailed them, they referred me to their billing people, and i was refunded...

Art Van Furniture / lying salespeople - beware


After selecting a bunk bed set for my two daughters, the sales person tells my wife and I that for an additional $50 we can have the set sitting next to the one we had picked. It included an under-bed set of drawers. She specifically told us that it came with the drawers. So we paid the...

Better World Travel / Fruadulant


This agency, and agent, "Sherry" took advantage of us when we were at our lowest. We had discovered that my Aunt in AZ was diagnosed with cancer and we have to rebook our flights that we purchased, bottom line, a around trip ticket from Detroit MI to Denver CO ended up costing us $3...

Bulldog Alley Michigan / bulldog


Our 3 year old bulldog was euthanized this morning due to cancer. He had it all over his lower body into his testicles. I am worried that this is a bloodline issue and I have left Jenny a message. Please post if you need detail of when he was born. I don't have papers either.

Belle Tire / Fraudulent work


November 14 2006 front brakes, pads, new rotors labor- $340.00 on son and daughter in laws car, fast forward to june 17 th 2008 same car now needing new rotors, new pads along with comp-lete rear brakes that bellle tire said did not need done $629.00. Belle Tire warranty covers 2 years on...

Love My Frenchies / Bulldog Alley / Scammed out of registration papers!


I purchased a female french bulldog 10/07 and a male english bulldog 11/07 from Jennie Everets for the sum of $3300. I had requested the papers on both dogs and have yet to receive them (1/08). The Frenchie I paid extra for the papers and the English she said she would not charge me...

French Bulldog / No papers!


I purchased a french bulldog from love my frenchies on the first of Aug.-07 with full payment for pedigree and full registration, it is now almost Jan. of 08 and still no papers with no response from Jenny on any of my E-Mails or many unanswered phone calls. I have notified the Attorney...

Bulldog Alley/ Virginia Everts / Scam and cheating company!


Please DO NOT BUY a dog from this site or Virginia Everts, aka Jenny Smith, Giny and what ever else she uses. I bought a English Bulldog from her 1 year ago and still do not have the pedigree or registration paperwork. I have a signed contract with Bulldog Alley in which it states i would...