Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Valdosta, Georgia, United States

Year / product and service

Jan 18, 2019

My phone has not been working correctly for about two months not able to get online receive email or SMS/MMS messages saying storage was filled I call was told to delete file and apps witch I did have called and eight people has tried to get the phone to work I was told they had to try to...

La Quinta Inn Valdosta GA / employee

Nov 19, 2018

I was staying at La Quinta inn Valdosta GA about a week and a half ago, I was in the lobby around noon time and I hear an employee ask another employee for a phone number and during that time the other employee snapped on the employee who asked. I was in total shock on how she snapped on...

Jimmy John's / valdosta, ga store incident

Oct 02, 2018

Let me start off by saying that I was not there, so can not attest to the situation 100%. That being said, I saw what was posted on social media and I have heard from an employee who has since quit because of the incident and did not want to notify corporate because they fear repercussion. I...

Taco Bell / chicken vs beef

Sep 02, 2018

I recently visited the Taco Bell on St Augustine Road in Valdosta Georgia on September 2nd 2018 at approximately 10:30 p.m. I went through the drive-thru and when the lady took my order after she gave me the total it was clear that she didn't bring it up correctly. When I got to the window...

Checkers and Rally's / roadhouse burger

Aug 30, 2018

I was halfway done with my burger as I am chewing I feel something tough in my mouth that I can't chew, so I spit it out and it appeared to be some type of paper. It was a orangish brown color and very hard to rip. I am not sure what it was but it basically ruined my appetite knowing I wa...

Dollar Tree / the store in general

Aug 14, 2018

Was just in your store in Valdosta on Norman Dr. The store in disgusting. Dirty, messy and unorganized. Stock sitting all in the way so you could not get down the isles. Employees playing over the PA system. The floors looked like they had not been cleaned in forever . I love shopping at...

The Olive Garden / lack of planned and intentional timely service

Aug 13, 2018

On Feb 20 2018 my friends and I were seated for dinner .we gave our drink order and waited for 30 plus minutes to receive. Waitress was nice but disorganized places our food order another 40 minutes till the dinner order arrived when it was it was piecemeal multiple trips to kitchen to...

American Eagle Outfitters / customer service

Aug 05, 2018

I was recently shopping in Valdosta georgia store for my son which had just stepped off the plane from army basic training when one of the employees verbally attacked him in a store full of people for wearing his uniform since he had no civilian clothes to change into and that was the...

Family Dollar Stores / bad behavior, lies, discrimination

Jul 31, 2018

At store [protected] north Ashley street Valdosta ga 31601 phone number [protected] on 7/28/18 at 14:45:34 I went in this family dollar store to purchase some eye lashes me an my daughter had walked on the aisle to look at them as I seen the one I like I pull them off the rack to look at...

IHOP Restaurants / restaurant management and cleanliness

Jul 24, 2018

My name is Philip Singletary. My wife Kayla recently worked for IHOP in Valdosta Ga. The manager, Scott treated his staff like garbage I witnessed several occasions where he was yelling at staff in front of customers, and there was several times he yelled at my wife using profanity and...

McDonald's / service

Jul 23, 2018

The employees were outside playing in the parking lot. No one inside to take my order. Other employees inside were not doing anything but horseplaying. This has happened more than once. I have called the corporate number and for nearly 10 minutes (even as I am typing this) I have been on...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / food and service

Jun 14, 2018

When I got my chili cheese fries to the table they were 95% beans and the chili had hardly any sauce and no meat. I couldn't get my waitress to address my question because the staff was too busy standing behind the bar laughing and playing with the manager. I'm top of not being able to get refills because our waitress has no interest in waiting on us.

KFC Valdosta Georgia right off I75 / food service

Jun 13, 2018

This place should be shut down. Visited it on 6/10/18. It was dirty paper and food all over the floor. Dirty mops and brooms and other cleaning products near food bar. Trash was underneath the fountain drink station. Personnel emptied the trash too close to a table where people were...

Planet Fitness / I am complaint against a worker

May 26, 2018

Hey my name is Rachelle White I visit planet fitness tonight like I normally do at 9:30pm on 05/26/18 with 2 guest and I checked in the guy behind the desk he said his name was KJ once he scan my card me and my two guest was walking away to go work when he said hold on wait a minute what'...

Aspen Dental Valdosta, GA 31601 / broken partial

May 01, 2018

I went to Aspen because I had a toothache. It was stated that the tooth was infected and I would need a root canal. I was given amoxicillin and scheduled for an appointment. When the appointment date arrived I called and told the Dr. that my infection was not cleared up and I needed some...

Sonic’s Drive thru / my pregnant fiancé and I are very sick and received very poor customer service

Apr 25, 2018

At the Sonics in Valdosta on 2537 Bemiss Rd, my pregnant fiancé and I ordered a cranberry slushy, a grilled chicken sandwich, and a Sonics burger. Instead the cashier, Tray, telling us that their was not anymore grilled chicken at the beginning, she told us at the window . She then proceeded...

Shell / overpricing of premium

Feb 21, 2018

I stopped in Valdosta GA and was looking for a station. Your's was near and the prices seemed comparable, with Regular at $2.88. When I started pumping premium, I was shocked to see that it was $3.439 a gallon (marked nowhere). I went in to use the restrooms and the station was dirty and...

Chili's Grill & Bar / menu was incorrect

Feb 14, 2018

My husband and I visited chili's for valentine's day. I chose chili's because the food was wonderful a few years ago and the portion sizes were very pleasing. I ordered salmon, black beans, rice, side order of broccoli, and 1/2 order of shrimp. What I received was a decent sized piece of...

Sonic Drive-IN / lack of customer service and no supervision

Feb 10, 2018

On feb 10th at 2537 bemiss road valdosta ga 31602... on multiple occasions going thru the drive thru the black girl her name was ebony was very hostile and rude, this last occasion we had gotten our food and was missing some chili cheese tots and some regular tots when we went back up...

Dish Network / / customer service

Feb 02, 2018

On 2/1/18 i received a wireless Joey that was ordered the week before. I was unable to make it connect so I call tech support. I spoke with Miguel for 1 hour and 42 minutes. He had us repeat the same steps multiple times. It was apparent he did not know what he was doing. At the end of...

Dollar General / manager rude and had unethical behavior

Jan 28, 2018

Incident: Jan 27, 2018 Dollar General Store #14645 Valdosta, Ga 31601 I got off from work and stopped at this store to pick up some household items before going home. I finally got the cashier's attention to come check me out, after she did I put my phone number in as a digital coupon...

Pizza Hut / delivery time

Jan 26, 2018

Every time I have a delivery service, it takes at least one hour to receive my order. I make an order, and when I receive my order, my food is cold. I pay the full amount, and the quality of my food is awful. I am a loyal pizza hut customer, but I no longer want to order from pizza hut...

Dollar General / service

Jan 15, 2018

On 1/15/2018 at 13:31:07, I was in the Dollar General on Northside Drive in Valdez, Ga and the customer service there is horrible. From the store manager to the associates. I ask about a product, they never know anything in the store and always tell me that they have nothing to do with...

Applebee's Restaurants / service and food

Dec 17, 2017

I ate in late night last night. We ordered apps and entrees. I still have my reciept. It was close to closing and our waitress was horrible. She brought unsweetened tea twice and our whole meal we had no drink and when I did get a drink she said drink machines were down and she didn't know...

Hobby Lobby / candy molds

Nov 27, 2017

Let me begin with:. I have used your oblong candy molds for several years and have been very pleased with this product. I have recommended these molds to all my friends. Recently I purchased 6 new molds for making candy. Imagine my surprise when the molds broke during the first batch and I... / (hotel)

Nov 26, 2017

On September 25, 2017 my husband Robert Metz Jr booked a hotel room in Valdosta, Georgia for Friday October 6, 2017. The amount was $113.67 charged to my Amex. On October 5, 2017 at approximately 12pm he called to cancel the room since we live in Semmes Alabama and a hurricane was headed...

Burger King / service

Oct 31, 2017

Every time I go to Burger King on Ashley St, they are always out of more than a few items! It's to the point where my family is starting to lose interest in even attempting to be a customer! I don't know if the manager is forgetting to order certain things or what, but a lot of people are...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / I have a very big problem with the manager and staff at the location in valdosta, ga

Oct 28, 2017

My family and I went to the steak and shake in Valdosta Georgia after our football game tonight to celebrate winning the region championship. We arrive at 11:30 and it was not to busy and there were 7 of us and we were seated. We waited and waited and waited and no waitress came at all...

Burger King / customer service

Oct 24, 2017

Customer service at the Valdosta ga on St Augustine Rd 1164 St Augustine Rd Valdosta ga 31601 The girls in there on 10-22-2017 their customer service is horrible they represent the owner I feel real sorry for him they are going to run his customer to the gas station no greating no thank you...

Outback Steakhouse / takeout food order (incorrect)

Oct 13, 2017

10-13-2017 After a long day of customer visits and driving 500 miles from Franklin TN to Valdosta GA I was only hoping for a correct order to eat in my hotel room. I requested NO blue cheese dressing or blue cheese crumbles on salad. When I arrived back to room well it had blue cheese...

Dollar Tree / cleanliness of store

Oct 02, 2017

I love Dollar Tree.. I shopped there for all my children's bday party supplies and now I do my grandchildren as well.. I went into the Dollar tree on Inner Perimeter Rd in Valdosta, Ga and it was disgustingly nasty.. Stuff was scattered everywhere in the store.. Some isles you couldn't...

Georgia Power / account history

Aug 16, 2017

I had a previous bill years back at a certain address and it's not showing up in the system. The lady told me that there was only one address listed on the account when I know for a fact that I had service at the other address. I have someone trying to repay me for that service that was in...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service

Aug 12, 2017

I just left the Steak N Shake in Valdosta Ga where me and my group of 4 ordered food to go. After an extremely long wait and watching an old man clean off his own table they finally gave us our food. Five different orders were put into the same bag. Two of us ordered cheese fries and i...

New York & Company / poor customer service

Jul 14, 2017

I am a frequent shopper at your NYC store. Most of my shopping is done online. My complaint is when I return a purchase, your employees are not friendly at all. They do not greet you when entering the store. And when you make a purchase in the store, there is never thank you. This is very...

Geico / customer service

Jul 06, 2017

7/6/17 Tawana Holmes customer service supervisor told me to be quiet when I was trying to explain my concern "so that she could help me resolve my problem." She is located in Macon. Geico refuses to refund a portion of my bill from when they added my step child ( who lives in another home...

Hardee's Restaurants / #9 big chicken combo

Jun 27, 2017

I went in to Hardee's here in Valdosta, Ga. I ordered two large big chicken fillet combos. The customer service was great, no complaints with that. I paid and received my food. It's raining pretty hard, so I'm trying to get home. I got home and both combos are old and cold! The only thing...

Dollar Tree / manger hang out in front of the store smoking and hanging with her friend which are homeless

Jun 24, 2017

Every time you try to go into the dollar tree in Valdosta ga by the mall the are at least 6 homeless people sitting in the parking lot or in front of the store today they were blocking the drive fight while the manger was just standing the right beside them smoking the police were called...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service at drive through window

Jun 12, 2017

I went through drive through about 2:30 pm today. I started to place my order and I made a change to the order as I was placing the order. The person taking my order told me to hold on as she had to make the corrections to the order. A few minutes went by then someone came on and asked if...

Sams Club / bakery department

Mar 06, 2017

My Sams Club is located in Valdosta, GA where I reside. I began purchasing cake domes from the bakery department almost 10 years now. I have not purchased them from the Sams club in my hometown for 2 years now due to the poor customer service. I have always placed an order before going in...

Hobby Lobby / unethical behaviour!

Dec 08, 2016

Dear Sir or Ma'am, On [protected] I was checking out and an employee told me that the item I thought was on sale at 50% off (collage frame) was actually not however, I could use my 40% off coupon on it, I said ok. This frame was for my sister (cost $44.93) After I finished with that order I...