Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Grayslake, Illinois, United States

Jewel Osco Delivery Service / delivery service

Aug 25, 2018

After several years of shopping at Jewel Osco, I needed a delivery service due to having severe asthma. After The first 3 times I ordered on my delivery through this store on my IPhone the software was upgraded and became more difficult to order and on my android it was impossible. After...

The Salvation Army USA / pickup of used furniture denied-graylake, il 6-19-17

Jun 19, 2017

Truck driver deemed furniture "not in good enough shape for sa purposes" Sleeper sofa used but functional - we advised personnel at time of pickup scheduling that it was a sleeper sofa Both recliners used, but functional At time of scheduling, no mention by personnel that the driver...

McDonalds / service/food

Mar 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 at 6:15 am I was waiting in line to order, finally after being able to order because they were backed up and in my opinion slow service, after a few more minutes I'm able to move up to pay, hand the money to pay and then was told they were unable to give me a smoothie due to...

Assurant Solutions, Inc / refusing to credit back my $175 deductible or send back my phone

Nov 03, 2015

I broke my phone so I filed a claim on july 18th and received a replacement phone. On august 3rd I lost the replacement phone so I filed another claim and received another new phone. During that time the resort I lost my phone at found it so I called assurant solutions saying I was going...

Inspect Tech and Coldwell Banker / fake inspection report, il scam selling defective

Sep 27, 2015

I was the victim of major real estate fraud in 2006 involving a former construction contractor and inspector then a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker in a real estate transaction that took place under duress and upon taking possession, was clearly a scary problem with what developed a...

Fitness 19 / cancaellation days

Aug 29, 2011

I called to ask to cancel my membership, I was told I had to come in and fill out a form. I went in on Sunday to cancel and when I got there was told that you cannot cancel on the weekends. WHAT! I asked if I could sign up on a weekend d was told yes, when asking what the different once...

medium / did not receive what I paid for--in fact received nothing


This is cetainly a problem, and I see alot of people that have the same to say. I ordered this reading, paid full price of $39, on November 5th--nothing received at all. I received nothing as of yet. But the ironic thing is that I still keep getting email from them to get a free reading--or it...

Rockenbach / Internet Scam


Talked to Rockenbach dealer about a 2011 new chevy Traverse. Internet price of 24, 996. Dealer said he had a lot full of these and I should come in ASAP. So I went there Sat, in Oct 2010. Of course they had nothing at that price. Spent 1.5 hr.s going back and forth with the salesman and...

Performance Centers of America / SBA Loan


We had discovered their services through the internet. We were notified by Darren and were told that we were pre-qualified for an SBA loan. We were told that we needed to pay a $40.00 fee to run our credit and $495.00 for an application fee. Needless to say it never amounted to anything...