Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Bedford, Massachusetts

iRobot / Customer no service, poor product quality (roomba 400, scooba 300)

Apr 26, 2016

I have purchased 3 products from iRobot over the past 2 years - 2 Roomba and 1 Scooba. All 3 died while out of warranty. In all 3 cases, I called iRobot customer service and got the same answers, which reduce to this sequence: Clean it. Bang on it. Clean it again. Bang on it harder. Buy...

New York Times delivery / papers not delivered, some come as late as 4:00 pm

Jan 15, 2016

We have a daily subscription to the NYTimes. For the past ten plus years our paper M-F has arrived by 6:30 am Sa & Su by 7:30. Since the first of January we have virtually had no delivery. We called twice for redelivery - once it came, the Sunday paper never did. Five times the paper did...

Insulet / Omnipod / Insulin Pump Lies and Deceptions

Apr 5, 2014

I switched pumps to Omnipod a year ago. The company rep had lied to me when I asked her about the complaints on the internet regarding the 30% failure rate. She said the problem had been resolved with the new pods, so I bought the Omnipod. Everything was fine for the first 60 days (because...

Avis Car Rental / billing


I rented an Avis car after my car was in an accident. 1) After being paid $877.36 by my insurance company, Avis billed me for $157.36, claiming the insurance company only paid $720. 2) $82.51 of the charge was for an "airport fee". I did not pick up or deliver the car at an airport. 3...

irobot Roomba vacuum / In Warranty Exchange/Customer Support


I purchased a Roomba 4110 robot vacuum from in January 2008. So far, I've been quite pleased with the product. However, the robot started experiencing service-affecting issues in May 2008. I tried calling irobot's "Customer Care" number listed in the product manual...

iRobot / Product fails to perform, Customer service lost returned merchandise


I purchased a Roomba (robotic vaccuum cleaner) from iRobot. The company I work for has manufactured components for iRobot's tactical product line, so I was aware of their commitment to quality, and assumed that it would be reflected in their consumer products as well. The first one I...