Consumer Complaints & Reviews in San Francisco, California

Web3 Capital / nothing special

Jan 29, 2019

Web3 Capital is not worth my long discussions. Their website is absolutely useless, contains no information and terrible in general. I don't understand who they created it for, what they wanted to tell and what they hoped for. All I see is a single page with a couple of sentences and an...

Wyre Capital Management / pointless

Jan 28, 2019

Who told them that putting a long text along with contact information is the best idea to tell people about the company? It's a single page website that has to have much more information than it has now. Nothing is clear. Why would anyone be interested in reading this long text telling about the...

Dynamic Fintech Group [DFG] / not impressive at all

Jan 28, 2019

Nothing much to say. These guys didn't provide a lot of information, and so we only know they are from San-Francisco (no exact address) and that their team is international, they have people from different countries, even though I don't how exactly this fact can help anyone at all. There are...

8 Decimal Capital / 8D Capital / some little things

Jan 23, 2019

This company is a multi-strategy investment firm focusing on both token and equity investments. And I can't say they are scammers, because they are probably not. You never know for sure, but at the present, you can use them. No, I'm here not because they or someone else asked me...

Zero-One Capital / It makes me sick that this is just a waste of time

Jan 23, 2019

Zero-One Capital is a crypto hedge fund based in San Francisco, CA. It was founded n 2017. That's all I know about them, the rest of the information is hidden. They also have a blog on their website, but they haven't posted anything yet. No thoughts within 2 years? No wonder. Why have thi...

Unbank Ventures / one thing I don't understand

Jan 22, 2019

Unbank Ventures is a crypto venture located in San Francisco, CA. They don't look like scammers, at least I don't want to think they are, but there's something I want to know. Unbank Ventures is active and have different projects and programs, so it's logical people (potential clients) will have...

Taureon Capital / typical enthusiasts

Jan 21, 2019

Taureon website is useless and not informative, I really don't understand what they have it for. As they state in their blog they are a group of blockchain enthusiasts. There's nothing more to add. It's clearly seen they are.No one even doubts. Most enthusiasts are not professional and most...

Synapse Capital / scam

Jan 18, 2019

They say that all materials on their website are for illustration and discussion purposes only. But excuse me, what are you talking about? There are no materials on the website. They state they manage a portfolio of crypto assets with a hybrid venture/hedge strategy, but I see no portfolio. Well, I...

SnapFish / deleting photos and projects

Jan 17, 2019

Contrary to what is promised on the snapfish site - they do not "store" your photos or projects. In the FAQ section - it states that it offers "unlimited storage". However, arbitrary deletion of both uploaded photos and created projects is commonplace (Even for customers that order on a...

F50 / you're warned now

Jan 16, 2019

Сan you forgive a spelling mistake that's made by a financial company, that pretends to be serious and reliable? I can't. It's lame. It can ruin everything. You see it and think: oh god, do they ever visit their website? Is it actually maintained? Corproate Network. Really?...

Rising Tide Fund / need more improvements

Jan 16, 2019

Their website was created 4 years ago (this fall it will turn 5 years old). However, these guys say they have 35 years experience. I wonder what exactly they mean? Did all of them work for another company that's older? Or they just summed up their common experience and got this number? Or...

Polychain Capital / weird

Jan 15, 2019

Something doesn't sum up. Their website is empty, it contains a couple of sentences and an email to contact them, but they say they are actively hiring! What may that mean? Is this company going to operate again and they will open this website soon, or they decided that everything was ok...

iOffer / handbag

Jan 14, 2019

Hello, On 2nd January I purchased a guess handbag on Ioffer. The price stated on the website was $37.05AU for the bag. However, $48.06AU has been taken out of my account. The seller says that they have only received $28.5AU. I tried emailing ioffer but I did not receive any useful response. I...

Protocol Capital Management / shady

Jan 14, 2019

Protocol Capital Management is a crypto hedge fund based in San Francisco, CA. I found this company on the crypto fund list that was provided by one website. So let's see what it is about. One thing that seems to be funny to me is that they state this firm is the leading fund of funds in...

Precursor Ventures / confusing

Jan 14, 2019

Good news, these guys have goals and philosophy. Described ones. What a rare thing! Not really sure how they work though. A little confusing structure. Their portfolio consists of people working at different companies. But the team consists of four people: a managing partner and an associate... / dash cams

Jan 13, 2019

I ordered two Dash cams from on September 18. I also ordered another one on October 13. There was rotating postal strike in Canada shortly after that. Wish kept stalling me off saying wait a little longer, wait a little longer due to disruptions in the Postal Service. Finally on...

Traveler HelpDesk / you charged me twice for tickets.

Jan 12, 2019

On November 26, 2018, I unknowingly booked tickets through your agency because you misrepresented your company as Asiana Airlines when I inquired. I made our reservations for one-way flights to Incheon South Korea so that our family could report for my husband's duty with Air Force. You... / blocked account

Jan 11, 2019

My account has been blocked because I refused to give you my bank statement and they had my money $134.00 for an order I placed on I have about a 2year history with wish and have not had any issues until this they paused my account for 4 days and then they wanted my bank statement and I...

Odin88 Asset Management / there is always room for improvement

Jan 11, 2019

Well, at least the website doesn't look bad. If they wanted to represent it, then they definitely did it in the right way. It's well-designed and not boring. It's important considering how many crypto funds don't even care about it. The only thing I would advise them to...

Numerai / nothing to do here

Jan 11, 2019

Numerai is a crypto hedge fund based in San Francisco, CA. I wonder what goal companies like this have. They didn't do everything perfectly, didn't follow the rules and thought it would be ok. I am talking about them avoiding specifics, details and comprehensive information that would be... / orders that I didn’t totaling $147.55

Jan 9, 2019

Please credit this back to my account by the end of the day.. they took this without my officially order the merchandise and got my money without an order. This company order thing by you just look at the merchandise. From Friday till now thrhsve rack up $147.55 on me. Please if there i...

Luna Capital / definitely not reliable

Jan 9, 2019

Brevity is not always the soul of wit. Especially if we speak of companies that deal with the financial sector. When it comes to descriptions and telling about themselves, companies have to в their best t provide as much information as possible. With all of the explanations, example... / account on hold

Jan 3, 2019

Hello My account has been put on hold by, I am unable to contact their support and I have many order still pending with them please help my account Ids : [protected] *[protected] Please help I am very worried emailed them million of time no positive response at all...

Wish / service

Jan 2, 2019

I ordered products back in October.As soon as I saw amount I cancelled all but ear buds came to 948 hwy74 they took 152.00 off my account .I cancelled with in mins of placing except ear buds they took 152.00 out my bank they said 10 days back on card I have filled out numerous complaints no...

Stubhub / fail to provide the credit accordingly

Jan 1, 2019

the ticket below was received hours after the concert started, consequently we didn't have enough time to attend the event which is against your policy. Under your policy I'm requesting a full refund or a credit towards another event. Please issue the credit towards my account as soon a... / unauthorized transaction in my credit card

Dec 30, 2018

I have used this 5 months ago ( Aug 2018) for a small purchase and never used the site after because their cheap quality. Today(12/30/2018), there was an unauthorized transaction charge of 52.94 to my credit card from this merchant which I did not make a purchase. I had to report... / shapers, dresses, pants

Dec 29, 2018

These were all in different orders. The shapers are too big. Dresses are too short, pants are too small. I need to return them. Can send them all back at one time and to where? I ordered the dresses to have something nice to wear to church, but too short. I ordered the shapers to help with...

Hotwire / cancellation reneging

Dec 29, 2018

I booked a hotel for a stay on Jan 6th through the 10th, it was a hot price deal, which I get no refund ext. However, I attempted to talk to the represenative on 28th of December, who then offered me for a Fee of $40, which again the hotwire site says it does not do, to cancel the...

GVA Capital / could be much better

Dec 29, 2018

GVA Capital doesn't look typical. I only can judge by their bright and merry website with pictures and that allocates them among others. That's a good example when a small team can present their project like if there were 10 or more people. Of course, 3 people is not enough and would be...

Genesis Block Capital / avoid

Dec 29, 2018

Thank god, we have an opportunity to check what websites used to look like. For example, today Genesis Block Capital website is empty. Well, it contains a couple of sentences and an email, but in fact, it's nothing special. I checked this website with help of web archive to see what they...

Galaxy Capital Partners / ridiculous

Dec 28, 2018

I don't wanna deal with people who can't even represent themselves properly. Not always companies (especially financial ones) have to be close to people. Investors want to deal with serious people who have the same serious approach. Still don't understand what I mean? Ahhh just open their...

Fundersclub / not serious

Dec 28, 2018

It's not a complaint. FundersClub can't be called scammers for objective reasons. I have seen tons or scam websites and I know something about it. I have two questions. The first one is for investors and founders. Would you guys want to know who exactly manages your money? How important is to...

Fractal Investments / lack of seriousness

Dec 28, 2018

Unfortunately, I can't say much about this company because they left no information about themselves. All we know is that they invest in cryptographic digital assets and are located somewhere in San Francisco. If you're reading this post then you probably tried to find a piece of information...

Keen / service quality and refund

Dec 28, 2018

I have read the below excerpt on the website about and find this to be a completely fraudulent representation of what is provided through this service. MARKETPLACE BRANDS Our marketplace products facilitate e-commerce based knowledge exchange between consumers and independent... / electronics

Dec 27, 2018

I purchased a tablet pc for a Christmas present Nov.10 and received it Dec. 3 When I opened it it was described as a 11.6 inch tablet, when I measured it it was 9.6 inch. This is the second time I purchased an expensive tablet from their site and both times they screwed me. I received a... / terrible treatment wish

Dec 25, 2018

I ordered a really wanted tripod. (K&F Concept 66" Red/Orange Professional Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head Portable Magnesium Aluminum Monopod 4 Section for Nikon Canon Sony DSLR SLR) I opted for a watch as my free BLKFRIDAY gift. Turned out my account was hacked and my shipment rerouted to...

Payless Car Rental / extra hidden charges

Dec 24, 2018

Hi, I rented a car from payless on Dec 21st to Dec 22nd. The price at which I rented the car was 128$ and took an insurance from them for full coverage for 42$ and when I looked at the billing I was charged double for the car. Which came up around 340$ When I called the customer service...

Cryptonomics Capital / scammers

Dec 21, 2018

I don't know why the hell says that this company is based it the United States, when it's clear that it's a russian one. Ok, let us see what it is about. If you think you will be a part of an investment world dealing with Cryptonomics Capital, you are wrong. The...

Crypto Core Capital Investments / didn't try hard

Dec 21, 2018

On the one hand, these guys didn't make a common mistake. They provided all possible contacts. Believe me, it's a very rare thing to see everything at once. But on the other hand, all other information was missed. Moreover, their team consists of two people only. Not sure it's enough. Again...

SmartPay Leasing / iphone 7plus

Dec 20, 2018

Where do I start this company is the worst third party company I have ever experienced. This company allowed me to lose over $53 in payments while they received their money they did not ensure that my phone bills paid. As the lease is through them you pay them which I paid one $144.37 each...