Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Sioux City, Iowa, United States

Subway at Walmart on Singing Hills Dr Sioux city, IA / ordered chicken noodle soup/ disgusting and dirty in store

Jan 24, 2019

I visited subway last week Tuesday 1-15-19 wanting a bowl of soup.. So when I got there I couldn't believe how dirty it was in there...So as I stood there for at least 10 minutes waiting to be helped cuz one of the other workers didn't think he needed to help with the 5 customer...

Menards / service complaint

Oct 23, 2018

I went to my local Menards in Sioux City Iowa and was looking to purchase a hand rail for my outside steps. I asked 3 different employees for what I was looking for and was sent to 3 different locations in the store. I finally get to the building parts desk and walk up to the counter to...

Panera Bread / lack of product/being forgotten at drive thru

Sep 30, 2018

On September 29th @ 3:30 in the afternoon on the first cold day of the year at the Sioux City store they not only left me waiting/forgot about me at the drive thru speaker for 15 minutes, they had no broccoli cheddar soup or bread bowl. Not only was this unacceptable but they offered...

McDonald's / buttermilk chicken sandwich

Sep 26, 2018

Stopped in to get dinner and got home and saw rotten lettuce on my sandwich and a tomato that was degraded and nasty. The other McDonald's on Transit in Sioux City has been seen serving food that has dropped on the floor and I have gotten sick three out of three times eating there so I...

Panera Bread / ciabatta moldy

Sep 04, 2018

On 9-3-17 I left my house early so I could stop by Panera and get a breakfast sandwich in the morning. I got there at 9:05 am and I did not get my order until 9:35 am and there were only two cars in front of me in the drive through. Normally I would be okay with this knowing that they are...

Burger King / service

Aug 13, 2018

4225 S Lakeport Sioux City 51106 My local store. On numerous occasions on drive thru I have received incorrect orders. Always seems to be a lesser order, example I order/pay for bacon king but received whopper jr. Happened again tonight just really tired of not receiving what I'm paying for...

Dairy Queen / $5.00 lunch menu

Jul 16, 2018

My daughter went to the Dairy Queen on Floyd Blvd in Sioux City Iowa and was refused by the workers for ordering the $5 lunch.. it was 3:57 when she arrived and ordered. I am pretty sure your sign says that it is 11am-4pm. When I called the manager she said there is nothing they can do...

Children's Place / I want to complain about a rude associate at the store I shop at.

Jun 28, 2018

I do believe she is a manager. She is super rude to the customers and her employees. She is very loud and obnoxious. She was telling a customer that she couldn't do anything for her. She started yelling at the customer. She yells at her employees. She shouldn't be a manager and she...

Rue21 / your guys customer service rep

May 30, 2018

He was being so rude to me he called me fat underneath his breath he was being so unprofessional he needs to be fired.!!! He went up under my dress I am outraged!! The representatives name is Lorenzo Hernandez I will never forget this experience unless I press charges on the whole company...

Taco John's on Singing Hills Dr. / food quality, condiment request

May 19, 2018

On Wednesday May 16, 2018 approx. 9pm we drove to nearest TJ to order a late supper. We placed our order/drive thru. We ordered a 6pak & a lb. (3 crispy 3softshell) plus 2 twilight crispy tacos, and a bag of ice. Total cost -approx. $17.89. I specifically requested hot/mild sauce...

Citibank / closed citibank card account:

Apr 03, 2018

Hi, I just spoke with Michael Combat's office regarding the horrible treatment I have had in the past 48 hours. I am trying to pay off an account that was included in our refinance of our home. Now mind you I only have the 1st 12 digits of the account. I have no record of the last four...

Dairy Queen / peanut butter sundae with chocolate ice cream

Nov 15, 2017

When through the drive through in Sioux City IA, order a medium peanut butter sundae with chocolate ice cream. This is the 3rd time I have ordered this and as you will se in the picture the ice cream given to was very limited. I was hoping to get a little more than was given to me. I have...

Golden Corral / injury from a dropped/crack bus tub

Sep 22, 2017

We went to golden corral tonight. Had a great meal always great friendly service. Our favorite place to go to treat ourselves. Was a great place. Copy of receipt and my injuries below. I was standing at the dessert section debating. The busser was literally inches from me when the handle...

Enterprise Car Rental / car rental

Sep 20, 2017

Made reservation in early August for large-size car for September 13 in Sioux City, IA. Talked to them the day before and arranged to be picked up the next day to rent car. Received call at 7:30 the morning of the rental stating they had no cars at all but expected some to "come in". After...

Dollar General / sweet potato wrapped in chicken

Aug 23, 2017

I would like to know why the Dollar Generals in Sioux CITY, IA. haven`t been getting these dog treats in! not sure of the brand but they are sweet potato with chicken strips wrapped around it. I've been going to the stores for the last month. Lately I walk in the store and if they don't...

Toyota / tires

Aug 15, 2017

We have had to purchase now our 3rd set of tires on a car we purchased new in 2013. The Toyota dealership in Sioux City, IA put the tires we purchased from them on the car. Our car only has 75k miles. The Honda cars we have purchased have run up too 100k and we've only replaced the tire...

Coca Cola / my local coke machine

May 01, 2017

In the last week one of your coke machines has taken a little over 5 dollors from me it takes my change till i hit a little over a dollor and then wont take it and when i try to dispence the change it just clicks i told the motel owner and they said contact coke company so i am i would...

Rodney j.Coop / Sleepers

Mar 05, 2017

Hello there I'm an ugg sleeper wearer. I went from cabelas, born, Minnetonka, etc to ugg. I got them as a gift about 1 year and a half ago.My wife bought them at scheels in the mall. Well I loved them when they were new but they wore in and fell apart.Im not sure how long they should have...

JCPenney / top load washer

Jan 23, 2017

I don't think that I've been so upset with Penny's ever. We went to JC Penney's on 01/11/2017 to buy a washer. The first one we picked out said it didn't come in white and on the floor there was a white one there. So then we picked out a LG top load washer and went to pay and they would not...

Panera Bread / customer service from general manager

Dec 23, 2016

The general manager at the Panera Bread was very disrespectful to his employees and called a customer a fats person he every seen. How can your Company hire a person like that. I go out my way to go to Panera Bread. Never again. Plus my food was cold and wait I seen I just left. I know many...

Menards, Sioux City,IA 51106 / Merchandise Credit or Store Credit

Dec 19, 2015

12/19/2015 I return items I had purchased on 12/12/2015 with a debit card on 12/18/2015. I was asked if I wanted a store credit witch I accepted because I needed more items. I was not told that if I accepted store credit an used it for a purchased of more item that I could not get...

RoseGal / this whole website is full of crooks and liars

Oct 27, 2015

I ordered about $50 worth of stuff from this site and I didn't receive any of it. They just send out some stupid "tickets" but you never get a direct answer to any of your questions and there's not a real person you can talk to. This whole website is full of crooks and liar...

Woodhouse / Not giving Title for cash sale

Mar 01, 2014

Bought a car outright. This Dealership refuses to release my title. Claimed it would be send in 2-3 days. Never received so called 2 weeks later to find out why. 1st title clerk wasn't in 2nd named Chris claimed they are working on it, would be in next week. Well next week came, went... / Dishonest seller

Jan 29, 2014

I bought leggings for pregnant women from the website I paid for the order and waited several days, and my order arrived. I was happy, but the seller mixed orders and sent me completely different things. I contacted him and told to change it. It took several week...

AT&T Advertsing Solutions / adword campaign fraud

Nov 13, 2011

I was pressured into a online marketing campaign promissing 15 Leads a month for &600 a month. its been three months and have only recieved 3 calls related to my services and the remander 26 call or fron soliciters and non related. My contact pages or incorrect, i have requested changes to...

Verizon Wireless / bait & switch

Aug 05, 2011

Extreme caution when checking on verizon wireless service. Employees out right lied to obtain our account from their competitor. First they said we would get a 15% discount because my company was with verizon. That turned into a 5% discount. They sold insurance on the phones & told us it...

H & R Block / incorrect tax return

Jan 28, 2011

I have had my taxes done for years at H & R Block. This year I went to a tax professional. After he reviewed my last years taxes, he found that H & R Block did not give me earned income credit for my daughter. Their mistake cost me over $3, 000! After looking at my previous taxes, he...

Wrong game / wrong video game

Jan 25, 2011

For the Dead Space release i got the one for the ps3 when i ordered the one on the 360 so i called to see if i could change out the code for the special that came with the pre-order this being only 30-45 minutes after I got the game and there was only a few other people in the store when I...

Biolife Plasma / wrongly deferred


Biolife defers donors if they contact there employees v.I. A. Facebook when they find out there last name is, and we werentt even at there center, well thats why facebook has privacy tools to prevent unwanted people contacting them, use them, thats why they are there, for your protection...

Diversified Collections / Invalid Collections


I have been making diligent payments on my student loans for over a year. I authorized the Iowa College Aid Commission to debit my payments automatically from my bank account. Recently the State of Iowa turned over all of their loans to Diversified Collections due to government employee...

Menards / employee hazards


My complaint is really about persons with disabilities. This store is not providing a good rest area for their employees. It is located on a second floor and this is not fair to the employees who have a disability. My friend works there and she is medically disabled but she is one of the...

Sears / customers beware


First, never buy from sears!!! Sears will try to rip off the customer every time. Bought a $30 pair of shoes from sears. Employee failed to remove security tag on shoes. After driving 75 miles back to our home, we realized this. We didn"t realize it was an exploding ink security tag (That...



My mother bought a manufactured home and the siding is falling apartment I have been asking ARC to fix it for 3 years, now the mold is so bad in the house she can't even sleep in my own bedroom, when she walks down hallway it knocks the wind out of her. ARC promised to fix thi...

The Hearst Corporation / billed for subscription I did not order



mary underwood / pogo


pogo has been mean to me and my mother . they say we cheat, and tell us to leave. now, i play with my mom and brother and my son. now some times my son doesn't play, so someone else come in and play so some times they play dirty. but come on my mother is 83, i'm 62 and my...

Marlboro / bad packs


Myself and my boyfriend have smoked (Marl reds) for a long time now. We buy them a few packs at a time each, approx. 2 x's a week. About a month to a month and a half ago we started geting bad ciggs and its remained that way ever since. I began buying from different stores but it didn't...

Burger King / political views @ bk? we've gone too far

I just wanted to let someone know how disappointed I am to see political campaigning has taken to the signs of my local Burger King in Sioux City on 18th and Hamilton Blvd. I was to driving to work this morning, when I was suprised to see "Vote for McCain and Palin". I understand and...

Ford service / charging for services that should have been provided


I purchased a 2006 Ford Five hundred from this dealership and am very happy with the car. The day after I purchased the car I was attempting to find the code to use on the key pad on the door for the purpose of unlocking the car without keys. I have had this on previous vehicles and thi...