Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Holland, Michigan

Meijer Holland Mi 16th St / pharmacy

Jan 13, 2019

Hi, my name is Shayne Young. On numerous occasions Meijer in Holland Mi locates on Waverly and 16th st has lost, misplaced and kept old Xanax scripts from my doctor. Doctor Scott at Spectrum Health in holland mi. This has been more than 6 times. It's literally almost every month month. Now...

Sun Communities / unannounced, prolonged water shutoffs

Dec 3, 2018

As the title says, on any given day here at Sun Communities Woodside Terrace, Holland, Ohio, you are apt to discover that when you turn the tap at the sink, absolutely nothing comes out. They never announce exactly when or for how long the shutoff will be. And when you call the office...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / garlic steak burger and fries meal

Nov 24, 2018

I ordered two garlic steakburger meals to go, both with pickles. Both burgers did not have pickles, the buns barely had any garlic flavoring on the top buns, and one of the meals fries were soggy, stale and had a horrible oil taste to them while the second meals fries were hotter but a...

Meijer / lake and trail boots

Oct 17, 2018

My husband works at a factory and I purchased him a set of these boots about 2 months ago and the sole of bot boots is ripped open and falling apart. We are a family of 7 so when we make a purchase of any amount we expect them to last. We spent $60 on these and they should last longer than...

Dollar Tree in Holland MI on 24th St / cashier stole $10 from me

Oct 15, 2018

I visited the dollar tree store in Holland Mi on 24th st on 10/11/2018. I bought $6.24 worth the merchandise & when I checked out I gave the cashier $20.25 & she only gave me $4.01 back. I told her I gave her a $20 & she claimed I gave her a $10 bill. She got the manager &...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / wait service and kitchen help

Sep 29, 2018

After we were seated it took 20 minutes before the waitress can over She took our order and then it took another 25 minutes to get our food Then the order was not right. there was about 20 people in restaurant. 6 at our table Then it took forever to get our bill and of course it wasn't...

Steak 'n Shake Holland Michigan / service, appearance, food

Sep 23, 2018

We walk in on a Saturday night with minimal customers. I should if known it was going to be a really crappy experience just by the smell of the place. Service was rushed and disconnected . My husband received a bowl of chili that looked old and dry. He told the server it didn't look...

Universal Utilities / metering water

Sep 5, 2018

Universal utilities are so inconsistent with their billing that it's not funny my sister-in-law lives in the same park she has a different charge than I do and she has more charges has service charge a maintenance charge administrative charge she pays more charges than she does are...

Burger King / breakfast

Sep 3, 2018

My daughter and I went to bK last Friday And ordered 2 sausage egg croissants the meals . The whole meal was screwed up . First both our hash browns had been over cooked. Second. My coke don't taste like coke . They must of needed to change the syrup . Sorry to have to complain but we all...

Burger King / usage biscuits

Aug 18, 2018

I went to the burgar king in holland mi one by walmart..ask for sausage breakfeast..they just gave me a biscuit with nothing in I took up there explained to them they made a mistake.. the guy was very rude too me..took the biscuit start replying to me he didn't make mistake it wa...

Dollar General / debit card machine/store issues

Aug 5, 2018

Your store on Washington Avenue/40th Street In Holland, Michigan ALWAYS has their debit/credit machine inactive. I fear that with cash only transactions there might be some cash theft by employees going on at that store. This past weekend I also observed one of your employees kissing their...

Mohammad Shayeb / lost a bag

Jul 14, 2018

It's been two weeks and haven't gotten my bag. I need an answer. Bag reference number - XT EY065769 O/B EY17/9JUL/AA99/10JUL AUH-LHR-ORD I've tried to contact all the numbers and no answer. Poor customer service. Those people don't care about the customers. We are leaving back in 2 weeks. I...

FedEx Corporate Services / delivery of diapers, baby wipes and pull - ups

Jun 19, 2018

tracking numbers: [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected] and [protected]. Delivery address was 77 West 11th Street Holland, MI 49423. Packages were left out side on the sidewalk at 77 west 10th street (a Church). Packages were delivered on 6/18/18 at 12:46 pm. Items were...

Republic Services / pick up

Jun 7, 2018

My 4 yard container has not been serviced for months. I've been calling them for weeks and complaining. I can not get a call back or even anyone out to empty the container! They continue to claim that someone has been to my home and has serviced the container. This is not true! I can...

Meijer / lake & trail boots, midland

May 15, 2018

My husband purchased a pair of sizes 12 boots and loved the comfort of them, so he started wearing them for work. He purchased another pair exactly like them for casual wear. His foot was wet one day and he checked the bottom of the boot and the sole had a big crack in them. He trashed...

Taco Bell / customer service

Jan 8, 2018

my husband and i went to taco bell #033009, 190 N. River Ave, Holland, MI [protected] on january 8, 2018. we ordered our food thru the drive thru from Corey G., the cashier. as we finalized our order we politely asked Corey G. to please make sure that we get fire sauce because for...

Anheuser-Busch Companies / false advertisement

Dec 1, 2017

My name is Marcos Galicia.. and on December 1, 2017 at 830pm friday night.. i went to the 136th one stop in Holland, Michigan... and on the big window in front of the store was a sign that advertised 18 pack 16oz 2for $20 out the door.. i got the 2 - 18packs popped them on the counter and...

Pizza Hut / service complaint

Nov 6, 2017

Worker from Pizza Hut name Carrie was very rude, disrespectful, mean, the way that she was acting was like she was under drugs or she was burn out the way she was talking it was to loud out of control very rude even she refused to give my order ( that was 2 large pizzas) which I wasted my...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / fresco melt

Nov 5, 2017

Ordered a 5.99 steak and shake meal deal that inlcuded a frie a cheeseburger a shake and one side. I had ordered cheese fries and side of chili and received neither side whats so ever. I also ordered a fresco melt meal for 3.99 and have opened my melt to see the bread isnt cooked whatsoever. Just...

Petco / pet social class

Sep 3, 2017

Help I'm filing this complaint against the "trainer" at the Holland branch. We refuse to take our puppy there after noticing a few problems. They didn't check shot records or make us fill out any paperwork. I'm extremely disturbed by how many puppies they allow in such a small space. It'...

Speedway / cigarettes and common sense

Jul 1, 2017

I called in this complaint week ago I have heard nothing back that tells me Speedway does not care about his customers I am really upset about this I will be 64 years old next month I look older than that I go to the speedway on South Washington in Holland two to three times a week I spend...

Meijer / cashier

Jun 23, 2017

Yesterday night one of the cashier was so unfriendly and rude, my husband ask her about how to use an online coupon and she answer so unfriendly, her face was like I don't want to be here, if she doesn't like her job, she should look for something else, it was like 10:00 pm I'm not sure...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / wait time for service/food

Jun 18, 2017

On 6.18.17 at 7:40 p.m. my family of 3 waited an hour and 40 minutes and still had not received our food. Our table was dirty, my sons milkshake was watered down and no one ever came to let us know a reason for the delay. We went speak to the manager and waited 10 minutes at the cash...

Sams Club / customer service

May 22, 2017

Sams club in holland mi, old lady with white hair she's a cashier and the biggest you know what. I'm not one to ever complain for say anything, but I couldn't take her anymore. She's a short thicker old lady with white hair that needs to go. So rude. She never smile...

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) / service or policy

Jan 18, 2017

Today 1/18/17 I stopped at the Holland Mi KFC. i ordered a number 8 from the 5.00 fill up menu. The menu says it is a famous bowl, cookies and a drink. I also ordered 2 biscuits. I was asked what I wanted to drink and I declined the beverage as you serve only sweet drinks which I do not...

H&R Block / not being refunded for services not provided

Jan 2, 2017

I filed my taxes at the washington branch in holland mi I have been with h and r block since I was 15 and this past year I got a letter my taxes wrongfully taken I got my taxes back thanks to a lawyer I hired but now h and r won't do me right and refund my money back on the service I never...

Vintage Romance / Poodle puppies

Sep 16, 2016

This person constantly downs other breeders for breeding designers and all their ads are slander toward all breeders that dont do what she feels is best. It is down grading, upsetting and hurting sales!!! She has more then one ad on the poodle site which uses slander against other breeder...

Holsted Jewelers / Free Sapphire ring pay shipping

Sep 1, 2015

I went to go order this beautiful ring. They won't take a prepaid card, they told me I have to have an actual credit card. I think this is nonsense just because I don't have a legitimate credit card I should still be able to get the same service. Not everyone feels comfortable with a...

Art Van Holland Ohio / bait and switch mattress sale

Jan 20, 2014

Purchased a mattress at art van (Holland ohio). They took me through a nice sales pitch and process to choose the correct firmness and comfort for me. I paid for the mattress. However the product delivered to my home was not at all what I chose. The mattress was very hard and impossible to...

Amerigas LP / Unfair business practices

Mar 4, 2012

My husband has been a customer in good standing of Amerigas for around 25 years. We were on a budget plan. They change the contract yearly. We were underestimated on the amount of gas we would use, from the previous year use. We ended up owing Amerigas approx. $600.00 at the end of our...

NOVO 1 Holland MI. / Claims to be hiring, but job is temporary for all

Jul 30, 2011

WOW!! Let me tell you something about NOVO 1 in HOLLAND, MI. I was desperate for a job and took a position with this company. 1st. the pay is not that great. They were aware of the fact that their T.V. Add stated positions starting at $10.00hr yet upon a mass hiring they made it clear they...

Aspen Dental / dentures are too short!!!

Jul 13, 2011

I'm not satisfied with the dentures that I paid $2300.00 for and the dentist won't fix the problem! The teeth are too short and they make me look like i'm 70 years old!!! I would like management to respond to my problem because i'm very dissatisfied with these dentures! Karen vanholt from south haven mi. My patient id #[protected]

Old Navy / returns

Jun 5, 2011

I bought a pair of flip flops for my daughter last weekend and the first day she wore them the layer of rubber wore off on the top where her feet rubbed on them. I brought them back along with the receipt and was told that Old Navy's policy was to only take back items that are not...

Aspen Dental / horrible service and unprofessional, stay away

Feb 13, 2011

Went to Aspen dental for tooth fillings. They told I have first to do teeth cleaning and then they can do the fillings. They did the cleaning and the hygienist gave me a tooth brush to clean my teeth every night. The hygienist never told me about the price of the tooth brush and I never...

barb wolf / paid for subscription and have not recieved it


0n apri 28th you call me to renew my subscrition for soap digest have not recieved one copy . so I want to cancel it I used my credit card to pay for it.

TPSEZShopper Club / cancel EZshopper Club



OAN Services, Inc. / charges on ATT phone bill


I received a bill on my phone bill from this company for a YOURBILLINGSOLUTIONS, INC. # [protected] YOURBILLINGSOLUTIONS, INC-1X SETUP FEE $ 8.43 Billing question? Call [protected]

Menards / safety/ wheel chairs


I have had a very bad experience with how people with disabilities are taken care of. My wife, Daughter, and Her family went to the new store to get some supplies. I am disabled, and have a difficult time walking. When i asked for a cart, I was given an old wheel chair with a large basket...

5/3 Bank / fee's


The fee's at 5/3 bank are astronomical. To me it is absolutely ridiculous that they can debit an account immediately, but not honor deposits. This is only a way for the bank to make money. It dishearten's me that a bank in this country can actually run this way. They also deduct everything...

PS Prevention Services / FRADULENT CHECK


This company has made an unauthorized deduction of $295.00 from my checking account as of 12/11/2008 on check #[protected]. The check is made out to Payment Systems and shows on the back being deposited on 12/10/2008 to Central National Bank, 324 W. Broadway, Enid, OK 73701. Their...