Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Bell Gardens, California, United States

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / service

Jan 19, 2019

Hello Ive been having issues with boost for months now I had 3 different lines im down to just one line, one of my complaints that has me really pissed off ive been trying to reach customer service for more that 2 hrs this is ridiculous when I go to chat with agent they leave me waiting...

Ross Dress for Less / customer service

Sep 10, 2018

This complaint is based on my visit to Ross in the city of Bell Gardens, CA. I went during lunch time to make a quick exchange. The only cash registers that were open were the two where an exchange or refund is usually made. The two employees, Ana and Marycruz, were only calling customer...

The Vitamin Shoppe / product was damaged during delivery.

Aug 29, 2018

I was promised 10% off with free shipping, instead I see a full charge for full price plus shipping on my case of Bang. I decided to let it slide, but now I get a last minute notification that my product was damaged and the only way to get a refund is to ship back a product, or return it... / payment not received for, my work it's a scam!!

Apr 09, 2018

I was offered a job by about a month ago, started working for them right away. A contract was made that guaranteed me to get paid monthly including bonuses. They even called to make sure I was ready to start work. I did some research on them and they looked legit, so I...

Lootcrate / loot wear and wizarding world

Dec 18, 2017

I received email with tracking inf on both of these crates the wizarding world was suppose to be here today the last track of it was on December 11 and no updated since then the loot wear was tracked to Georgia on December 5 and no further update these are November crates not December...

IHOP Restaurants / restaurant

Nov 04, 2017

Today Nov.4 my family and my self we decided to go and have breakfast at IHOP in Bell Gardens Ca 90201!! I came in and I said my name and for how many people so I'm there waiting and then i see the lady in front calling everyone that came after me and I go and I ask her I think it's not...

Green Dot / green dot

Oct 02, 2017

I was trying to register my green dot and the keep board when id get to the 4rth number each time woukd switch it and im not sure what mistake there was but i never finished registering never put all my information and everytime i try to call it says my information and social is wrong but...

Domino's Pizza / pizza making

Aug 26, 2017

I placed my order around 3 pm it took an hour to arrive . As the pizza arrived i had guest with me and we opened the box and literally the top of a slice of pizza fell off . Two slices of pizza was burnt half of the pizza didnt have any ingredients and my other box of pizza wasnt even cut...

Sprint / to unlock iphone 7

May 29, 2017

Date of incident-05/08/2017 Place - sprint prepaid store, 6919 eastern avenue, bell garden, ca 90201 Salesperson — mr. Miguel c Device-iphone7 (imei-[protected]) Sprint carrier phone number-[protected] Description I am an indian passport holder. I was on a vacation in the usa along with...

Hometown Buffet / discrimination

Mar 27, 2017

Yesterday March 26, I experienced a horrible service from the HTB in Bell. The manager at this location treated a man that had payed for his food horrible. After he had already payed and had his food the employees went ahead and gave him a to go tray because they thought he smelled...

USPS / mishandled packages.

Jul 13, 2016

Twice I have had packages arrive in California to be delivered to me in California and had Bell Gardens send them out of state. The first was a package from Minnesota sent priority mail that I was to take with me to Italy. Bell Gardens sent it to New Jersey. By the time it was sent back I...

Circle K / gas price difference from posted to pump/ dirty store spoiled drinks

Jan 27, 2016

I pumped gas this morning at the circle k in cudahy, the posted sign has it @ 2.49 but when i pumped the price @ the pump said i paid it at 2.59. This is the second time i report an issue with this store and the clerk says she gives the manager/owner the message and they never call me...

USPS / tracked my package into their black hole...

Jan 12, 2016

I mailed a package (tracking #: 9534611127075362428693) on December 28th and it arrived to the Bell Gardens facility on December 29th. The Expected Delivery Day was January 4th, 2016. It is now January 12 and I have not heard anything. I called the three phone numbers I found online during...

USPS / parcel never delivered to our very ill sister who had surgery

Sep 02, 2015

What's going on with these criminals stealing packages that we put together for our loved ones??? Horrible and terrible. Something needs to be done ... now. These thefts are all inside jobs. They purposely send a package in another direction, calling it an accident. That'...

Fallas Discount Store / rude no communication

Jun 17, 2015

I've shopped at Fallas for a few years now and last night was a first rude encounter with an check out clerk, Lawanda #9023083. My main goal there was I wanted to purchase a purse. I loved this purse, just right, medium size and priced at $16.99. Then I continued to shop and got 6 more...

Usps Bell Gardens, Ca 90201 / item missing - not delivered

Dec 10, 2012

Mailed item from Los Angeles to Virginia with USPS Tracking. Tracking shows the item arriving at USPS in Bell Gardens, CA 90201 - sort facility but never leaving. Assumption - USPS employee stole my package. Day after day I am promised a phone call from a detective but never receive one. All they do is stall and won't lift a finger.

Ross / No restroom

Dec 03, 2012

I love shopping at ross and it usually i like to take my time and shop around. It has been several occasions that i need to use the restroom or i take my daughter and niece with me and they need to use the restroom. One experience that upset me was my two year old niece had to use the...

ROYAL ROOFING COMPANY (R.W.S.&P. Inc.) / Steve Pinkus

Feb 10, 2012

Do not do business with or ROYAL ROOFING COMPANY (R.W.S.&P. Inc.) Located at 6320 Clara Street Bell Gardens, CA [protected] with the telephone number(s) [protected] STEVE PINKUS IS THE OWNER of ROYAL ROOFING WHO SCAMMED ME! BEWARE OF DOING BUSINESS WITH ROYAL ROOFING OR...

bnsf / night time horn overkill

Nov 18, 2011

Parallel to the residential street and righ along side two extremely busy gasoline fuel stations the railroad operation of empty rail road storage of empty container sections which are continuously paraded at night with a horn blowing at max output sound are with total disregard for the...

DMV Bell Gardens / inappropriate response


While waiting to get my driver's license, went to the restroom, left my purse, came back in and purse was gone. Immediately advised a security guard, he kindly walkietalkied "theft" to the other security guard, proceeded to tell office manager about happening. I went to the front desk...