Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Freightliner Trucks / Daimler Trucks North America / services that I was charged for that were not done.

Oct 6, 2018

Took my freightliner 2011 cascadia into freightliner in council bluffs iowa. I was charged over $2700 in labor cost to repairs that were never made! i'm owner operator with fcc out fremont nebraska. it appears that they were the ones who contacted freightliner in council bluffs to charge...

Commercial for NFL / programming

Aug 22, 2018

I've been seeing a commercial for the NFL where a father comes in to talk to his son. I strongly object to him telling his son that no one likes a snitch. With all the shootings in schools and some that could have been avoided if someone would have told an adult. How stupid was it to...

3109 South Expressway, Council Bluffs Iowa / service

Aug 21, 2018

I went to this location to oil rder a meal to go for myself. There were only a handful of customers inside where I stood to order, nobody was in line to order. Two girls looked at me and looked away, not saying a word. I had stood there fir approximately 5 minutes waiting to order and wa...

Camelot Village 1105 s. 3rd st Council Bluffs, IA 51503 / housing

Aug 14, 2018

elderly wheelchair-bound residence were told they were having remolding down. some didn't want this workers came in and took their items out into boxes they sat around in the apartments for ten weeks. while they have protect service come in and firing the manager fro hiring her brother to... / idk

Jul 23, 2018

My 13 year old son has been recieving packages from wish. Bongs pipes, I'm beyond pissed that this happened and I want my card removed immediately, and possible a refund, how my son is allowed to order this stuff is beyond me. Tried to call can't get anyone I want my card removed I would...

McMullen Ford Council Bluffs, IA / service work and customer service

Jul 13, 2018

I have always owned Ford products and wear Ford apparel with pride. I am very disappointed with the customer service I received at McMULLEN Ford dealership. When the owner was approach and I asked if he was in charge to correct the problem, he stated "No" only to find out he was. I took my...

Pizza Hut / order taking and customer service

Jun 2, 2018

My husband spent 20 minutes on hold waiting for someone to take his order. When I got there, I stood at the counter for at least five minutes before anyone spoke to me. One employee was standing three feet from me playing with his phone this whole time. The fourth person to walk by (the...

Camping World / customer service from start of purchase through the end

May 18, 2018

To say I'm upset is an understatement, I will never ever walk back through the doors of any camping world location ago, but especially not the Council Bluffs Iowa location. We began the process of purchasing a 32' crossroads zinger camper @ the annual camping sport & RV show in...

Subway/#11559 / manager

May 17, 2018

On May 3rd i went into Subway to prepay an order for 3 sandwiches that were to be added to an order for an away sporting event. The employee that handled the order assured me that she could do that, no problem. Well needless to say his sandwich never showed at the game and he had nothing...

Village Inn Council Bluffs, IA / coupons

Feb 1, 2018

Date: February 1, 1918 ( and other times) I go to Village Inn to eat breakfast with my church friends. I have noticed that they get coupons in the mail to help pay for their meals. I have signed up to get these coupons and sometimes I get them but many times I don't. I asked one of my...

Ruby Tuesday / cooks. length of time to eat

Nov 7, 2017

I had no issues with the server at all. However the food took forever to get to me and my family and when it did arrive my sons hamburgers were still pink. On top of that one of the cooks smelled like he had been smoking weed. The steak o ordered tasted like fish. And my wife's burger wa...

JC Penney Company / $10 reward credit

Oct 30, 2017

I received a $10 reward coupon and placed an order online for same day pick up. I did not get a confirmation for pickup until the next day. The email said my order was cancelled because they did not have it at the store. No big deal right but my 10 reward was not refunded. I called...

TruGreen / customer service, services provided

Oct 16, 2017

Where do I begin to complain about the service offered in Council Bluffs, IA? BAD!!! They don't follow through with promises to return calls, they are to call before coming, often times just show up and show up on days when instructed not to come due to conflict with other services. Don't...

Autozone In Council Bluffs, IA 51501 / complaining of sales manager john cs attitude

Oct 3, 2017

I asked sales manager John C if he would order me. Touch up paint for my vehicle paint code nissan KH3 He immediately responded with “ no we can not order that” I asked him how he could possibly know that when he hadn’t even tried nor had I given him the paint code or the duplicolor conversion...

Village Inn Restaurants / comment rather than complain

Oct 2, 2017

My family and I dine at the council bluffs, Iowa VI at least 3 times per week for several years. I hope that we have to select another restraunt to patron. As Americans, I do hope that Vzi will support America and Americans by supporting the ban against the NFL for the disgrace and...

Red Roof Inns / keeping cash deposit

Aug 20, 2017

I rented a room at the Red Roof Inn in Council Bluffs Iowa it was the last room they had it was not even cleaned yet I checked in paid $111 plus tax plus $100 deposit cash was never told about room 203 being a non-smoking room not stated on my invoice the lady at the desk never told me it...

Sketchers / glimmer lights / kids light up shoes

Aug 7, 2017

Bought my 3year old a pair of light up sketchers on sat only to have one shoe quit lighting up the next day. Went to the shoe store today 8/7/17 to exchange them for the same pair, thinking it had to just be an error in the one shoe. Nope with in 3 hours one of shoes from the exchange ha...

Victoria's Secret / poor customer service

Jul 29, 2017

At the Mall of the Bluffs store on July 29, 2017 my daughter and I came in to purchase a PINK backpack and tshirt and was treated very rudely by salesperson. Took forever to get to register for checkout, never mad eye contact or smiled, could have cared less if we were in there. I ended up...

Nike / men's nike golf shorts

Jul 23, 2017

I have bought several Nike products over the years because it is my favorite brand, however in the last 4 months I have bought on 2 separate occasions men's golf shorts and I have had to return each pair after less than a month because the stitching in the zipper keeps coming undone. I...

MGC Mortgage / customer service

Jul 11, 2017

I am a real estate agent wanting to present a short sale offer for my client whose loan is through MGC. They told me He needed to fax a letter saying im allowed to be filled in on any loan info so we have multiple times - only to keep being told you guys havent received it. This has been...

Sonic Drive-In / manager's-sonic drive-in council bluffs, ia

Jul 8, 2017

I am sick of going into work and having the manager John and the new GM Brenden treat me with very little respect and do everything they can to try and make me quit. Ever since they found out I was pregnant I have gotten absolutely no respect and they are taking things out on me that...

Taco Bell / taco supreme

Jul 5, 2017

Hi, I am Vegan and and I have went to Taco Bell several times and ordered my items with no beef, no cheese, and no sour cream. I asked to substitute the meat for Spanish rice. I understand that the employees do not like that, obviously, but I just had neck surgery and Taco Bell is the...

Cash Advance USA / email received for the 20th time about a loan I did not apply for!

Jun 29, 2017

Every three months these people crawl out of the woodwork and send me an email threatening that my social security number is "on hold, " they're going to garnish my wages, I'll have thousands of dollars of bills to pay in lawyer fees... the list goes on and on. I have never sent them money...

Supercuts / two haircuts

Apr 29, 2017

I did not take my reciept nor did my stylist tell me her name. I went in to get a haircut earlier today as I seen in a text message from SuperCuts that the haircut was 12$ this week. I went in with my boyfriend. I was told it would be a 25 minute wait as there was a lady and two little...

Hobby Lobby / harassment, terrible experience

Apr 25, 2017

I went to hobby lobby shopping on Saturday April 22, 2017 at approximately 3p.m. i was looking to buy colored pencils. after about 5 minutes a woman asked me if i needed help and i replied no. The woman continued to follow me around the store going down every aisle i did at least 4 to 5...

Donna Cash / Service

Mar 23, 2017

When I ordered this I realized I had the wrong delivery address, so I tried to change it, and couldn't, then I started sending e-mails which, said to try Ruby, which I did which said go to Tophatter/order complaints which I did, heard nothing until Now and it was from Ruby, this is coming...

Aarons Rent / Lease To Own / zach - general council bluffs, iowa

Jan 8, 2017

I called Aarons over in Council Bluffs IA a few weeks ago looking for a washer and dryer. I spoke with Zach, the general manager who took all of my personal information including my social security number. By the time I finished, it felt as if I was putting in for a mortgage rather than...

The Dollar Store / customer service

Dec 20, 2016

Checking out today wouldn't accept check. Said declined. Went to bank funds are there. Went back in to pay with. Cash. The checker said don't get sassy with me. I said. Um I didn't here's th e money Then she rolls her eyes. Gave me a 👍 and told us to leave. Wow never been kicked outta a...

Camper World / service

Dec 7, 2016

We purchased our brand new 2017 M292 Mallard Heartland Camper from Camper World in Council Bluffs IA around the first week in September. It was already missing a kitchen drawer but they assured me they would get it order and have it in a week or two. I called in a couple of weeks and...

Village Inn Restaurants / made daily

Nov 27, 2016

I am 51 years old and only work a VI obviously not for the money but enjoy preparing food. I also understand there is an ethical and moral responsibility that goes with it. This store I work at is out of control. Fresh and Daily have different meanings . One been Corp. and the other our...

Country On The River / Cotr terrible business

Apr 25, 2014

talk about a bunch of ###ing ###s. there tix are gonna be too expensive to be able to afford this! and my friends from prairie du chien wisconsin bought VIP tickets and then the next few days after country on the river facebook page said they're doing a giveaway only for 24 hour...

Jay Ottis Fraud Alert is False / Jay Ottis Fraud Alert is False

Feb 2, 2014

Darrell Purdue has been Stalking and Harassing Jay Ottis for some (8) eight Years. He now posts a website that he built using Jay Ottis's name and hacks other sites taking copyrighted photo's and materials to post on his Jay Ottis website. You can make your own conclusion it...

circo 3 drawer dresser/white / poor product

Aug 27, 2013

I recently bought the circo 3 drawer dresser and the bed in white. The bed went together great and we love it. The dresser on the other hand not so good. Putting it together was very time consuming and hard. It also does not work right after getting it put together. The drawers bottoms are...

YMCA / thieves

Dec 7, 2012

They went ahead and charged my credit card for a membership I stopped. And they aren't going to refund my money because they lost there paperwork. They basically called me a liar. They told me they are keeping my money and there is nothing I can do. Well there is. This is how it i...

Old Elpaso 10 Stand N Stuff Taco Shells / stale taco shells

Jul 20, 2012

We bought Old El Paso stand n stuff hard shell taco shells about a week or so ago. We opened the package for the first time last night and found out they were stale. The better if used by date is October 6, 2012. We were very disappointed with your product. Our family dearly loves hard...

Citicorp Credit Services / Wrongfully calling my phone badgering


I have been receiving phone calls concerning a debt or bad credit from Citi Corp Credit services; at least my phone number has been targeted. The problem is, I am not connected in any way with citi corp! My home is a new building, I was assigned the phone number I use. Most likely another...

UAC / Harrassment


We bought a car exactly one year ago February 2009. Six months later the head gasket went out. It was covered by a warranty which would of been ok, but UAC/CarHop would not let the mechanic put a new head in, UAC/CarHop bought the used head and sent it to the mechanic to repair our car...

Verizon / cell phone return


Be aware! Verizon is making millions of dollars of people who return their cell phones just to have verizon say that they didnt recieve it and now you owe them another 500 dollars. This is happening on a regular basis all over the country. Running the total into the millions of dollars of...

Usps Council Bluffs, Ia Office / lost package


I was given a form to pick up a package at the post office. I went into the post office, only to be told they didnt have it. I was told to check into the apt. office only to be told it was not there. I called and spoke to a woman whom claimed to be " ann morgan" she became argumentave and...

Michelle Colton / Forty minutes in line


I was at k mart on 8/08/09 which was the Iowa tax free weekend. As you can imagine it was qiute busy. When I went to check out kmart decided to upload new software which made all registers to fail. I stood in line for a half an hour before I was able to check out. When it was my turn it...