Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

Honda Financial Services / honda financial services

Jan 28, 2019

Honda paid a tax bill for an amount that was not correct. I paid Honda for the amount due for the time that they pwned the car. I paid my town for the remainder and confirmed that Hona's list # was given a refund. I called Honda multiple times to try to get my Honda account resolved and...

Milk & Choco / halter dress

Sep 18, 2018

Please shut down this web site...they are falsely advertising their product. Ordered a dress and it took months to get here... When it did arrive it was a size that would fit a 10 yr old...I ordered a medium. The quality of the material is sub-par compared to the description in ad. The...

Sunoco / owner of station

Jul 17, 2018

This stations owners are some of the rudest people I have met. They talk down to you and the fact that they represent your name I will no longer use a Sunoco anymore. I would be embarrassed to have these people represent my company. They also illegally charges my credit card for a service...

L'Oreal International / lash paradise mascara

Feb 22, 2018

I love this product however the hole is too large so when the brush is pulled out there is too much product on the brush and I end up making a mess and wasting product trying to scrape some off the brush to apply. If you could make the hole a bit smaller you would have much better review...

Edge Fitness Club Fairfield, CT / confrontational staff

Sep 25, 2017

The child care provider was extremely confrontational with my wife. The General Manager (Nicholas) then ordered my wife to "get off the treadmill" moments later. He berated my wife in front of the whole staff, claiming that she upset the child care provider. I've formally sent complaint...

Public Storage / Customer Service

Sep 07, 2017

I had a unit at public storage but wouldn't be there for the full month. They rang down my phone day and night for a payment. I asked if this payment would cover the next month and the employee told me YES. Now i go to retrieve all my items and i have no access to my storage unit because...

Home Depot / electrolux dryer: from home depot!!!

Jul 08, 2017

Electrolux Dryer: Purchased on 6/6 at Fairfield Store. Scheduled deliveries on: 6/9. Truck broke down 6/13. Wrong machine, door opens wrong way delivery people would not install- left while I was talking to Home Depot. Sales said it would be rescheduled for first thing Thursday (27th) 6/27...

Scribd / I was charged twice since I cancelled the subscription

May 29, 2017

I was charge twice in my roomate debit card and When I signed up i did cancelled everything because I realized I didn't want the memebership after all, the was on april 1, 2017 and now after the cancelation my roomate is being charge every month for a subscription I cancelled, I tried calling the office but they have no answer what should I do now?

Maytag / regarding dryer model #ld-4000

Apr 20, 2017

Dear Sirs: April 20, 2017 RE: complaint # [protected] On 3/11/2017, I briefly turned on my Maytag dryer and received very strong shock. On 3/13/2017 I replaced this dryer The pain was significant and the shock left my right arm numb especially around my pinky finger on my right arm. I did not...

General Electric Company / dishwasher

Aug 29, 2016

I bought their more expensive dishwasher that was awarded the "Energy Star". The dishwasher was leaving a film of detergent on the dishes and on dishwasher's inside after each wash. I called a warranty service and a not very friendly technician dismissed my claim saying that it is the...

Spinnaker Direct Matthew Kolk / PHOTOGRAPHER SUES FOR PAYMENT

Jan 13, 2015

Photographer sues spinnaker direct, publisher of fairfield county home magazine, owned by matthew kolk for non - payment of services. Matthew kolk is ordered to pay photographer $1824. 00 in december 2010. It appears that full payment has not yet been made a full 5 years later. Matthew... / Don't deal with these scammers

Nov 14, 2013

The problem of is that their advertisement states that all goods are available, but the information is false. When I purchased from them 3 items, I received only two of them within a month. The third one never came. They told me that the third item is out of stock and...

Water Heater / Warranty

Feb 01, 2013

I have a defective water heater in my home with the large letters GE upon it and a six year warranty. I phoned Rheem Company to obtain a replacement of my water heater and they requested a receipt. I stated to them the water heater is several years old and I do not have the receipt, but...

Painting & Carpentry / Incomplete job & Bad job

May 23, 2011

Lazaro's Painting & Carpentry was retained last year via contract to paint house, replace all gutters, carpentry repair ( i.e., overhang with facia board ), replace 10 damaged siding shingles and fix hole on roof. Actual Incomplete job is performed i.e., no final color coat of paint...

Spinnaker Direct - Matt Kolk / unpaid wages

Feb 18, 2011

Mr. Kolk is a sociopath, repeatedly hiring free lance writers, agreeing to a price, and then not paying for services rendered. The pieces are then published in his magazine "East Coast Home and Design". He has committed this fraud on a number of writers, not just myself. After he burn...

ADT / wrongly installed somke detectors and heat sensors


In 2003 we renovated our home and had to have alarm installed in order to get home insurance. I chose ADT due to their supposedly great service and reputation. After having to replace many batteries over time, and after replacing them, we had to test the units to enusre they are working...

General Electric Company / bad service


In Nov. 2007, I purchased a General Electric Profile washer and dryer from a local appliance store. About two weeks after installation, I had to call the local store to report that the washer was leaking, and had it replaced. Months later, the replaced washer began making a loud humming... / Total Rip-Off on CD orders


I ordered some classic Bon and Ray audio CD's from this website and never received my order. I waited over a month and eventually I called them up and the owner answered. He was rude, nasty and after talking with him about my order for about 10 minutes he just hung up, yet they...