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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Wilmington, Delaware

Prices corner Pizza Hut, Wilmington Delaware / robbery

Cathy Ruotolo on Dec 12, 2017
On Saturday December 2nd the Pizza Hut in Wilmington Delaware was robbed and my daughter Monica Favuzza was the only one working and had a gun to her head. Her GM will not give her any type of compensation such as unemployment benefits. Monica is seeking counseling because of what took...

Planet Fitness / employee service

Boofie3 on Nov 27, 2017
employees are unfriendly. front desk could have 5 employees behind it and none of them acknowledge you coming or going and you still have to swipe your own card. some of the young men look at you as if they want to say "screw you". I don't understand how they even get hired they don't do...

MDG / Beware

Sheila Jones on Nov 24, 2017
Don't take credits from them, be careful. Several days ago they gave me a $4000 credit, but everything looked very suspicious. Of course, I won't fall for this and won't take this money. And the reason is that they asked the details of my bank account. They wanted to know absolutely everything and...

loveknitting.com / done with them

Watkin on Oct 24, 2017
I made a big order. For an unknown reason, they split it into several small orders and shipped them separately from each other. I got only 3 items out of 9 and it's been more than 2 months since I placed it. I wonder where is the rest? I have no tracking number, no information whatsoever. The...

Bath & Body Works Direct / unprofessional behavior/ harassment

law40 on Oct 14, 2017
On 10/14/2017 at approximately 1630, I was just entering the bath and body works store at Prices corner in Wilmington, DE when I noticed the manager Jamie leaving for the night. I know OF her because I had a previous incident similar to the one I am about to explain. Anyway, we saw each...

ResumeGenius / They steal money

Natasha Narulee on Oct 11, 2017
To use their service and not to be cheated you have to be very attentive. The different behavior may cost you a lot of money. Unfortunately, they have a bad reputation among people I know and judging by the reviews we are right and not the only one suffered from their actions. What they do i...

PropertyRecord / unauthorized charges every month

Anita Jones on Oct 6, 2017
Well, everything is bad. I wish I could say something positive, but I'm sorry, I can't. The situation is that they start charging people once they left some kind of personal information about themselves or used their service and paid it with their credit card on the website. That's how it...

Furniture7 / Unauthorized credit card charges

Elke Lahrsen on Sep 20, 2017
Wanted to cancel my membership with Furniture7 but I was told that can't be done. Then I asked to be refunded for the amounts of $84.01 and $14.00 but again I was informed by customer service that they give no refunds..I then sent an email to Yamima Y the credit specialist agent for the...

Go-Optic.com / prescription sunglasses

Greg Hungerford on Sep 9, 2017
I did not receive the prescription lenses I paid for. Even after explaining their mistake they refuse to make it right. I find their business to be extremely deceptive and their customer service severely lacking. From Go-Optic NOTICE: The lenses added to your sunglasses will not be tinted...

Sherm's Catering / Hosting

Sherm Porter on Sep 7, 2017
So, yesterday my site was down. I called my web guy, he said godaddy was hacked through their instagram acct and some accts were affected. Ok, so then he said everything was good to go. I get a text this morning from a friend referring me to a customer and my site is down again. Now I am...
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