Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Queen Creek, Arizona

Netflix / desire / porn with children in it

Jul 2, 2018

This movie MUST be taken down! You are doing irreparable harm to children, sex addicts and Pediphiles. Have mercy on us all but Especially the children, and for once forget the bottom line, of $$$$. We do have a Netflix account, and I WILZl go to Amazon Prime if I see this continues. You...

Panda Express / the food and service

Jun 7, 2018

The Panda express in Queen creek Az is horrible. I have been there multiple times and have had problems in the past with food and service. I went back tonight with my two. Young daughters and ordered Teryiaki chicken as well as the new surf and turf bowl also crab puffs. I was told the...

Gehan Homes / refund

Jun 1, 2018

Home was canceled due to not able to get funding in time of building contingency was to sell house in California. Was told earnest deposit was to be refunded which is $5, 000. Was greatly happy to hear that but the $12, 000 we put down for options was not to be refunded. Question is why...

Quicken Loans / refinance

Oct 13, 2017

After applying for a refinance loan, was provided an estimate for an FHA Loan instead of conventional loan as requested. The benefit of an FHA Loan is it will lend 85% of the home value instead of 80%, which on my loan amount was about 15k. However, because you are going over 80% it...

PetSmart / discrimination on dog

Sep 25, 2017

On Friday September 22, 2017 my two dogs had a reservation to stay at the PetsHotel Boarding at the Rittenhouse location. My two dogs have stayed at a PetSmart before with no problem. When I called to make the reservation they pulled up my past paper work and very easily made my...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / the food I ordered to take home

Aug 11, 2017

Been trying to send in a complaint for days on there website but kept getting an error. Om march 7th around 3pm i went to the Queen Creek, Arizona, Combs location, and ordered food to take home for the family. this is my complaint. We spent $38 today for a big family meal. $21 fill up bucket...

Olive Garden / tired of being ripped off at restaurants

Aug 3, 2017

We took our grandkids out to lunch at Olive Garden to start of the school year and had great service. However, the kids meals had no protein, just carbs. My grandsons pasta didn't have any meatball or any kind of meat. There was only a spoonful of tomato sauce on his pasta. Then, they...

LetGo / animal cages

Jul 6, 2017

We have two animal cages. One has 1 door and the other has 2 doors. They are different sizes with totally different measurements. I made 2 separate ads for them. The measurements are different, ALL of the pictures are different, and the titles are different. Your company discarded one of...

Burger King / manager

May 28, 2017

I went through the drive thru with a 6 meal order and the manager complained the whole time I ordered stating the order is too big and I should come inside the store. He kept saying my order total is awfully high of $50 and in a rude tone he told me it works just be faster to order inside...

Sally Beauty / cashiers

Mar 20, 2017

I made a hair dye purchase on my debit card. I swiped my card, entered my pin and the card machine said approved. The girl behind the counter claimed the system had a glitch and it didn't process. She told me to get my product I would have to swipe my card again. She said if it duplicated...

Sedgwick Claims Management / std

Dec 27, 2016

Ive been on std for about a month. My account manager michael tierney never responded to my calls or emails days approaching christmas... He called me 2 days after christmas informing me he was off for the holidays... While i'm here with 3 daughters and sedgwick managed to screw up my pay...

Precision Garage Door / Overpriced

Feb 9, 2015

Garage door stopped working and I called precision. Took a half afternoon off to meet the tech at our house. He informed us that the door would need heavier springs, new rollers and a saddle ( gear) replacement. Said the weight of the insulation added to the door was the issue driving the...

CandaLee Parker / stole $5000

Jan 26, 2015

Johnny reynolds loaned candalee parker $5000 4/2010 to be paid in 60 days. No payments have been made... She ripped him off

Circle K / advertising prices

Jan 7, 2015

I walked in around 9:45 PM 1/7/2015 and there was and item on the shelf there was prices on both sides of the item for 1.19 yet when the lady rang up the item it came up 2.99. I informed her about the advertised prices and she insisted that the prices where for other items yet their was no...

Dollar Tree / specific store

Dec 11, 2014

This is a complaint about store4366. This complaint is about two managers that "run" that store. Denise, main manager, is very two faced, very rude to customers and employees alike. As a previous employee of there's I know from experience. I've watched her make huge mess in our...

Bruiser Labradors of Queen Creek / Parvo positive puppies being sold

Jul 10, 2014

Tom Nicolaus the co-owner of Bruiser Labradors sold us a Parvo positive sick puppy. To date, there is at least 2 dead puppies from this litter, probably more including two he was holding longer for 2 clients. He first told us ours needed another week because they had diarrhea but then...

Realty / Unauthorized charges with threats to submit to collections agency

Jul 2, 2014

After signing up for a 2 month trial I was told I could "cancel at any time" after the 2 months. When I did cancel after 2 months, they told me they were going to charge me for 2 more billing cycles. I notified my bank and they would only dispute the 1 month after 30 days notice. When I...

Royal Puppy Kennel / No papers / no shot record / won't return calls

Apr 25, 2014

I am so disappointed in myself for not reviewing these complaints before I spent $2200.00 on a puppy for this couple. I paid for the puppy in 3 payments, and the last payment was a post dated check for the following Friday. They let me take my puppy, but I agreed to return for the paper...

Biomedic labs - Troy Custer / Rip Off Products & Lies

Sep 11, 2013

Troy Custer - Biomedic Labs - Troy Custer This company is nothing short of a rip off. These extremely over priced 'miracle drugs' as they tout them, are nothing but watered down worthless capsules. Calling into the company to order, is nothing short of a nightmare. Terrible customer...

AZ Property Solution / Security Deposit

Aug 9, 2013

“Please email me a written list of the items and email me the video as well. I will send it to the property management company as well and we will both keep it on file until the end of your lease/move out. If they try to retain any security deposit for those damages, we will have...

Edible Arrangements / soggy fruit

Feb 18, 2013

Received chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered apples for valentine's day from my son and his girlfriend and the fruit was soggy and wasn't edible. So disappointed!!!

Carpet / all

Dec 14, 2012

Appointment 2 hours late they call apologized and gave us an additional 200.00 off if we buy, the sales rep Andy did not know anything about the extra discount because they did not speak! Andy sits down walks thru company speech and finally shows us carpet in the speech bragging about life...

Goldendoodle / Bad goldendoodle breeder

Aug 16, 2011

This breeder has been around in the East Valley of Arizona (Queen Creek and Gilbert) for ten years (so she says). Well here is a long strory made as short as possible. Our family had been looking into Goldendoodle puppies for some time when we came across this breeder who had claimed to be...

Little O Tires / Repair Scam

Jun 13, 2011

On 05/30/2011 I had my vehicle (Black 2004 Hyundai Tiburon GT) towed to Little O Tire located on 25714 S. Power Road in Queen Creek for repairs. My vehicle had lost a wheel while driving to where the wheel had completely sheered off from the studs in the rotor. At the time of the incident...

East Valley Landscape & Property Cleanup / robbery

Jan 10, 2011

found East Valley Landscape & Property Clean up Donna/Robert at [protected] when I wanted clean up services to move out of house rental. Robert came to do evaluation and instructed me to give him $100.00 deposit to "buy cleaning supplies" as part of the $300.00 charged for services. He...

College Book Renter / Never received book I paid for


I placed my order on 9/28 for a book I needed for school. I received an order confirmation on that same day stating that My order takes 3-7 business days to ship and that I would receive another email when the order was shipped. It is 10/11 and I haven't received a book or email!! My...

Murrietta Exotic Poms / Fraud, lier. Back yard Breeder, only wans money


I purchased a pom from Andraea Murrietta in Queen Creek over 2 yrs ago. she was advertising them as toy poms cute and small and said the pup would only be 4-5 lbs. I went to go see them and the parents were very large, the mother looked like a small american eskimo almost 12 lbs and the...

Napa Auto / Deceptive Practices


I had my suv serviced at this location for my brakes about a month ago. The brakes work just fine but when i got my car back the vehicle bounced really bad, which had not happened prior to taking my vehicle in. When calling and talking to Chris the service manager, he said that my tire...

Edrugstore On eBay / Product received not as depicted!


I ordered the Revlon Colorstay makeup in Caramel and received a horrid color and the makeup was even separated which could be seen through the glass. The cap was soiled and cracked, as well. The seller refused to respond until I went through the eBay site, then when he did, he refused to...

M&I Bank / lack of communication and no responses


Re: William Ruddell and Ethelyn Ruddell I am a Veteran of the US and represented my country without a problem but when it came to this bank representing me they were heartless. I've lost my hopes and dreams, lost sleep and lost my life's work and accomplishments. The property... / Not Paying For My Work


We answered this ad and was hired to update and maintain their website, I worked only 20 hours before the red flags began to wave strong. I resigned immediately when the owner, Kim Scarmozzino began to show signs of some real unstableness. She continues to refuse to pay me for those hour...

Dazzle White / term & conditions are unclear


I ordered trial on 7/11/09 but term & conditions are hidden. I found the term & conditions on bottom of page and I have to open to read it. I contacted livechat & chat with Perry. He stated that there will be $58.76 charged to my credit card even though i cancelled on 7/12/09. He also...

Swan Cleaners #38 / Ruined wedding dress


Dropped off my dress to be cleaned/preserved. They not only tried to return it to me with stains larger than when I dropped it off, but they damaged a 6 inch section of the dress. They admitted to the damages and offered to repair it. After 2 more weeks, they called me in to view it and...

Petsmart Pet Hotel / overcharging. rudness. abusive comments. lack of intellect!


Sunday, May 17, 2009 we picked up our many dogs from the PetSmart Queen Creek, AZ hotel. Cashier 296982 was very, very abrupt and rude. She charged us for a full day x 3 dogs when we reminded her we were present before her at 11:30 a. m. and we shouldn't be charged the full day price. We...

Cox Communications / no answers to techinal glitch


Our digital phone which cox insists is the best service out there has been making a clicking noise (similar to someone calling in on the other line) every 30-45 seconds. They have logged my complaint numerous times and have had home tech service at my home twice. After resetting modem and...

jack depew / charge on my debit card


I went to the bank today 2 4 09 and found a charge for this company it is something that i did not agree to, please inform me of this chage. You can email me at [protected] again i did not authorize this charge and i would like my money put back in my account. Thank you Jack Depew

Napa Auto Care / Deceptive and manipulative marketting practices


I am writing to officially launch a serious complain against the Napa Auto Care due to the unfavorable interaction I experienced with this company on the 11/11/2008 and Repair # 2088. On this said instance, I found Napa Auto Care to be extremely deceptive, manipulative and unprofessional...

The Grant University / Fraud


I ordered their 7 day preview of their free grant program. On the fifth day, I was so frustrated that I could not clearly understand their website and directions. I contacted the company by phone [protected] to cancel before I would be charged $69.95 on my account. There was no answer at...

ShamWow / Rip-off


Hi, Shamwow is a sham!! Do not buy this junk. These towels do nothing!! I take that back they DO push water around all over you counters but they don't pick anything up!! Trust me I just got these in the mail and they are worthless!! If you try and send them back they will not credit...

GT Express cooker 101 / Need Credit for item returned


I ordered your GT Xpress 101 cookware. I also ordered the extra pan. I DID NOT ORDER THE EXTRA BOX OF MISC. ITEMS. I called on [protected] and talked to a person called Gie and asked to return everything. He was very, very, hard to understand. My return # is: OM 1009 [protected]. I returned...