Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Andover, Massachusetts, United States

Yahoo! / games

Nov 20, 2018

So I just played a friend in yahoo and we are in week 12 just finished week 11. It was a close match in week 11 I needed 30 points to win and I had tyreek and Greg Zuerlein. Greg Zuerlein on fantasy says he got 0 points which he didn't he got 12 and tyreek got 38.59 therefore I win but...

Sears / kenmore elite refrigerator

Aug 31, 2018

We bought an expensive Kenmore Elite 2 years ago from Sears. Within one year, the compressor broke down, we had to get it repaired and get a rental for one month. Then the ice maker stopped working, got that fixed after one month of waiting. Now the freezer fan motor broke in year 2. We...

Planet Fitness / lack of normal gym etiquette/courtesies

Aug 07, 2018

About 1 week ago, another gym member (20 yo female) used an incline bench in the flat position for almost 40 minutes to perform 3 exercises that DID NOT REQUIRE the bench in the incline position!? Because all other incline benches were being utilized as inclines by multiple members, I asked...

Zwicker & Associates / debt collection practices/procedures

Jan 18, 2018

I am disabled on SSDI, I am on Medicaid, I am eligible for food stamps, I am on home energy assistance... I recently went to legal aid, because despite a lawyer informing Zwicker and Associates that I am uncollectable, have been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and own no lavish goods, they...

Shoeline / they never refunded

Nov 24, 2017

Hey, Shoeline, maybe you stop hiding from me and give me my money back? Didn't you think of this option, huh? A couple of months ago I ordered Isola Women's Delta Boots, Style: 6415901, about 100 dollars worth. They were ok but too big, so I returned them and asked for a refund. It's been 6...

Brides Across America / fraudulent use of in-kind donated gowns specifically to be given to military brides but, instead, were sold to them to the public

Aug 07, 2017

I encountered Brides Across America, a 503(c) organization, back in 2014, where I initiated contact with founder (Heidi Janson) re: the donation of new wedding gowns to be distributed to military and first-responder brides at no cost to the brides themselves. To date, I have wholly-donated...

Shoeline / Vision Retailing / Never again!

Jul 27, 2016

I have ordered a pair of shoes from and returned them because of the incorrect size. Customer service rep assured me I'll get my money back but now they said they cannot accept the shoes back because I have already worn them! How could I wear something that was at...

Ath Power Consulting / Mystery shopping

Dec 17, 2012

i was sent an email on a cell phone shop i was to pick the locations to go shop with instructions of questions to ask i did six shops which came to $120 that i should of earned but after it was over they claimed i did not do some things right like picking shops that should been approved...

Wells Fargo / customer service

Sep 02, 2011

Carol green nmlsr # 40444, vivian ota Nmlsr # 3357, douglas lee nmlsr id: 367358 I would just like to file a complaint again these three people. First, carol was never able to receive a fax every one she got was never clear? So, she decided to come to place of work an take a picture with her...

Omega One Loans / SCAM


It has been a year today since Omega One Loans scamed me out of 950.00, I was in dire need of a loan, I beleived them when and thought this was the answers to my prayers and I was going to get the help I needed, I sent them the 950.00 as they asked waiting on my loan, well shame on me...

Scotts Lawn Service / Canceled service and they continued


They had called me in Fall of 2008 and asked if I was pleased, I said actually no. I want to cancel my service. Come Spring 2009, they started up again. I didn't enter into the 'prepay' contract like I had done years before. I ignored any solicitation they sent. After my...

eMartCentral / Fraud


I placed an order on May 11, 2009 for a Smart Battery Charger for CRV3 for $13.95 and two Kodak CRV3 Rechargeable Batteries at $8.49 each. I live in PA. I received my three items on May 18, 2009. That same day I put the first CRV3 battery in the Smart Charger to charge. The light on the...

zwicker&associates p.c. / charged wrong account


this collection agency has put a claim against the wrong person and it is showing up on credit report. the correct person should be in the name of sharon dellagiustina but they have placed it on robert dellagiustina this is incorrect and is causing problems for the wrong persons credit, i...

Omega One Loans / Fraud and scam


This is an online lending company that promises loans to individuals with bad credit. I stupidly applied for a loan to this company and they called to tell me that my application had been accepted. However, I would have to send 5 months worth of payments up front before I would receive any...